Carbonara for Large Group of 10 People

Share on Tumblr How to Make Spaghetti Carbonara for Large Group of 10 People If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than having friends over and sharing a meal together. I’ve always found that while it might seem tricky to cook for a large group, some dishes are surprisingly easier to prepare for ten than …

Slow Cooked Beef Ragu Pasta

Share on Tumblr How to make Slow Cooked Beef Ragu Pasta Recipe Can you possibly imagine a sauce more tantalizing than traditional, hearty Bolognese? Well, let me introduce you to Slow Cooked Beef Ragu Pasta, a recipe that promises to melt in your mouth and leave you craving more. This dish isn’t just food, it’s …

BlindFolded Pasta Sauce Taste Test

Share on Tumblr Italian Chef Blindfolded Pasta Sauce Test A pasta sauce makes pasta complete—it’s the soul of pasta. Our Blindfolded Pasta Sauce Taste Test takes your experience to the next level, allowing you to enjoy every bite to the fullest. When visiting a supermarket or even your local grocer, you’ll often find shelves lined …

No Fail Cacio e Pepe

Share on Tumblr How to Make No Fail Cacio e Pepe Cacio e Pepe is a timeless Italian classic born in Rome, and with this no-fail Cacio e Pepe recipe, celebrating two quintessential Italian ingredients becomes even more joyful. By using just Pecorino Romano and freshly cracked pepper tossed through pasta, you will be surprised …

Decoding Parmigiano Reggiano and Parmesan Cheese

Share on Tumblr Decoding Parmigiano Reggiano and Parmesan Cheese: Your Ultimate Buying Guide! Have you ever caught yourself wondering whether splurging on Parmigiano Reggiano is truly worth it? Or perhaps you’ve thought about opting for a less expensive alternative? Join me as we delve into the art of decoding Parmigiano Reggiano, let’s find out why …

72-Hour Homemade Pizza Dough

Share on Tumblr The Best Homemade Pizza Recipe With 72-Hour Dough In Naples, it goes against the grain for pizzaioli (pizza chefs) to create a pizza dough recipe with a 3-day fermentation process…but after rigorous testing, I can’t help but share my 72-hour homemade pizza dough recipe with you. While the waiting game requires patience, …

10 Minute Tuna Pasta

Share on Tumblr HOW TO MAKE TUNA PASTA IN 10 MINUTES WITH LESS THAN $7 Whip up a delicious Tuna Pasta in 10 minutes with this easy recipe, perfect for those times when both time and budget are tight. The sound of it might make you sceptical or think back to days in the office …

Ravioli alla Carbonara

Share on Tumblr How To Make Authentic Ravioli Carbonara  Ravioli Carbonara, are not traditional but believe it or not, they might just be the most beautiful dish I’ve ever created – and it was the result of an experiment! Growing up, my Nonna Igea often made ravioli using her traditional egg pasta dough, and I …

Gozney Arc XL Review

Share on Tumblr Gozney Arc XL Unboxing—Honest Review Gozney has recently introduced its latest creation: the Arc XL, which is claimed to be the world’s most advanced compact oven for creating 16-inch pizzas. It’s not a secret that I’m a big fan (insert: HUGE) of Gozney’s Dome, and I think it’s a near-perfect oven. The …

Sicilian Cannoli

Share on Tumblr How To Make Cannoli Like A Sicilian Pastry Chef Few desserts are as satisfying as a good cannolo, and no one understands how to make this iconic dessert better than the Sicilians. When I visited my friends at Brunetti Classico in Melbourne, (Australia) their skilled pastry chef shared the secrets to making …

Comparing Cheap vs Expensive pasta

Share on Tumblr Italian Chef Compares Cheap vs Expensive Pasta – Is It Worth Paying Extra? When you go down the pasta aisle at your local supermarket, chances are you might often reach for the cheaper pasta – or if you’ve been following me long enough, maybe you don’t! After all, many people think, why …

Tiramisù Cake

Share on Tumblr How to Make Tiramisù Cake Like a Pastry Chef Tiramisù is a classic Italian dessert with layers of espresso-soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone cream, eggs, and sugar. The dessert originates from Treviso in the mid-19th century, where the original Venetian word Tarmesu translates to “lift me up” (a play on the hit of caffeine …

Eggplant Parmigiana Recipe

Share on Tumblr How to Make Eggplant Parmigiana Better Than My Italian Mum Eggplant Parmigiana (Parmigiana di Melanzane in Italian) is undoubtedly one of my all-time favourite dishes. It’s a classic dish that comes from the Campania region of Southern Italy and dates to the 1700s when eggplant became a staple ingredient in Italian culture. …

Marinara Sauce

Share on Tumblr How to Make Marinara Sauce Like an Italian (Authentic Neapolitan Recipe) Marinara sauce, a classic staple also referred to as Neapolitan sauce, is the most popular sauce in the world. The sauce originates from Naples, as the name suggests, and although there is speculation about its roots in Sicily, what is undisputed …

Pappardelle alla Martina

Share on Tumblr Pappardelle Alla Martina Better than Stanley Tucci Pappardelle alla Martina (or pasta alla martina) is a light and flavorful dish with thick pappardelle pasta and sauteed fresh shrimp, vegetables, basil, and white wine. This dish became a viral sensation thanks to actor Stanley Tucci, who has a strong passion for Italy and …

Limoncello Tiramisu

Share on Tumblr How To Make Creamy Limoncello Tiramisu Like an Italian My Limoncello tiramisu is a delightful deviation from tradition – a tantalizing journey swapping rich, robust notes of coffee for the sunny zest of Limoncello. Yes, you heard that right; Brace yourself for an enchanting twist on the iconic Italian treat. Limoncello Tiramisu …

Decoding Pasta Sauces from the Supermarket

Share on Tumblr Decoding Pasta Sauces from the Supermarket: Your Ultimate Pasta Sauce Buying Guide Let’s embark on a flavorful journey through the world of pasta sauces! Today I’m decoding the most popular pasta sauces that you can get from the supermarket. Which ones are good and which are bad – no sugar coating here. …

Pasta with Chickpeas

Share on Tumblr How to Make Pasta with Chickpeas (One-Pot Pasta!) This one-pot Pasta with Chickpeas dish is one of my favorites. This style of dish is perfect for a simple but delicious meal and can be incredibly versatile, as you can choose from many pasta, vegetable, protein, and sauce combinations. It’s also the right …

Sicilian Pasta alla Norma

Share on Tumblr Sicilian Pasta Alla Norma Sicilian Pasta alla Norma is made up of crispy fried eggplant smothered in rich tomato sauce and topped with salty, grated cheese. Originating in Sicily, where eggplants grow in abundance, this vegetarian dish is comfort food at its finest. Additionally, its unique blend of flavors captures the essence …

Ossobuco recipe

Share on Tumblr How to Make Ossobuco Like an Italian Ossobuco alla Milanese is a Milan-style dish of veal shanks braised in a tomato and white wine sauce. The slow-cooked ossobuco becomes so tender and juicy that it falls right off the bone, and the bone marrow creates an additional explosion of happiness (and nutrients) …

10 Things Not To Do in Italy

Share on Tumblr 10 Things NOT TO DO in Italy When It Comes To Food! Italy is the land of culinary marvels, where each dish tells a story and every bite sings with tradition. Yet, beyond the Italian borders, the charm of Italian cuisine can sometimes get lost. This list? It’s your guide to enjoying …

Spaghetti alla Natalina

Share on Tumblr Spaghetti alla Natalina: The Crazy Delicious Italian Pasta Your Taste Buds Will Love Spaghetti alla Natalina, is an incredible, classic Neapolitan pasta dish. It is packed with delicious flavors and uses ingredients most of us have sitting in our pantry at home. The real star of this dish comes from a surprising …

Italian Christmas Dinner Menu

Share on Tumblr The Perfect Italian Christmas Dinner Menu The holidays are upon us, and in Italy, Christmas is not just a day; it’s a celebration of flavors, traditions, and gatherings around the table. As the festive spirit fills the air, let’s immerse ourselves in the heartwarming traditions of Italian Christmas. Consequently we’ll embark on …

Italian Almond Cookies

Share on Tumblr HOW TO MAKE ITALIAN ALMOND COOKIES Almond cookies are traditional to the Southern region of Sicily and they are often decorated beautifully and served on platters for special occasions. This particular recipe is rich with history, dating back more than 80 years and was brought to Australia by Italian immigrant and renowned …

Top 5 Italian Pasta Recipes

Share on Tumblr Exploring My Top 5 Italian Pasta Dishes If there’s one thing that defines my culinary journey, it’s for sure the love affair with pasta. Its versatility and comforting appeal, have made it a constant in my kitchen—and heart. Moreover, pasta, for me, isn’t just a meal; it’s a celebration of flavors and …

Pasta alla Puttanesca

Share on Tumblr How To Make the Most Yummy Pasta Alla Puttanesca To make Pasta alla Puttanesca, no grocery trip is required, as it doesn’t involve a long list of ingredients or complicated instructions. A quick, easy, and budget-friendly pasta dinner delicious enough to charm everyone around the table. Hailing from Naples, Italy, this traditional …

Lentils Pasta

Share on Tumblr How To Make Lentils Pasta Like an Italian This pasta with lentils is more like a stew than a pasta dish, and the pasta cooks while the lentil stew simmers. The aromatic trio of carrots, celery, and onions is sautéed to perfection, complemented by the warmth of crushed garlic and rosemary sprigs. …

Rigatoni all’Ortolana

Share on Tumblr How To Make Vegetarian Pasta Sauce Like an Italian | Rigatoni all’ Ortolana This slow-cooked vegetarian ragu combines garden vegetables, aromatic herbs and tomato passata to create a comfort dish packed with flavour: Rigatoni All’Ortolana. Mix through your favourite short pasta cooked al-dente for a restaurant-worthy weeknight meal that even meat-lovers will …

Pasta Alla Checca

Share on Tumblr How to Make PASTA alla CHECCA – Easiest Pasta Recipe Ever During the summer season, when succulent tomatoes are at the pinnacle of their ripeness, Rome locals have a particular affinity for a pasta dish renowned for its simple, fresh ingredients and uncompromised flavors. Add to this, that Pasta alla Checca is …

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio recipe

Share on Tumblr How to Make the Tastiest Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Italian cuisine is about simplicity, and this spaghetti Aglio e Olio proves that even the simplest ingredients can become something extraordinary. This recipe originates from Naples, Italy, and translates to spaghetti with garlic and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), which are the main …

Italian Winter Menu

Share on Tumblr ITALIAN WINTER MENU by Vincenzo’s Plate The warmth of tradition and the comfort of seasonal ingredients come together to create a culinary experience like no other with this Italian Winter Menu. This Italian Winter Menu captures the essence of the season with its hearty, flavorful, and comforting dishes. It’s a celebration of …

Homemade Saffron

Share on Tumblr How to farm Saffron in Italy – Why Real Saffron is so expensive (The Red Gold) Every year, Italy’s sun-drenched fields carry the promise of saffron, a herb otherwise known as “red gold”. While today the ancient herb is painstakingly cultivated by dedicated farmers and it is famous for its quality and …

Gnocchi alla Sorrentina

Share on Tumblr How To Make Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina Better Than in Italy Gnocchi alla Sorrentina is a dish with origins in Sorrento, Italy – a charming coastal town located near the Amalfi coast and Naples. I have tweaked the recipe slightly, using my ricotta gnocchi for the dish instead of traditional potato ones and …

Sicilian Ricotta Cheesecake

Share on Tumblr SICILIAN RICOTTA CHEESECAKE Prepare to embark on a delightful journey to the heart of Sicily with this Sicilian Ricotta Cheesecake, crafted to perfection with the finest Vannella Cheese Ricotta. This luxurious dessert is an ode to tradition, with a texture and a flavor that captures the essence of the Mediterranean. Imagine a …

Cherry Tomato Pasta with Burrata

Share on Tumblr How To Make Creamy Cherry Tomato Pasta With Burrata Cheese Burrata is the most amazing cheese on the planet (yes, even over Pecorino Romano). It is creamy, soft, and delicate, and the lightness of the cheese elevates even the simplest of dishes. For this recipe, we used burrata from one of the …

How to make Italian Wine

Share on Tumblr How To Make Wine Like Farmers in Italy The ancient craft of winemaking has been honed over ages in Italy’s rolling hills and gorgeous vineyards. Under the warm Mediterranean skies, where Italian farmers have a deep-seated passion for wine, a mesmerising tale comes to life. We explore the heart of Italian winemaking …

Panuozzo Napoletano

Share on Tumblr How To Make Authentic Panuozzo Napoletano Like An Italian Chef If you’re looking to spice up your next pizza night, you’ve got to try Panuozzo Napoletano, an authentic Italian pizza sandwich guaranteed to blow your mind! Unlike many other pizza-style sandwiches, Panuozzo Napoletano uses a unique double-baked method that allows every inch of …

Contemporary Neapolitan Pizza Dough

Share on Tumblr How To Make Contemporary Neapolitan Pizza Dough Like A World-Class Chef Have you ever wondered what sets an award-winning pizza apart from the bland pies you find at your local delivery store? It all starts with an incredible dough! No matter how big of a pizza connoisseur you may be, this contemporary …

Focaccia Recipe

Share on Tumblr How to Make Focaccia Like an Award-Winning Pizza Chef I met with the pizza champion, Lucio De Falco, and we set out in order to make the perfect focaccia, and luckily, we have done just that! With a few simple ingredients, time, and dedication, we made the best focaccia I have ever …

Roman Pizza Recipe (Pizza in Pala)

Share on Tumblr HOW TO MAKE ROMAN PIZZA LIKE A WORLD BEST PIZZA CHEF  Roman pizza, or Pizza in Pala, is one of the most beautiful pizzas you will ever eat. It is a popular street food that is made with a thick and crispy dough, topped with the most satiating ingredients, and served on …

Neapolitan Calzone recipe

Share on Tumblr HOW TO MAKE NEAPOLITAN CALZONE LIKE A PIZZA CHEF IN NAPLES Calzone Napoletano, just as the name suggests, is one of the typical dishes of Naples. Born as a variation of pizza, it is made up with a combination of salami, ricotta and mozzarella. The result is a crispy, cheesy, and flavorful …

Neapolitan Pizza with Dry Yeast

Share on Tumblr NEAPOLITAN PIZZA WITH DRY YEAST Neapolitan pizza is a classic, authentic, and downright delicious meal you can share with friends and family. But what if it was the best pizza of your life? What if I paired up with Johnny di Francesco, world-champion pizza maker and owner of the Gradi Group, to …

Ancient Bolognese Sauce

Share on Tumblr ANCIENT BOLOGNESE SAUCE Bolognese sauce is arguably the most popular pasta condiment globally. The original recipe comes straight from Bologna, located in the heart of Italy and I recently visited, in search of the best one I could find. I was incredibly surprised to come across an antique recipe that absolutely blew …

Pickled Green Tomatoes recipe

Share on Tumblr HOW TO MAKE PICKLED GREEN TOMATOES Pickled green tomatoes are a tangy, crunchy antipasto that my Nonna adores making. I grew up watching her pickle all sorts of vegetables, but green tomatoes are one of my favorites. I’m thrilled to share her original recipe with you which is simple, quick and made …

Polpo alla Luciana recipe

Share on Tumblr How To Make Polpo alla Luciana: Italian-Style Tender Octupus This iconic Neapolitan dish made with tender octopus is a simple stew to make but with the most remarkable flavours. Prepared using peeled tomatoes, garlic, olives, capers and fresh parsley it is truly a symbol of the Mediterranean and an ode to fishermen …

Pizza made with Store-Bought Dough

Share on Tumblr AMAZING ARTISAN PIZZA MADE WITH STORE-BOUGHT DOUGH Many of you have requested this and now that I’ve mastered it, there’s no keeping a secret any longer. While I love making incredible pizza dough from scratch, you might be surprised to learn you can find quality store-bought pizza dough in store and it …

Lemon Shrimp Pasta Sauce

Share on Tumblr HOW TO MAKE MY SIGNATURE LEMON SHRIMP PASTA SAUCE Indulge in the irresistible flavors of Vincenzo’s latest culinary masterpiece – a unique pasta dish that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you yearning for more. This exquisite recipe combines succulent shrimp, tangy lemon, and crispy pistachios, perfectly mixed with tagliatelle pasta …

Basil and Pistachio Pesto

Share on Tumblr BASIL AND PISTACHIO PESTO Are you looking for a pesto recipe that will make your taste buds dance with joy? Well, look no further! This basil and pistachio pesto recipe is anything but traditional, and it’s my absolute favorite. The secret to this pesto’s unique flavor is the addition of two key …

Italian Summer Lunch Menu

Share on Tumblr ITALIAN SUMMER LUNCH MENU Summer has finally arrived, and you will all agree with me that during Summer everyone prefers to enjoy fresh and light dishes, to prepare for a quick lunch, to take to the office or to the beach. Forget all those dishes that need hours to be ready! Let’s …

Penne all’Arrabbiata

Share on Tumblr PENNE ALL’ARRABBIATA: How To Make The Angry Spicy Pasta Take a trip to Rome without leaving your kitchen with this rustic, spicy Penne all’Arrabbiata recipe. Made with fresh chilies, garlic, chopped parsley and tomato sugo, this classic Roman pasta is sure to satisfy your cravings for authentic Italian goodness. The fiery hot …

Spaghetti alla Carrettiera

Share on Tumblr SPAGHETTI ALLA CARRETTIERA Spaghetti alla Carrettiera recipe is  the Sicily’s version of the classic Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino dish-mainly because almost all the ingredients are identical, but it has a few twists that make it stand apart and the way it is prepared might just surprise you. What is most interesting is …

Sicilian Dinner Menu

Share on Tumblr SICILIAN DINNER MENU Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Italy, more precisely to Sicily? If the answer is yes, today I decided to share an all-Sicilian menu with you. I’m sure that many of you have already had the fortune to visit this wonderful Italian region, and that have left a …

Italian Grilled Zucchini

Share on Tumblr ITALIAN GRILLED ZUCCHINI What says summer in Italy like the taste of fresh produce grilled on the barbecue? In this recipe, we take the humble zucchini and give it sensational flavors. Fresh mint, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, the crunch of almonds—this dish has everything you want from a refreshing antipasto or side …

How to buy extra virgin olive oil

Share on Tumblr How to Buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil Step into the aromatic world of extra virgin olive oil, where the golden elixir tantalizes taste buds and enhances culinary creations. In this blog, we embark on a journey to unravel the secrets of selecting the perfect bottle of liquid gold. From the sun-kissed groves …

Pasta alla Luciana

Share on Tumblr PASTA ALLA LUCIANA Pasta alla Luciana, originates in Naples, combining tender baby octopus with capers and black olives. The salty flavours of the ocean mixed with sweet tomatoes and the crunch of olives will take you on a trip to the Mediterranean. After tasting this dish in Naples myself recently I couldn’t …

Pasta alla Buttera

Share on Tumblr PASTA ALLA BUTTERA Craving a spicy pasta dish? Try this Tuscan pasta all buttera. It’s a hearty pasta, said to have originated in the coastal town of Maremma, where cowboys worked the land. They raised cattle and couldn’t afford to use beef in cooking, so the original recipe used wild boar. For …

Egg Fried Rice Recipe

Share on Tumblr EGG FRIED RICE After recently disappointing Uncle Roger when he challenged me to make egg fried rice, I called  upon the best in the business: Marion Grasby. Egg fried rice is such a beautiful, simple recipe but it’s important to keep it authentic. With Marion’s help, we may have just unlocked the …

Homemade Fresh Mozzarella

Share on Tumblr HOW TO MAKE MOZZARELLA AT HOME Mozzarella is considered one of the most popular cheeses in the world, and for good reason. This rich, fluffy cheese is commonly found in beloved dishes like pizza, pasta, and even fresh salads, which makes it extremely versatile for all types of cooking. Mozzarella retains its …

Italian Romantic Dinner Menu

Share on Tumblr ITALIAN ROMANTIC DINNER MENU Thinking about a romantic dinner and have no idea what to prepare? Don’t think twice, I’m here to help!  Organising a romantic dinner is much easier than it seems. It doesn’t have to be for a specific reason, be spontaneous, put on some Italian music and surprise your …

Pasta alla Zozzona

Share on Tumblr PASTA ALLA ZOZZONA It’s time to get down and dirty with Rome’s famous “dirty pasta,” Pasta alla Zozzona. It’s the cousin of Carbonara and the brother-in-law of Amatriciana, the best of both worlds. This dish isn’t well known outside of Rome, which is why your friends will think you’re a genius for …

Spaghetti alla Carbonara recipe

Share on Tumblr Spaghetti alla Carbonara As the instigator of a Carbonara revolution, transforming the way this traditional dish is made around the world, I tried an endless number while in Rome. Given I have been cooking it for decades and not wanting to steer to far from the original I did my best to …

Bucatini all’Amatriciana

Share on Tumblr BUCATINI ALL’AMATRICIANA Romans have a way with pasta, making so many incredible recipes. But one of my favorites is Bucatini all’Amatriciana. Amatriciana is cooked with the amazing flavors of guanciale, tomato sauce, pecorino romano cheese, and the bucatini pasta is perfect for it. This pasta noodle has a hole running through the …

Pasta alla Gricia recipe

Share on Tumblr PASTA ALLA GRICIA Spaghetti alla Gricia is one of the oldest pasta dishes in Roman history! It uses pecorino romano and guanciale to create a mouthwatering flavor. My favourite way to describe it is as the love child of Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe. And dare I say, it might just be …

Cacio e Pepe Recipe

Share on Tumblr CACIO E PEPE PASTA For all the cheese lovers out there, I have the perfect dish for you: cacio e pepe. Put simply, cacio e pepe translates to “cheese and pepper” and is a classic Roman dish. One of the creamiest pasta dishes, the texture is thanks to the star of the …

Best Gelato in Rome

Share on Tumblr BEST GELATO IN ROME Rome is known for its breathtaking landmarks and impressive history, but it’s impossible to overlook its culinary offerings. From pizza to pasta, Rome boasts an array of iconic dishes that have stood the test of time. But there’s one treat that has captured the hearts of locals and …

Best Street Food in Rome

Share on Tumblr STREET FOOD IN ROME  When it comes to Rome, there is a lot to offer in terms of beautiful experiences. It is a city steeped in rich history and culture, with unique landmarks, art, and architecture around every corner. But perhaps one of the most important experiences that Rome has to offer …

Italian Easter Menu

Share on Tumblr ITALIAN EASTER MENU  What are the best dishes to serve during Easter? In Italy, and many parts of the world, Easter is such a sacred time and a very important occasion to spend time with family. Part of this means sharing meals with loved ones. Traditionally, as part of Good Friday, seafood …

Best Cacio e Pepe in Rome

Share on Tumblr Experiencing Rome’s Best Cacio e Pepe Cacio e pepe is a traditional Roman pasta dish that has gained worldwide popularity due to its simplicity and delciousness. Not to mention how much I talk about it! Cacio e pepe is beloved in Rome, much like the Colosseum! So there is no excuse for …

Best Carbonara in Rome

Share on Tumblr Where to Find the Best Carbonara in Rome Rome, the eternal city, is known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and of course, its delicious food. One of the most beloved dishes in Rome is carbonara. It is a creamy pasta dish made with eggs, cheese, guanciale (pork cheek), and black pepper. …

How to buy Tomato Sauce

Share on Tumblr HOW TO BUY THE BEST TOMATO SAUCE: 7 ITALIAN COMMERCIAL BRAND REVIEWS If you ask an Italian, tomato sauce is like pure liquid gold. Finding the best tomato sauce (passata) to use is essential when you’re preparing to cook any dish. We know you can’t always make tomato sauce at home, so …

Homemade Pecorino Cheese

Share on Tumblr HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE PECORINO CHEESE One of the most popular cheeses in all of Italy (and my favourite) is Pecorino and it is made all over Abruzzo. This cheese is made from sheep’s milk and is creamy, crumbly, and tastes amazing. It’s perfect for pasta, on top of pizzas or salads, …

Tuna Pasta Recipe

Share on Tumblr TUNA PASTA RECIPE Italy and the Mediterranean are known for their fabulous cuisine. What makes it special is the simplicity of the ingredients. Today we’re going to learn how to prepare my tuna pasta recipe, a dish that showcases authentic Mediterranean flavors using tuna, capers, juicy cherry tomatoes and chilli for a …

Easy Pizza Recipe

Share on Tumblr EASY PIZZA RECIPE Hungry for pizza but no time to make it? You may feel the temptation to buy a nasty, fake pizza crust or base from the shop, but please don’t! These bases are made in a factory with many low-quality ingredients, and not typically good. Making pizza is a fine …

Fried Pizza

Share on Tumblr FRIED PIZZA Fried pizza is a delicious morsel of dough which can be enjoyed topped with your favourite pizza toppings or even simply devoured plain. There are endless recipes and variations in Italy for fried pizza but this is my Nonna’s recipe and she is the Queen in my opinion! Known in …

Spaghetti all’Assassina

Share on Tumblr SPAGHETTI ALL’ASSASSINA Spaghetti all’ assassina is the “Assassin’s Spaghetti” or what I like to call the “Killer Pasta.” Why? Because this pasta has killed the way we make traditional spaghetti. Spaghetti all’ assassina is cooked in a pan and not boiling water, giving it a beautifully burnt and crunchy texture – a …

Cheap VS Expensive Pasta

Share on Tumblr CHEAP VS EXPENSIVE PASTA: IS THERE A REAL DIFFERENCE? Walking down the grocery isle, if you’ve ever wondered if there is an actual difference between the cheap pasta priced around $1 VS the expensive brands that start at $5 and can go quite higher than that, you’re not alone. Is expensive pasta …

Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Share on Tumblr How to Make Homemade Ricotta Cheese Homemade Ricotta – the recipe you have all been requesting! Freshly made soft, luscious ricotta to spread on fresh bread, mix with fruit or add to your next Italian dish. In this video, you will be introduced to an incredibly passionate Italian cheesemaker who will change …

Kale Pasta

Share on Tumblr How to Make Kale Pasta Kale pasta by Vincenzo’s Plate? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place! By combining juicy kale with tasty olives and a hint of chilli there is no regeretting adding this luscious green vegetable to your next pasta dish. With all the hype surrounding kale, I wanted to …

Saffron Risotto

Share on Tumblr SAFFRON RISOTTO Saffron Risotto (better known as Risotto Milanese) is a classic Italian dish born in Milano. The main ingredient is, you guessed it —precious saffron!   This authentic Saffron Risotto incorporates all the ingredients that make this dish great: carnaroli rice, creamy butter, white wine, and of course, the star of …

Bechamel Sauce Recipe

Share on Tumblr HOW TO MAKE AUTHENTIC BECHAMEL SAUCE Bechamel sauce originated in France, but is incredibly important in Italian cooking. We use this versatile sauce in a number of dishes, including lasagna, crepes, and traditional pasta. Although many people the world over use ricotta cheese for these recipes, it’s not as common throughout Italy. …

Potato Gnocchi Recipe

Share on Tumblr HOW TO MAKE POTATO GNOCCHI LIKE AN ITALIAN NONNA Potato gnocchi are a much loved pasta dish in my family, but no one makes them as good as my Nonna, the Gnocchi Queen! While pre-made gnocchi are easy to find at the supermarket, nothing comes close to my Nonna’s. They are the …


Share on Tumblr STRUFFOLI  Struffoli, also known as Honey Balls (and many other dialect names!) are the perfect sweet treat to serve at Christmas. This deep-fried, crunchy dessert originated in Southern Italy in regions like Campania, Calabria, and Puglia. The intriguing part about struffoli is that everyone has a unique recipe and often the secrets …

How to buy Panettone

Share on Tumblr HOW TO BUY PANETTONE LIKE AN ITALIAN! There is nothing more anticipated by Italians during the holiday season than panettone. This traditional Italian dessert offered throughout Italy and in Italian communities around the world is a tall, dome-shaped cake that has been leavened with yeast and enriched with delicious fruit. It has …

Nonna Fresh Egg Pasta

Share on Tumblr NONNA FRESH EGG PASTA  Store-bought pasta can never replicate the taste and smell of fresh homemade pasta. Pasta made fresh is something that every Italian Nonna takes great pride in, especially mine. Growing up, I would watch in awe as my Nonna would make fresh egg pasta from scratch. The process is …

Pasta e Fagioli

Share on Tumblr How to Make Pasta e Fagioli Nonna’s pasta e fagioli is an authentic, comforting, classic Italian dish – perfect for chilly winter evenings! Her recipe has simple ingredients cooked to perfection, with the beans & pasta perfectly soft and absorbing all the delightful flavors of the sauce. Pasta e Fagioli is a …

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

Share on Tumblr Traditional Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce – Made by Nonna! Spaghetti with tomato sauce is one of the most soul-warming, traditional Italian dishes. It is beloved around the world for its warm, inviting flavors and aromas. But no matter how good you think your recipe is, I promise it’s no match for my …

Crema di Limoncello

Share on Tumblr Crema di Limoncello Limoncello di crema is a sweet version of the limoncello digestive prepared with milk! If you adore lemon desserts this one is for you. Best kept in the freezer it is easy to prepare and refreshing to drink either after your meal or to accompany dessert. My Nonna’s Limoncello …

Arrosticini from Abruzzo

Share on Tumblr HOW TO MAKE ARROSTICINI LIKE A BUTCHER Arrosticini are a traditional skewer in the Southeastern Italian region of Abruzzo – and can be likened to a religion for those of us from there! Prepared from sheep, these spectacular skewers stand on their own without any extra spices or seasonings – especially when …

Strawberry Crumble Cake

Share on Tumblr How to Make Strawberry Crumble Cake Indulge in a delectable dessert with a twist – a strawberry crumble cake that is sure to impress. Furthermore, this dessert boasts a rich and flavorful taste, making it a treat for all the senses. Additionally, if you’re a fan of the classic combination of strawberry …

Risotto Carbonara

Share on Tumblr Risotto Carbonara Risotto Carbonara is the marriage of two classic Italian dishes. When you think about the ingredients for a traditional carbonara there is no question about whether they pair well with rice and the result is even creamier than the original. If you’re looking for a twist on the classic carbonara …

Carbonara Pizza

Share on Tumblr How to Make Carbonara Pizza Carbonara Pizza takes two of my all-time favourite dishes and combines them into one. There is absolutely nothing better than a perfectly cooked pizza dough topped with creamy carbonara sauce, rich guanciale and cheese – lots of cheese! This recipe is a little different to what I …

Arancini Carbonara

Share on Tumblr How to Make Arancini Carbonara As part of my series, where I make carbonara in many different styles and forms, I bring you: Arancini Carbonara. This delicious, golden crispy fried ball of goodness is delicately paired with all the best parts of a carbonara. With classic ingredients such as soft guanciale, creamy …

Vegetarian Carbonara

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Best Italian Street Food Festival

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Porchetta Recipe

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No Knead Neapolitan Pizza

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The best street food in Naples

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The Best Pizza in The World

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The best Fried Pizza in Naples

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The Best Pizza in Naples

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Cheese Wheel Risotto Alfredo

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Caprese Salad

how to make CAPRESE SALAD
Caprese salad, the Italian flag on a plate and one of the top 10 Italian dishes globally – I’m not arguing with that! A caprese salad is made up of the freshest, sweetest tomatoes you can find, aromatic basil and of course, luscious slices of mozzarella cheese all drizzled with the finest extra virgin olive oil. It is sooo simple but there are a few important steps to follow which make ALL the difference when combining these three key ingredients.

Rolled Eggplant Involtini Pasta

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How Dry Pasta is Made in an Italian Pasta Factory

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Lemon Cake

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Egg Yolk Ravioli

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Spaghetti al Limone

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Risotto with Radicchio

Radicchio risotto is an absolute explosion of creaminess thanks to the combination of butter, gorgonzola and pecorino cheese, not to mention the magic of starch! Try this unique dish with an ingredient which will definitely surprise you.

Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Cacciatore Recipe
Take a trip to Tuscany with this authentic chicken cacciatore recipe. This classic Tuscan dish is cooked nice and slow, so you’ll have moist chicken at the end that will practically fall off the bone.
It’s covered in a simple yet wholesome tomato sauce made from passata, red wine, vegetables, and fresh herbs. The sauce is so good; you’ll be scooping up any extra with fresh crusty bread and definitely going back for seconds.

Sea and Mountains Pasta

Pasta mare e monti, or sea and mountains pasta, brings together the best of two worlds together in one delicious dish. The mushrooms from the mountains pair perfectly with vongole (clams) and king prawns from the ocean. This dish is truly an Italian delight with a delicate white wine sauce and calamarata pasta that fortifies the dish with extra volume!

Pappa al Pomodoro

Pappa al Pomodoro is a deliciously thick and hearty bread and tomato soup that will simply warm your soul. The classic dish from Tuscany has soft and flavorful tomato-soaked bread with the delightful fresh taste of basil. Pappa al pomodoro is the ultimate comfort food.

Tomato Ricotta Pasta

Tomato Ricotta Pasta uses passata, basil, and fresh ricotta to create a creamy sauce with a flavour that is surprisingly addictive! If you have some ricotta in the fridge, cook this up instead of a plan tomato sauce. The taste of this dish takes me back to my teenage years and it’s so quick and simple, you can make it up at any time of the day – for one or many!

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers are undoubtedly one of the most popular antipasto dishes requested at Italian restaurants, but it might surprise you that they’re not actually hard to make – when they’re in season!
Crispy on the outside, these beautiful morsels are stuffed with a creamy ricotta and lemon filling that will melt in your mouth and make your tastebuds sing for joy!

Italian Tiramisu

Italian tiramisu is without a doubt one of the most enjoyed Italian desserts across the globe and also happens to be my favourite, I’ve worked hard to perfect the recipe and after many requests, this version is made with pasturised eggs to avoid using them raw. This melt-in-your-mouth, authentic dessert is layered with rich mascarpone cream filling in between two layers of delicate sponge cake-like biscuits coated in Italian coffee…with some added cocoa and your favorite chocolate grated throughout.

Pasta & Peas

Pasta & peas, or pasta e piselli, is a traditional Italian dish passed down from Nonna’s (Grandmothers) all over the world. I have taken this authentic dish and made it slightly more Mediterranean with a small twist. Fresh basil has been replaced with mint for a unique flavor – did I defy tradition or improve a classic? You be the judge!.

Pasta alla Norcina

Pasta alla Norcina is the finest combination of quality ingredients that come together to dance on your plate in a recipe that hails from the Umbrian town of Norcia. A place known for its pork products, the hero of this dish can be no other than the sausage cooked in a cream-based sauce created using ricotta and given an extra kick with white wine and truffle. Did I mention the Parmigiano Reggiano? Add as much as you like and make sure the pasta is al dente.

Mozzarella in Carrozza

Mozzarella in carrozza is a Southern Italian version (and yes probably the original), born in Naples. It is crispy on the outside with a delicious, melty, stringy mozzarella inside. Irresistible is an absolute understatement for the cheesiest, savoury treat you can imagine. Plus it can be made in no time and with just a few key ingredients. Artisan bread, an egg/flour coating, and high-quality mozzarella cheese are the secret to making this Neapolitan street food that will satisfy all of your senses. Hungry yet?

Sicilian Arancini

Sicilian Arancini Recipe
This Sicilian Arancini recipe is traditional, authentic and gooey-licious! These crispy, golden balls are filled with al dente rice, tender ground beef, fresh basil and the most aromatic flavours..not to mention divine, melted cheese! They are then coated in fresh breadcrumbs, deep fried and MUST BE EATEN HOT.
Arancini are arguably one of the most famous Italian savoury delights that exist, and I cannot get enough. In Sicily the fillings will amaze you – do you have a favourite?

Veal Saltimbocca

Bring Rome into your kitchen by recreating my Veal Saltimbocca. It is a classic Roman dish of thinly
sliced veal, salty prosciutto, smothered by a creamy sage and wine sauce that will make your mouth
Did I Veal Satimbocca is ready in less than 10 minutes?! Quality ingredients, my simple method and a
few toothpicks and you’ll be transported to Rome as soon as you take the first bite!

Potato Croquettes

Potato croquettes take me back to my childhood, and they are one of my wife’s favourite antipasti, so I’ve been on a mission for a while to perfect this recipe! When I got it right (thanks to my Mums help!), every bite of these pillowy morsels took me right back to being a child in Italy again!
These deep-fried mashed potato croquettes are filled with ham and mozzarella, a combination that will make your belly very happy. Make extra, these are hard to share!

Seafood Pasta Marinara

Seafood pasta marinara is all about the freshest combination of your favourite seafood with sweet tomato sugo. Mine has calamari rings, prawns, mussels, and vongole all cooked to perfection. This seafood dish is paired with steaming hot fettuccine which soaks up all the juices and flavours in every single strand..meaning you get an burst of the Mediterranean with every single twirl of pasta!

Fettuccine Boscaiola

Fettuccine Boscaiola (my way) uses two types of cheese: mascarpone, and pecorino to create the most decadent cream!

Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup Recipe

Lentil soup is bold, hearty and bursting with flavour. In Italy, it is a New Years’ tradition to eat this soup at the stroke of midnight. My lentil soup recipe has an aromatic twist – fresh rosemary and oregano which I’m convinced Nonna would approve of, just the smell in your kitchen is enough to tempt tastebuds! Each bowl is filled with soft lentils drowning in a delicious herby tomato broth then topped with crispy bread bites and a fresh parsley garnish.

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks
Slow-cooked lamb shanks are succulent, flavorsome and literally fall-off the bone. Smothered in tomato sauce which simmers away for hours, this recipe uses fragrant herbs which infuse the shanks and when cooked with time they become so moist and tender the whole family will devour them.
Don’t be overwhelmed by how long they take to cook as there is very little work to do – you just need quality ingredients and patience! Recreate these heavenly slow cooked lamb shanks at home and understand with every single bite why this is my 1 year old son Sebastian’s absolute favourite dish!

Gnocchi Cacio e Pepe

Gnocchi Cacio e Pepe
Cacio e pepe means cheese and pepper, and most of you already know that’s all it takes to make the creamiest sauce you’ve ever tasted. But here, I’ve defied tradition a by mixing this decadent cream with… gnocchi! This dish is inspired by Sam the Cooking Guy’s video – I watched it and couldn’t resist. In my version, we’ll be making everything from scratch to keep Nonna happy.

Italian Christmas Dinner Menu

Share on Tumblr Italian Christmas Dinner Menu Christmas is such a beautiful time of the year to share delicious food in the company of loved ones and there are often lots of opportunities for catch ups with friends and also to enjoy some time at home. My wife and I really love entertaining, and when …

Pastiera Napoletana

Pastiera Napoletana is a festive cake traditionally made at Easter time, but it can really be enjoyed all year around!

Strawberry Tiramisu

Strawberry Tiramisu
Traditional tiramisu is the most beloved desserts worldwide (it’s a fact!). In Italy, many variations have been created to ensure it can be enjoyed even more often based around seasonality. This version is a delicious strawberry tiramisu which brings a light, fruity flavor to this popular Italian sweet. Think layers of Savoiardi biscuits dipped in homemade strawberry cream and covered in decadent lashings of mascarpone, sweet but light strawberry coulis, and white chocolate curls. Sound irresistible?
The result is a cake that is so moist and creamy; it dissolves in your mouth. You don’t even have to wait for a special occasion for this delicious treat but if you’re feeling festive, make it the centerpiece of your celebration!

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Spaghetti alla carbonara is a traditional Italian recipe and every time you make this dish, it gets better and better. Crispy, tender in the middle, guanciale is mixed with spaghetti and a homemade peppery, pecorino-filled carbonara sauce. My original recipe has become very popular across the globe as we try to set the record straight: NO CREAM! This spaghetti alla carbonara is my 2021 version.
Try my version of this authentic Roman dish; I’m already hungry just thinking about it!

Spaghetti al Pomodoro

Spaghetti al Pomodoro translates to spaghetti with tomato sauce. It’s a classic Italian dish that I love creating when I’m short on time but I still want to be transported to Nonna’s house. This 15-minute recipe produces the most flavor-rich sauce and the key is using fresh, ripe tomatoes and aromatic basil.
If you can believe it, tomatoes weren’t mixed into pasta until the 1800s! Before that, pasta was eaten plain or only with cheese. I love eating it both ways but once you try this dish you might even prefer it over slow cooked sauce. Let me know what your favourite 15-minute pasta recipe\ is.

Mushroom Alfredo Pasta

Mushroom Alfredo pasta? You will not go back to the classic Alfredo recipe after trying this re-imagined version which combines hearty porcini mushrooms with freshly grated truffle. Is your mouth watering yet? Once you mix through salty parmigiano cheese, this dish will hit new heights and you’ll be transported directly to Italy.

Braised Beef

Italian braised beef is a classic dish that simply melts in your mouth. Unfortunately, it’s not as popular as it once was, but it certainly deserves a comeback as it’s DELICIOUS! Make this surprisingly creamy and flavorful braised beef on a Sunday for a traditional Italian meal. This hearty main meal is tasty, flavorful, and the beef is so tender, it will fall apart at the slightest touch of a fork. This recipe may take a few hours to cook, but it is definitely ALWAYS worth the wait!

Pumpkin Gnocchi 

Pumpkin Gnocchi Recipe:
Gnocchi are a staple in Italian kitchens but while potato gnocchi are the most well-known, they’re not the only ingredient you can use to make gnocchi! This seasonal gnocchi recipe uses roasted pumpkin to create gnocchi infused with Pecorino Romano cheese that are smothered in a creamy burnt butter and sage sauce.
Before everyone tells me this isn’t traditional, hear this: before potatoes became popular in Italian cuisine and pasta in the 1600s, pumpkins were often used to create gnocchi topped with breadcrumbs and covered with grated fontina cheese…UMMM, YUM! Enjoy my version, I know Ill be making pumpkin gnocchi next time I see Nonna.

Penne alla Vodka

Penne alla vodka recipe was a very popular dish in the 80’s and 90’s and while it’s a little hard to track the true origin, one thing is for sure, it has been completely transformed outside of Italy so my aim is to bring it back to its roots! This creamy pasta dish is my Mums recipe with a small tweak from me – do you think this dish deserves a comeback on Italian menus? Try my authentic version for the OG and let me know what you think – and yes, for once I use CREAM! Ever noticed how many more ingredients are often in a fake recipe? This dish is a reminder of how very unnecessary they are!!

Garlic Bread

The origins of garlic bread aren’t very well-known, but what I do know is the popularity of this dish is remarkable across the world! When you look at the basics, it’s similar to a bruschetta so I invite you to try my authentic Italian variation of garlic bread which is all about a delicious creamy paste, smothered on crispy golden ciabatta bread. What would I call it? Bruschetta aglio e oilio and it is absolutely, positively DIVINE!

Pineapple Pizza

Pineapple PIZZA? NOOO! What is happening to me? No, I haven’t been brainwashed (or kidnapped) BUT I have been challenged by SO many of you!

Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken parmigiana can be likened to Italian crumbed chicken with toppings, typically including cheese and tomato sauce, but is it Italian? NO! This is a dish which has become famous the world over and many mistaken it for being authentic but most variations are pretty un-Italian! Except, maybe, my one. As an Italian I have recreated this pub-classic with delicious authentic ingredients and believe me there is no going past this recipe for a cheesy chicken stack that is smothered in rich tomato and basil sauce. I even have two options for cheese on top, would you prefer buffalo mozzarella or burrata? Either way you will never order this out again. It might not be authentic, but I’ve created a Chicken Parmigiana that even my family would enjoy.

Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a dish traditionally made up of just a few ingredients and can be likened to many simple Italian recipes.

Spaghetti Meatballs

Spaghetti meatballs is a much-loved dish all over the world but too often I see giant meatballs topped on plates of spaghetti and this is not the way it was meant to be enjoyed!
This Italian dish can be done in an authentic way and my Nonna makes it best! So tune in to this recipe to recreate the most delicious spaghetti and (mini) meatballs and be transported to Nonna’s house with every, single, bite.
DISCLAIMER: My meatballs may look tiny but you’ll soon realise they are mighty – especially when enjoyed in the same mouthful as your spaghetti!

Alfredo Pasta

Alfredo Pasta is a recipe that invites a lot of discussion –in simple terms, it’s a silky egg pasta smothered with melted butter and parmigiano cheese but today, the authentic recipe has gotten a little lost. This is another episode in my series where I make my version of fake Italian food and even though this originated in Rome in the1890’s the Alfredo Pasta recipe dish is constantly recreated incorrectly outside of Italy – possibly even more than Carbonara!
Maybe one of the simplest dishes to recreate, its main attraction (when it was first invented) was actually the theatrical way it was served right at the table.
Join me to see how one of the most-watched Alfredo Pasta recipes on YouTube completely destroys the original and keep watching to see how the REAL DEAL is made (by me)! The trick? Pasta water and quality ingredients – so don’t change a thing.

Meat Lovers Pizza

Meat Lovers pizza is a staple on take-away pizza restaurants the world over, but why do they use such weird ingredients? What even is Pepperoni? My Meat Lovers pizza is made with a Neapolitan pizza base and uses delicious Italian meat-based toppings including salami, fennel sausage, capocollo and pancetta. THIS is a meatlovers pizza, done RIGHT. Can’t find all of the same ingredients as mine? Go to your local Italian delicatessen and choose authentic Italian cold meats to create your own version, I guarantee your tastebuds will thank you – and so will REAL pizza chefs the world over.

Chicken Pasta

Chicken pasta, an unlikely combination for me (and very un-Italian!) but let me tell you, it left me wanting more. My version of chicken with pasta is hearty yet delicate and with an authentic Italian tomato passata, it is my way of making this dish the way an Italian would. Let me know if it passes the test – have I gone too far? Or would my Nonna be impressed? Either way this dish is not a classic but I have to admit, it’s scrumptious. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think!

Potato Pasta

Potato pasta is a super creamy dish that might just change your life! To master this Neapolitan pasta recipe, add a few ingredients to a pot (including your pasta!) and add fresh mozzarella – can it get any better? The fresh aroma of rosemary combined with salty pecorino cheese creates the most intense flavour – even more than I could have imagined. Do not go past this recipe. Make it and you will be scooping up every last bite! (WARNING: You will be SHOCKED how I cook this pasta – but it’s actually traditional!)

Salmon Pasta

Salmon pasta is my version of a simple pasta dish where one ingredient is the hero and everything else compliments the flavour exquisitely! A mix of lemon juice, capers, chilli, mascarpone and lemon zest combine to create a little taste of summer, on your plate. DISCLAIMER: Can be enjoyed all year ‘round even when you’re just pretending it’s Summer!

Tomato Passata at Home

Passata made with fresh tomatoes is best defined as the essential Italian ingredient for endless dishes and making it is such an important ritual. For many families the tradition is carried out in the home of Grandparents or the eldest sibling and the end result is a large number of bottles filled with this liquid gold for the whole family to enjoy!

Neapolitan Pizza Dough for Beginners

Neapolitan Pizza Dough is so light and delicious and when made perfectly it has beautiful golden specs around the edges and just the right amount of crispness! Try this easy recipe at home and create an incredible homemade product that will be so addictive, you’ll never want to go out for pizza again! Impress your loved ones with this easy Neapolitan pizza dough and invest in a small pizza oven to make ALL the difference. Pizza every night anyone? YES PLEASE!

Italian Sausage and Potatoes

Italian sausage and potatoes – a dish I grew up enjoying with my family which uses just 2 simple ingredients! This puts all the emphasis on enhancing their flavours with delicate seasoning and cooking them just right.

Fried Zucchini Pasta

Fried Zucchini pasta known as “Spaghetti alla Nerano” is a classic example of a local dish. It was born in the small fishing village of Nerano back in 1952 thanks to Maria Grazia and became famous because it was served in her family restaurant (and it still is)! The complete recipe has never been revealed, but this is an authentic local take and sure tastes like a plate of Italy to me combining fresh zucchini and basil along with delicious cheese. The creamy sauce and aroma of basil work so well together and infuse the zucchini with the most delectable flavour…now all we need is a beautiful sea view..!

Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice is a traditional Chinese dish that can be served as a main or side but either way, it’s likely a staple when you order local Chinese take-away.

Four Cheese Pasta

Four cheese pasta is even creamier than carbonara and cacio e pepe! (Who thought that could be possible?!) So if you’re a fan of those dishes then this is a MUST-HAVE! Combining four different cheeses with Gorgonzola as the hero, the only thing you really need to prep is a handful of walnuts – and that’s to garnish at the end! This could be my new favourite pasta – and it couldn’t be easier to make! What cheese are you going to use?

Italian Grilled Eggplant

Italian grilled eggplants are rich and fragrant thanks to the authentic balsamic vinegar in the dressing along with just the right amount of garlic char from the grill. This dish is an absolute crowd-pleaser and can be served as an antipasto, alongside a main or even inside your next panino…mmmm are you drooling yet?

Scallop Pasta

Scallop Pasta has just a few ingredients but once mixed together they are simply the perfect pairing – imagine it: cherry tomatoes, parsley, lemon zest, garlic and chilli, then add the hero of the dish, fresh scallops, lightly seared and bursting with flavour. If you’re unsure where to start with cooking seafood, this is the ideal dish – super easy but exploding with aromas of the mediterranean. Y-U-M.

Pasta with Breadcrumbs

Pasta with Breadcrumbs – or pasta ca muddica is the answer when you have stale bread and don’t want it to go to waste! This Sicilian dish was created because every leftover ingredient always gets used in Italian cooking – and especially in Nonna’s kitchen. Many classic recipes were invented this way! Try pasta ca muddica, which is my golden crispy alternative to topping your pasta with cheese… you may have just found a new mid-week favourite.

Pork Milanese

Pork Milanese – which means “in the style of Milan” – are boneless cutlets coated in a thick, tasty breadcrumb which are then shallow fried and turned into golden, crispy goodness. When preparing this simple dish, don’t go past quality breadcrumbs and try grating your own for the crunchiest result!

Mushroom Risotto

My mushroom risotto recipe is a no-fail way to master the creamiest risotto you will ever taste – minus the cream of course! Using wild porcini mushrooms, fresh parsley and a sprinkle of parmigiano cheese you barley need any ingredients to recreate this Northern Italian dish in your own kitchen…and wait until you taste it! Trust me, it’s not hard and once you realise that you’ll never order it out again! Try it with your own favourite ingredients and let me know what you choose…

Italian Bruschetta

Italian bruschetta is an absolute classic. My favourite part about this dish is the sensational flavour you get from the tomato juice.

Neapolitan Pizza Dough with Biga

Neapolitan pizza dough with biga will give you a more light, soft dough full of flavour. Learning the technique of creating biga is like an art and your hands are your best tools!

Italian Meatballs

My Italian meatballs recipe is just like a giant hug from Nonna. A mixture of quality veal and pork mince combined with the perfect amount of fresh parsley and cheese (a tonne of both!) as well as moist artisan bread will create the most delicious Italian meatballs you have ever tasted, period. This recipe uses my Nonna’s soffrito (blended my way) which adds the sweetest aroma and flavour hit you can imagine. Try my recipe for your next Meatballs night and compare them to yours…I bet they will quickly become your families new favourite (don’t worry you can pass the recipe as your own – what’s important, is you pass it on to your family to share too!).

Stuffed Shell Pasta

Stuffed shell pasta (or conchiglioni) is a favourite in Italian homes for Sunday lunch! Seashell shaped pasta filled with creamy ricotta, tasty spinach and a hint of nutmeg is just the start of this dish…my tip is to use fresh buffalo mozzarella on top to give this baked dish a serious edge. In just 30 minutes you can make this recipe and it will likely be devoured in 3.


Zabaglione is a delightfully decadent egg custard dessert that will bring any Italian straight back to their childhood – and yes, every family has their own recipe! For me, this 3 ingredient sweet reminds me of my Great Grandfather, who used to whip up a fresh Zabaione for breakfast using eggs straight from the farm. This light and foamy custard is incredibly delicious and can be made and served warm on the spot or chilled in the fridge.

Beef Lasagna

Beef lasagna is a well-loved family meal all over the world and my version with a trio of cheeses, béchamel and homemade tomato passata in a word is: SUBLIME. Between each moist layer of fresh egg pasta sheets is a mixture of veal and pork mince, smothered in sweet tomato sauce. There are two key things to make yours as good as mine – you need patience and quality ingredients, no shredded mozzarella or cheap passata here. No need to thank me, just make it, eat it and share it.

Linguine alle Vongole

Linguine alle vongole is inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle and it is my absolute favourite pasta dish in the world. The salty vongole and smooth long strands of pasta mixed with freshly chopped parsley and crushed garlic are the ultimate match .

Strawberry Panna Cotta

Strawberry Panna Cotta is one of the most popular Italian desserts on the planet but so many people wait to order it at a restaurant instead of making it at home – do you realise it’s actually really easy to create? Try my vanilla flavoured panna cotta recipe topped with homemade strawberry coulis and never order it from a menu again!

Pasta alla Gricia

Pasta alla Gricia is one of the four famous pasta dishes from Rome – some say it is a marriage of the key ingredients found in the more famous 3: guanciale, pecorino romano, black pepper. The only way to perfect this dish is to find quality ingredients as they will make all the difference. Try my Pasta alla Gricia and let me know which is your favourite Roman pasta recipe!

Sicilian Sfinci (Ricotta Donuts)

Sfinci are morsels of sweet, fried ricotta donuts covered in juicy sultanas and typically enjoyed during festive periods like carnevale and Christmas.

Pasta Broccoli

This Pasta broccoli recipe is so much more delicious than you might think – it has hardly any ingredients, but it is full of incredible flavour!

Neapolitan Pizza at Home

Change your pizza game by cooking Neopolitan style pizza in your very own home. My special guest pizzaiolo Lucio is back and will be showing you how to cook a quality, Neopolitan style pizza in a domestic oven. The pizza dough has to be a high in hydration and once stretched and assembled you’ll be able to master both the crunch and the crust – surprising yourself you didn’t move from the kitchen!

Cherry Tomato Pasta

Cherry tomato pasta is a simple dish for any day of the week which calls for the freshest, juiciest organic cherry tomatoes you can find. Once you add aromatic basil to create the perfect pairing plus a scoop full of mascarpone cheese it will be even creamier than you had imagined – without the cream of course! Try this twist on neapolitan cherry tomato pasta and don’t go past the extra dash of pecorino cheese which really makes the flavours sing on a plate!

How To Make Neapolitan Pizza Dough

Neapolitan Pizza dough is the absolute OG, but can you successfully make it in your home kitchen? We put pizza master Lucio to the test and the result is mouth-watering, crunchy bliss! Try this recipe for yourself and devour every slice – you may decide to never eat pizza out again!

Tomato Sauce for Pizza

Tomato sauce for pizza couldn’t be simpler – but the few steps required to get it right are all a MUST! Combine quality Italian peeled tomatoes with fresh basil, a touch of salt and a final drizzle of olive oil and make sure you do not cook it! Join me along with Napolitano pizza chef Lucio to find out the secrets to making a flavoursome and bold tomato sauce for pizza. Have you been doing it right?

Fresh Basil Pesto

Fresh basil pesto is so easy to make and one of the most versatile condiments in Italian cooking. It originated in the region of Liguria and when made fresh the salty flavour just dances on your tastebuds.

Homemade Tomato Sauce

Homemade tomato sauce is the essential ingredient in every Italian household – it’s like liquid gold. This year I was invited to Sicilian tomato master Filippo’s, to make his yearly batch using his very own home-grown Roma tomatoes.

Modern Spaghetti Carbonara

Modern spaghetti carbonara is a twist on the classic and while it is a little different from the original, the most important rule remains, IT IS MADE WITH EGGS AND ABSOLUTELY NO CREAM!

Authentic Bolognese Sauce

Authentic Bolognese sauce is serious business! One of the most popular Italian condiments this sauce is  absolutely bursting with real tomato flavour thanks to the slow cooking process and minimal seasoning required

Chocolate Babka

Chocolate Babka. Make this melt-in-your mouth chocolate babka using a brioche dough filled with Nutella and this decadent dessert will become your new favourite

Sourdough Pancake

Love pancakes? Your life just got better. Use sourdough discard for this un-beatable sourdough pancake recipe and achieve the ultimate pancake tower, perfect for the upcoming holiday season, or every Sunday morning for breakfast, brunch or just because! This recipe is by my favourite baker Anthony Silvio who created a stack of fluffy, golden pancakes drowned in maple syrup and seasonal berries just for us. Get them on repeat this Christmas. Hello heaven.

Almond Croissant

Almond croissants are crescents of absolute heaven. These flaky morsels are filled with the most luscious almond cream and you cannot go past their nutty flavor or golden exterior.


Croissants are decadent crescents of flakey, crispy, chewy goodness and in many ways, a work of art. They can be enjoyed savoury or sweet and are made with the most divine French pastry which is so thin and delicate, creating pillows of heaven when made just right! Time, patience and good technique really are key so I’ve asked for some help from professional baker Daria Nechiporenko and in this episode of my baking series, she provides a step by step guide to mastering what can be an intimidating process…but it’s sooo worth it when the first bite of your croissant will take you so pastry heaven!

Crusty French Baguettes

Transport yourself to your favourite bakery by making these incredible crusty baguettes and learn how to create the perfect CRUNCH using your oven at home. Master baker Anthony Silvio is back sharing all his tips on how to make your baguette with a chewy interior and the most divine, crispy golden crumb.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread recipe is the absolute QUEEN of all breads. It’s crispy, light, fluffy and when made right, has the absolute perfect CRUNCH.

Sourdough Starter

Sourdough starter recipe requires just a two ingredients and can help you create the most divine sourdough based . It is a live culture of flour and water but most importantly, what it needs is patience.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls in one word: Scrumptious. This recipe creates life changing moist brioche buns filled with cinnamon spice and completely drowned in sweet vanilla glaze.

Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Creamy mushroom pasta is moist and delicious – without any cream! Use your favourite mushrooms and fresh parsley to create this mouth-watering vegetarian pasta dish and add oozing burrata for the ultimate cheesy experience.

Roast Chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts are a delicious nutty snack which are just perfect for the holiday season. The slightly crisp outer layer combined with a moist centre are such a fine textural treat but the question is, how do we roast them without the skin sticking to them? Check out this recipe for my tip on how to roast chestnuts and easily peel them too!

Pasta alla Norma

Pasta alla norma, has everything you want from a delicious Sicilian pasta dish. Crispy eggplant, salty ricotta cheese, luscious tomato sauce…and the ideal pasta shape to scoop it all up with.

Tuna Pasta

Tuna pasta is a refreshing pasta dish, suitable for all seasons and it can be enjoyed hot right away or even cold as a salad.

Homemade Cavatelli Pasta

Homemade cavatelli are eggless, oval-shaped pasta shells with a gap through the middle which is great for capturing the sauce. This pasta, originally from Puglia is still made by hand all over the region – especially by talented Nonna’s who have been perfecting the shape for years!

Pappardelle Pasta

Pappardelle Pasta are ribbon-like strands best known for scooping up all of your favourite sauce in every single bite. Much thicker than other long pasta shapes, they are best served with slow-cooked bold, rustic sauces. The name Pappardelle actually comes from the Italian verb “Pappere” which means “To gobble up” and it’s exactly what you’ll be doing once you make them, so hurry up, just talking about it is making me hungry!

No Knead Pizza Dough

No knead pizza dough is the easy way to prepare for your next pizza party. Create simple pizzeria-style slices with this no knead recipe which has more resting than mixing time and doesn’t get your hands dirty.

Neapolitan Pizza in a Wood Fired Oven

True Neapolitan Pizza should be made in a wood fired oven! If you’re lucky enough to have access to one, follow this simple technique of bringing the Neapolitan pizza forward using a pizza peel and turning it, until it becomes golden and crispy. By doing this, you will not compromise the base and instead create pizza perfection! Check out this video for a closer look at how to cook Neapolitan Pizza.

How to Stretch Neapolitan Pizza Dough

Stretching Neapolitan Pizza Dough is all in the forearm – and the practice! To achieve the best style pizza you have to master the creation of the cornicione, and to do this, I asked pizza master Johnny Di Francesco to provide simple steps to getting the base of your Neapolitan just right.

Pizza Dough Balls

Neapolitan pizza dough is an absolute art, but did you know there are more ways than one to roll a dough ball? According to renowned pizza chef, Johnny Di Francesco, some techniques to rolling a pizza dough ball can also be used to make bread and mozzarella balls too! Join us as we take you through each technique one by one and choose which suits you most.

Montanara Pizza

Montanara Pizza is a mouth-watering, crispy fried pizza dough with its origins in the mountains of pizza heaven – Naples. Cooked until perfectly golden brown, the montanara pizza is served hot yet fresh on the palette with the toppings lathered on once it has been fried. Be warned, the textures on your tastebuds might just go into melt down when you take a bite of this one!

Roman Pizza

Roman Pizza is the heavenly scented pizza by the slice you see all over Rome. Although in your travels you may have devoured a piece in seconds thanks to the irresistible aroma and lightness of the dough, the effort behind every slice, is more like a work of art!

Created using a starter, pizza champion Marco Moresco, teaches us the step by step process to mastering this light and crispy dough by the metre!

Follow along and recreate the flavours of Italy thanks to Le 5 Stagioni flour varieties…you will be drooling for more of this one!

Gluten Free Pizza Dough

Gluten free pizza dough is an alternate version of your classic pizza dough and by following this recipe, you might just be surprised with how golden and crispy your base turns out! Many people are unable to enjoy the true texture of a pizza because gluten free versions never seem to have the same crunch..until now! With an incredible gluten free flour product, brought to you by Le 5 Stagioni, you can now create a scrumptious gluten free pizza dough base that closely resembles a traditional pizza!

Focaccia Barese

Focaccia Barese is arguably the GRANDMOTHER of all focaccia recipes and it’s not hard to see why. Once you bite into a slice of this golden disc of goodness, the sweet cherry tomatoes mixed with dry oregano and sea salt will transport you to the seaside in Bari, Italy. This focaccia barese recipe is a high hydration dough and while crunchy on the outside, it is light and fluffy all the way through with a rustic highlight thanks to the addition of wholemeal flour.

Classic Pizza Margherita

Authentic Pizza Margherita is the absolute QUEEN of pizza’s – delicate yet rich and flavourful; the original recipe uses Napoletan base and is topped with 4 quality ingredients. This episode of my Pizza Masterclass will teach you the how to make a classic pizza margherita thanks to Lucio who was raised in the birthplace of this masterpiece, Naples, Italy – who started making pizza’s almost before he could talk!

Whole Wheat Pizza

Whole Wheat pizza dough is an alternative to traditional pizza and it has the most surprisingly incredible crust! Easy to digest and filled with fibre the rustic nature of the dough and careful cooking time keep it perfectly crisp and golden.

How to Make Neapolitan Pizza Dough like World Best Pizza Chef

Neapolitan pizza is the most recognized in the world, but many get it wrong, so I’ve enlisted world champion pizza maker, Johnny Di Francesco to teach us his secrets to making the finest pizza dough. True to Italian tradition, Neapolitan pizza dough is made up of very few ingredients, water, salt, yeast and all-important flour. The taste and crunch make all the difference, so watch as we pair it back and respect the simplicity of this fine dough.

No Knead Ciabatta Bread

No Knead Ciabatta bread rolls that need NO kneading are easy to make and must be next on your baking list! Create these delicious, crisp ciabatta rolls everyone will love and let the aroma of freshly baked bread take over your kitchen (without the mess!)

Best Pasta to Buy in Store

Share on Tumblr Best Pasta to Buy in Store Ever thought about what the difference is between all of the varieties of dry pasta you find on the shelf of your supermarket? Check out this short video with some advice on what pasta is better for you -and how you can tell just by looking …

Eggplant Pasta

Eggplant pasta, in a word, is a food-gasm. It is a classic Calabrian dish, also known as “Pasta alla parmigiana”, that Italian Nonni have transported the world over and it is phenomenal. It’s my wife’s favourite pasta dish and she can devour so much of it (it’s a little scary), especially when her Mum makes it. Imagine an eggplant parmigiana, turned into a pasta dish. Did you picture the sweet taste of the eggplant, tomato and cheese? That is the exact flavour that will hit your tastebuds, every, single, bite. Eggplant pasta should be a staple on your list of rotating pasta favourites. Try it, share it and never stop making it!

Fresh Spinach Pasta

Spinach pasta is a delicious alternative to making fresh pasta at home and the green vegetable adds extra flavour (and colour!) to your silky sheets of pasta. Making this colourful pasta is actually a lot easier than you think. Give my spinach pasta recipe a try and let me know what sauce you mix it with!

Almond Cake

Almond cake might just make you change the way you think about dessert! It is dense yet moist and you can adapt to suit your taste and add any fruit you choose – I added fresh figs and let me tell you, it took my almond cake recipe to a whole new level! You can also substitute plain flour for buckwheat and make it a flourless cake with the same flavoursome taste! Try this quick and easy almond cake recipe to create this moreish treat and let me know what fruit you add!

No Knead Bread

No knead bread recipe ANYONE can make. Literally, we can ALL create this dough and enjoy fresh, quality bread at home WITHOUT THE MESS. Try my no knead bread recipe and create beautiful soft dough with the crispy crunch you all desire.

Potato Gnocchi

Gnocchi, undisputed rulers of Thursday lunches, a pillar of our Italian cuisine.
Warm, soft and tasty, they are a delightful and simple to prepare first course that brings adults and children together.
Gnocchi are simple yet insidious to get the right consistency, and my Nonna is the absolute master, so follow her recipe and our tips to surely have the best Gnocchi you’ve ever eaten! Trust me!

Homemade Tagliatelle

Homemade tagliatelle are a favourite in many households and delicious served with lots of different types of sauces, but the classic is Bolognese ragu. Learn how to make homemade tagliatelle pasta with me the traditional way (obviously!), using just eggs and flour – it’s a lot of fun and really easy to cook too. How do you love eating tagliatelle?

Orecchiette Pasta

Orecchiette pasta are cute little morsels that require no special tools – just a good eye and some patience to get right! They resemble a small ear (which is where their name comes from) and are typical of one of my favourite southern regions in Italy, Apulia.

This recipe will teach you how to make orecchiette from scratch using just two ingredients. They can be cooked up right away or left fresh in your pantry for a few months!

Ricotta Gnocchi

Share on Tumblr How to Make Ricotta Gnocchi Gnocchi, just the name of this Italian pasta, is enough to send a wave of memories flooding back to you. You may remember Mum and Grandma making them by hand, sitting down to a delectable dish in a restaurant, or maybe you still enjoy the comforting experience …

Semolina Pasta Dough

Semolina Pasta Dough
Semolina pasta dough is your answer to making dry pasta at home! With just two ingredients, create your own pasta shapes and leave them in the pantry for when you want to cook up a meal. No need to stock up on store-bought packets when you can make your own all-natural, semolina pasta dough.

Pasta e Fagioli

Pasta e Fagioli is a classic dish in Italian cuisine. A first course with an unmistakable flavour that has its roots in the rural tradition; pasta e fagioli is a poor, cheap dish, using short pasta and beans, but is extremely tasty and genuine. This is timeless Italian comfort food that warms the heart, in my recipe we will make the best pasta fagioli with Nonna Igea, who will share how to make homemade sagne – a very old pasta form, from where my Nonna was born.

Egg Pasta Dough

Egg pasta dough is one of the simplest ingredients to make but the dishes you choose to cook with it are infinite! In Italy, it has been said that there are over 600 different pasta shapes, so just imagine the endless options and flavours. This is my Nonna’s original egg pasta dough recipe and can be easily recreated with a rolling pin or pasta machine. Follow the steps and become a pasta master in no time!

Italian Easter Cookies

Italian Easter Cookies are a tradition in almost every family. In the south of Italy, Calabrese families get together on Good Friday, to make their special version known as Sgute. These Italian Easter cookies are crunchy on the outside and soft and crumbly on the inside, making them perfect for dipping into a hot drink on Easter morning – and then finishing off breakfast with an egg, placed in the centre! They have a very special meaning too, so watch my video to find out more!

Pasta Amatriciana

AMATRICIANA RECIPE. Bring Rome to your plate with this traditional Amatriciana from Italy’s capital. Also known as bucatini al’amatriciana, you just need 3 simple ingredients to create a hearty pasta dish full of salty and rich flavours thanks to the perfect combination of tomato and guanciale.

Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese sauce smothered over your favourite pasta is known to warm the heart and perfect for any day of the week. This pork and beef mince based sauce has a special, often forgotten ingredient that makes all the difference…moist, juicy pancetta! The key to keeping Bolognese sauce moist and flavoursome, is slow cooking it keeping all the meat luscious and tender.
We recommend making an extra-large batch and storing extra in the fridge or freezer for a mid-week meal that will take you right back to Italy.

Palotte Cacio e Uova


Italian Cheese Balls, called “Pallotte Cacio e Uova”, are a traditional recipe from my region of Abruzzo.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio e Peperoncino

Spaghetti aglio olio is one of the world’s top ten dishes and it’s not hard to understand why! With just a couple of ingredients and barely any time, you can serve up one of the most traditional Italian dishes that exists: Spaghetti aglio olio. The most important thing to remember is to cook your pasta al dente and use the best quality extra virgin olive oil you can find. Give it an extra kick with fresh or dried pepperoncino and it really is the perfect match.

Stracciatella Cheesecake

Stracciare in Italian means “to shred.” It’s from here that we get the word “stracciatella,” which you will see in pretty much any given gelateria in Italia. If you have ever been fortunate enough to have a cup or cone of stracciatella gelato, you know its main feature are the “shredded” chocolate chunks.
Just in case you don’t have a gelateria nearby, now you can have those same stracciatella flavors at home with this very snackable cheesecake!

Oven Roasted Potatoes

Dreaming of crispy, golden oven roasted potatoes, just like Nonna makes? Now you can eat them in your very own home! These oven roasted potatoes take me back to my family Sunday lunches at Nonna’s – because no one makes potatoes quite like her and I can now recreate these to take my tastebuds back to my childhood. Simple, but incredible!

Lemon Linguine with Shrimps and Pistachios

lemon linguine is always a winner because it’s easy, quick and super delicious. Recreate this amazing lemon pasta in less then 15 minutes.

Baked Rigatoni

Baked Rigatoni: Every Italian household has their very own version of it! From North to South the ingredients differ but the cheesy goodness and perfect crunchy edges never really change.

Spaghetti Frittata Carbonara

Spaghetti Frittata Recipe. This spaghetti frittata will make you love carbonara even more – because now you can enjoy the flavours one slice at a time.


Share on Tumblr How to Make Passata Italian tomato day embodies every, single thing our beautiful culture is about, family, food, passion and tradition. It is the official day, when the family comes together to make tomato passata bottles to stock up their cupboards with, for the year. Recently, I was very lucky enough to …

Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce

Tomato basil pasta sauce is what we are famous for, and in this recipe, I’m going to share all the secrets to this simple, thick, luscious recipe, that will take you right to my Nonna’s house for Sunday lunch. Get your kitchens ready to be infused with the aromas of fresh tomato and basil and plan a special meal to hero this finger-licking sauce, because one you try it, I can bet you will never spend money on artificial store-bought sauce, ever again. This tomato basil pasta sauce is completely homemade, preservative free and I think it’s so good, you could even be tempted to drink it!

Stuffed Calamari with Tuna and Olives

Stuffed Calamari (known in Italy as Calamari Ripieni) is one of those classic Italian dishes that every region seems to claim as its own. It would make sense that it would originate in a seaside town, but the first known recipe was actually found in a collection of Roman recipes dating back to the 5th century. Unlike carbonara, for example, calamari ripieni is extremely versatile, drawing from the fact that each region uses its own local flavors for the stuffing. Although mediterranean flavors are generally used, in Liguria you may find a spinach stuffing, whereas in Sicily you’re more likely to find anchovies and cheese. No matter how you make it, the end result is always a plate wiped clean!

Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari are one of the most popular Italian antipasto dishes ordered in restaurants over the world but what many don’t know, is how super simple they are to make. My fried calamari are deliciously crispy, with a salty tang and with the perfect squeeze of lemon really are a divine way to start off your meal. This fried calamari recipe uses semolina and a lemon marinade which make all the difference to the crunch and zest! Once you’ve tried this recipe, you’ll likely never order it out again – the restaurants just won’t compare!

Chocolate Cheesecake Pan di Stelle

Cheesecake made with Pan di Stelle, wonderful cookies I have been eating since I was a little boy. In Italy, the brown bag covered with stelle, or stars, is recognized and loved by everyone. For the bambini, Pan di Stelle cookies means an after school snack with some warm milk. For adults, it means re-living their childhood for brief moment as they dunk their biscotti in their morning caffe latte. This cheesecake version of the beloved snack is perfect for anyone, at any occasion. There is just one problem – you may need to make 2 because there won’t be any left for the next day!

Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup is the most traditional Italian soup made in households all over Italy. Most families have their own version, but my absolute favourite is when the right mix of fresh vegetables and herbs come together in the pot and infuse to create the most mouth-watering broth – the most important part of the minestrone soup. Add some cracked pepper and a generous serve of pecorino cheese and you’ll warm hearts through every season!

Zeppole – Zippoli Calabrese

Zeppole calabresi are divine savoury donuts on high demand in our household! This zeppole recipe uses the traditional Calabrian method, taught to us by Nonna Maria. She has been making her family drool for these for years and while the original is with anchovies, there is a caprese surprise in store for you too. Make these fresh with your family and friends and eat them hot on a special occasion. No one will dream at stopping at one when you recreate this zeppole recipe.

Authentic Tiramisu

This authentic Tiramisu recipe will get your heart racing and will prove why this dessert is the most universally loved Italian “dolce”! Using biscuits as a light sponge dipped in freshly brewed coffee, mixed with layers of fluffy, sweetened mascarpone, this heavenly creation is finished with cocoa and grated chocolate to literally melt in your’s also very simple! Try it during the festive season or for a special occasion and you will be begged to make it over and over…!

Drunken Pasta

Drunken Pasta is a recipe that will absolutely blow your mind. The spectacular way drunken pasta completely evokes all of your senses and yet is so simple makes it a winning dish every, single, time. Toss in some black olives and sprinkle over shavings of salty pecorino cheese and the red stained pasta will look like a piece of art…and yet taste just like your favourite pasta, served with a glass of red!

Roast Leg of Lamb

Roast leg of lamb is slowly cooked to absolute perfection. It will take your Sunday roast tradition to a whole new level and what’s better, it’s EASY! While you’ll need some patience with the cooking time, this roast leg of lamb is so easy to make and I promise, it will taste better than you can even imagine. With few ingredients, and care taken at every step, your family and friends will be begging you for more! Make this roast leg of lamb the centrepiece at your festive feast.

Puttanesca Sauce

Puttanesca sauce is a game changer from Naples, Italy. If you think don’t like anchovies, think AGAIN! Smother your pasta in thick tomato sauce with a kick of salty anchovies and capers, throw some olives in the mix and add fresh parsley for the ultimate puttanesca flavour explosion.

Amaretti Biscuits

Share on Tumblr How to Make Amaretti Biscuits Amaretti biscuits are a staple in many Italian homes, but everyone’s recipe is different! This Amaretti recipe has been passed down through generations and is my favourite. Join my mother-in-law, Maria, as she shares her family recipe for these delightful almond bites that are a little crispy …

Pesto Pizza

Pesto Pizza Recipe. This pesto pizza recipe is Pizza porn at its absolute best AND, it will change your favourite pizza toppings for good!

Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e pepe recipe is the original mac and cheese. This simple cacio e pepe recipe, originating in Rome uses four main ingredients but there are a few techniques to make it simply spectacular.

Wine Cookies

Share on Tumblr How to Make Wine Cookies Do you like wine and cookies? Introducing: WINE COOKIES! Also known as Taralli in Italy, they are bite-sized morsels of deliciousness! The recipe which uses red wine, has origins in the centre of Italy, and now has many variations which can be made sweet or savoury! In …

Chicken Broth

Chicken broth served with parmesan crepes is a traditional recipe from my Nonna’s region of Teramo in Abruzzo. It is a deliciously tasty slow cooked broth served with light, thin crepes filled with salty parmesan cheese. This twist on classic chicken broth warms my heart (and my tummy!) with as it’s truly one-of-a-kind. Passing on this recipe to me felt like I was gaining a part of Nonna’s history and I will treasure it forever and hope you do too! While it’s a perfect dish for the changing weather, it can be enjoyed as an entrée in smaller portions and will surely become a family favourite in your homes too.

½ organic chicken (cut into pieces)
5 pieces of veal
1 whole onion
3 celery stalks (complete with leaves)
1 carrot (peeled)
1 cinnamon stick
3-5 cherry tomatoes
Rock salt
8 tablespoons of flour
8 eggs
Pinch of fine salt
Grated parmesan cheese
1 XL pot
Chopping board
Small-medium size fry pan
Extra virgin olive oil
Kitchen paper
Hand held sieve

1. To make chicken broth with parmesan filled crepes, put the pieces of chicken into your pot, add the veal and fill it almost to the top with water.
2. Put the pot on the stove at a medim heat, and once it starts to boil, you will notice foam at the top of the water. This needs to be skimmed off the top and discarded.
3. Leave this to boil for up to 10 minutes and keep removing the foam.
4. To add extra flavour to your chicken broth, add 1 whole onion (skin peeled off), the celery, carrot, cinnamon stick and cherry tomatoes, along with a generous pinch of rock salt.
5. Leave this to boil for up to 2 hours.
1. To make the crepes filled with parmesan cheese for your chicken broth, start by placing 8 tablespoons of flour into a bowl.
2. Crack open the 8 eggs into a separate bowl and whisk well. Then, add a pinch of salt to flavour and keep whisking.
NONNA IGEA’S TIP: One of the eggs will be used as a measure. Try to crack it open from the very top, so it remains almost whole. Rinse it out with water, and this will be used to add the water to your crepe mixture.
3. Next, to make your crepe mixture, add a handful of flour at a time, and sprinkle it into your mixture while whisking it at the same time. Do this carefully to avoid lumps!
4. Now, add 8 “egg-fulls” of water to your mix, and keep whisking through really well.
5. Leave this crepe mixture in the fridge for approx. 5 minutes.
6. Now it’s time to cook the crepes! Get a small-medium size pan and place it on the stove at a low heat, add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to the pan, and using kitchen paper, wipe the excess off, making sure the pan has enough left on it so the mixture doesn’t stick!
7. Using a ladle, scoop up some of the crepe mixture, hold the fry pan in the other hand, then pour the mixture inside and quickly flick your wrist making the pan move in a circular motion to spread the mix around creating the form of a crepe.
8. Try not to have any holes in each crepe and remember, the more you make, the better you will get!
NONNA IGEA’S TIP: Don’t add too much crepe mixture to your pan as the crepes should be kept nice and thin. The more you practice, the better these will come!
9. After 10-20 seconds (depending on how hot the pan is), use a fork to gently scrape all around the each of the crepe, and if its cooked it will start to peel away, then once ready, flip it over and cook the other side.
10. The crepes will be ready on no time as they are very thin and your pan is hot! Once ready, prepare a tablecloth on top of your table/board and place them on top, next to one another covering them with a tea towel so they don’t dry up.
11. Get each crepe, one at a time, and sprinkle parmesan cheese over the top of one side – all over.
12. Now, roll it up gently, and nice and tight, before placing it into a large soup bowl (for serving).
13. Layer them tightly next to one another in one direction until the bottom is covered, and then the other direction, with a layer on top.
14. When you are ready to serve, take the chicken broth off the stove, and using a ladle, scoop out the broth in one hand and pour it into a sieve, over the top of the bowl of crepes, so that none of the vegetable pieces go into the soup.
15. Add another sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese to the bowl and enjoy while its nice and hot!

E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate…Enjoy!

Pasta al Limone

Pasta al limone is a quick and easy recipe that is refreshing and simple but the mix of lemon and mint will take your tastebuds on an Italian Summer holiday! Keep this delicate dish which comes from the south of Italy, for a mid-week treat; add some Italian music in the background to spoil someone special and surprise yourself with this flavour bomb!

Roasted Chicken with Potatoes

Roasted chicken: it sounds simple because it is! But there are a few tricks to getting this Sunday lunch of roasted chicken with oven crunchy potatoes absolutely perfect; so I asked my Nonna Igea to share her secrets so that you can taste the real flavours I grew up enjoying at her house with my family. Crispy skin roasted chicken with golden potatoes will absolutely warm your heart. Watch my recipe with Nonna now, make them ASAP, then share photos with me later as I would love to see you eating this with your whole family.


How to make ravioli like nonna. Ravioli are half-moon shaped pasta famous all over the world filled with ricotta and spinach. Learn how to make ravioli from scratch with my very own Nonna Igea who has been making them for over 60 years!

Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti carbonara – original and approved by Romans! Before we start, the number one rule is simple –REAL SPAGHETTI CARBONARA RECIPE IS MADE WITH EGGS, NOT CREAM!
Combine fresh eggs, with crispy guanciale, salty pecorino cheese and pepper to create the perfect, classic Roman pasta dish, Carbonara. In this video recipe, I tested out my traditional version with some locals from Rome and they loved it! Make this classic the right way and I promise, your tastebuds will thank you.


Porchetta is deliciously moist rolled pork belly, covered with a crisp, crunchy skin and seasoned with fresh green herbs giving it the most sensational flavour. It is traditionally slow cooked for several hours in a wood fire oven and my Dad, who has been making it for 20 years, is the master who will share his techniques! Not for the faint hearted, good porchetta does require some patience…but the end result is literally MELT-IN-YOUR-MOUTH ridiculously, great.

BEST Burger

For the best burger recipe on the planet, my trusty food truck operating duo from Norma’s Bar are revealing the secrets to their burgers which have hit viral status in Australia! Dwelling from Italy, but making a mean American style burger, Agnese and Massimo have perfected the smashed patty in a crispy milky bun, adding all the sweet and salty flavours you desire and creating the ultimate foodgasm style burger. And yes, it’s totally doable in your home kitchen!

Cast Iron Pizza

Cast iron pizza is crispy, golden and you’ll be surprised by how deeeelicious the taste is. This easy-to-make recipe, will get you addicted to making pizza at home, using your cast iron pan. Try it with a variety of toppings and wait for the crunch when you dig in. This version is a traditional margherita, using my pizza dough made with dry yeast. Stop drooling, start making.

Italian Food Explained

Share on Tumblr Italian Food Explained What makes Italian food, “Italian food”? It’s so important to recognize that it’s about SO MUCH more than pizza and pasta. More than anything, Italian food is about culture; an experience that immerses you entirely in history and therefore tradition and maybe most importantly, love. Furthermore, this is a …

Italian Fish Soup

Italian Fish soup with chickpeas is a flavoursome dish which can be served as a delicious antipasto – and made within less than 30 minutes. The fish is drowned in a light, yet rich tomato sauce and the combination of chickpeas provides the ideal mix of textures.

Seafood Eggplant Parmigiana

Seafood eggplant parmigiana. You heard it here first! All the makings of a deliciously bold parmigiana, but with seafood added to the soft, melt-in-your-mouth layers. This drool-worthy dish (sure to be controversial for some) defies the rule of not adding cheese to seafood….but trust me, once you try it, you will realise it’s a game changer. Proudly invented by my mamma e papa!

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash soup is a wholesome, delicious meal, and each family has their own version – now, here’s one with a twist! Join me along with Emmy nominated recording artist Alfio from NYC as we turn the traditional pumpkin soup recipe into an Italian inspired one – you might be surprised by some of our special ingredients!

Strawberry Cheesecake No Bake

STRAWBERRIES CHEESECAKE NO BAKE You won’t be able to resist this delicious no-bake dessert! It’s light and fluffy, with a crumbly chocolate biscuit base mixed with fresh strawberries. The flavours are just like a strawberry milkshake – only with a crunch!

Arrabbiata Sauce

Arrabbiata pasta sauce is a simple recipe for spicy tomato sauce that uses fresh ingredients right from the garden! It is bold in flavour thanks to the combination of chilli and peeled tomatoes with just the right amount of fresh parsley. Sprinkle it with pecorino cheese and you will have a healthy, delicious, vegetarian meal you can enjoy almost any time of the day. But BEWARE, Arrabbiata means “angry” because it’s traditionally enjoyed quite HOT.

Italian Meatballs

Italian meatballs are the ultimate comfort food, taking you right back to a special time in your childhood. This recipe was taught to me by my mum and it has been passed down to her from my Nonna so when I make it I feel right at home, no matter where I am in the world. Pork and veal mince along with a couple of my secret weapons, (dried herbs and moist bread!) really bring out the best in flavours and texture with this family favourite.

Spaghetti Vongole

Spaghetti Vongole. Taste the flavours of the sea on a plate with this simple spaghetti vongole recipe. The secret is in slow cooking these little shellfish until they create a beautiful broth which then coats each strand of spaghetti until it looks silky and tastes like perfection.

Vegetarian Lasagna

Vegetarian lasagna is an alternative to the traditional meat filled version and it’s still jam-packed with flavour! My version includes zucchini, capsicum, mushrooms, carrot and celery, but you can mix in your favourites…the real secret is in the sauce, which incorporates my traditional passata, with creamy ricotta, adding a whole new excitement factor for your tastebuds.

Polenta Abruzzo Style

Polenta Recipe is a hearty, classic Northern Italian dish. This polenta is my Nonna’s version, made using cornmeal only and topped with a hearty sausage ragu. This polenta recipe is bold and rich in flavour and was traditionally served spread onto the middle of the table so everyone could dig in and get their portion.

Italian Omelette Frittata

This Italian omelette is an absolute classic! Made with eggs, parmesan and parsley, you can use this as a base recipe then add a variety of ingredients such as zucchini, potatoes, asparagus and spinach, or you can just enjoy it as it is! This scrumptious delight, also known as a frittata, can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Focaccia Bread

Focaccia Bread is the authentic recipe which originates from Genoa. It has the perfect amount of crunch around the focaccia edges and the middle is soft and seriously divine. This Focaccia recipe is a delicious accompaniment for your main meal or can be enjoyed with an antipasto

Basil Pesto

Basil Pesto is the second most used sauce in the world, originating from a beautiful Italian city called Genoa. In this recipe, I’ll show you how simple it is to make pesto either by hand or in just a few minutes using a hand held blender.

Easy Tiramisu

Easy Tiramisu with a twist! This is a mouth-watering take on the traditional tiramisu which you can prepare in just 5 minutes and requires no eggs

Gnocchi + Cannelloni = Gnoccoloni

Share on Tumblr How to Make Gnocchi + Cannelloni = Gnoccoloni This pasta masterpiece is the marriage of gnocchi and cannelloni, aptly named GNOCCOLONI! Invented in 2018 by Italian-born (Australian) Masterchef contestant Gina Ottaway, they are widely sought after and utterly delicious! To create these mezzaluna-shaped morsels of pasta, Gina joined me in the kitchen …

Shrimp Pasta

Share on Tumblr How to Make Shrimp Pasta Thanks to Italian pasta geniuses Bella Italia, this dish has never been more mouthwatering. With their recipe, you can learn how to make this Chilli shrimp pasta Italian recipe that will make your pan dance and your tongue sing! The recipe features fresh porcini, zucchini, shrimp, and …

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom risotto is a traditional dish from Northern Italy that makes mouths water all over the world. But what are the tricks to making it perfect?


Panzerotti are a delicious Italian deep fried snack made from a special pizza-like dough and stuffed with a variety of fillings. These crispy morsels are stuffed with gooey mozzarella, freshly crushed tomatoes and capers. You will not be able to resist (or stop at one).

Pizza Dough

How to make pizza dough like a pro. Making pizza dough like a pro is a science. Take on the challenge of learning how to make pizza the authentic way as part of a week long festival, celebrating the best of the best in Italian food.

Pasta Sauce

Pasta Sauce Recipe. In this recipe I am re-creating my version of Bolognese sauce and I use some special ingredients to make my pasta sauce more delicious.

Mini Cake

Mini Cake also known as mini naked cakes are sexy, elegant and deeeelicious.

Beef Tenderloin

Beef tenderloin – known in Australia as Eye Fillet – is a delicious and tender special meat.
In this recipe I am going to show you how to cook the perfect beef tenderloin steak with a classy Italian twist.

Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini Fritter Recipe with Italian flavor, visit chef Vincenzo’s recipe blog to learn how to how to make the best Zucchini Recipe Ever, includes a video

Seafood Pasta

seafood pasta recipe was inspired by Rylstone Extra Virgin Olive oil and combines fresh ocean flavors of vongole, flat head and prawns with juicy cherry tomatoes and tender asparagus.

Arancini Rice Balls Ham and Cheese

Arancini Ham and Cheese are deliciously plump stuffed saffron rice balls filled with ham, provolone, mozzarella and deep fried.

Easy Shrimp Scampi with Cognac

Shrimp scampi with cognac is my dad’s creation and it’s an easy and quick seafood starter full of flavors. So, let’s see what we need to make shrimps scampi with cognac.

Homemade Gnocchi

Homemade Gnocchi are a favourite for so many pasta lovers and when hand made by Nonna they are even more irresistible! Learn how to make gnocchi from scratch – Calabrese style – with Nonna Maria teaching a few tricks on how to keep homemade gnocchi light and fluffy.

Salmon Recipe Ideas

Salmon Recipe Ideas. Light and delightful, these 2 salmon recipe ideas are delicious, easy, healthy and colourful. Which Salmon recipe do you like the most?

Italians Try Italian American Food For The First Time

Share on Tumblr This is the reaction when Italians Try Italian American Food For The First Time This video is so funny hahaha. You are watching Italians try American food for the first time.  This is what happens when you serve this type of Italian food to an Italian. Watch the video below to see …

Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette – also known as a tortilla¬ de patatas – is a signature egg dish which can be served warm or at room temperature and both are equally delicious.


Moussaka is a scrumptious signature Greek dish that brings the flavours and traditions of the Mediterranean to your plate. With crispy strips of eggplant mixed with layers of soft, rosemary infused potato, smothered with rich lamb sauce and creamy béchamel, this moussaka will make your tastebuds crave for more with every mouthful.


Share on Tumblr Special Paella with a Twist For generations, families have enjoyed the traditional Spanish rice dish, paella. However, what happens when a twist is added to the classic recipe? To answer that, I created an Italian-style paella dish inspired by my family in Venezuela. This infusion brings the salty and savory flavors of …

Neapolitan Pizza

Share on Tumblr How to Make Neapolitan Pizza This Neapolitan Pizza Dough can be used to make pizza bases, calzone and also different types of bread. Pizza was born in Naples and Neapolitan Pizza is the Queen of all pizzas. The dough must be kneaded by hand or with a very very low-speed mixer. I …


Gyoza with classic pork and cabbage are juicy and moist in the centre with a crisp and chewy wrapper. They are related to the Chinese dumplings but slightly more subtle in flavour and not as hard to make as you might think!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich is the answer to how an Italian enjoys a Grilled Cheese sandwich! Try out this twist on a family favourite and spoil your tastebuds with mozzarella oozing on top of Prosciutto di Parma, grilled sweet potatoes, grilled zucchini and asiago cheese between two fried slices of bread.

Chiacchiere di Carnevale

Chiacchiere di carnevale (also called Crostoli or Frappe) are Italian fried cookies known as Angel Wings thanks to their ribbon-like shape.


Kibbeh Recipe. Kibbeh is a traditional Lebanese recipe which combines mince and ground meat with the perfect combination of nuts and spices.

Mushroom Pasta

Share on Tumblr How to Make Mushroom Pasta with Italian Sausage Mushroom pasta mixed with sausage mince is a hearty dish full of rich flavours and country aromas. The intensity of porcini mushrooms will take you direct to Italy and when mixed with tasty sausage and a drizzle of truffle oil, no one will be …

Chinese Dumplings

Try something new with Jacqueline easy to make Chinese dumplings! Enjoy the flavours of Yum-Cha right from the comforts of your own home with the fresh flavours of pork and garlic chives. You will be surprised by how much better they are than your local Chinese restaurant!

Pizza Rolls Recipe

Share on Tumblr How to Make Pizza Rolls When it comes to satisfying your pizza cravings, there are many ways to indulge – from thin crusts to deep dish pies, from classic margherita toppings to exotic flavor combinations. These bite-sized treats are a great alternative to traditional pizza and can be enjoyed any time of …

Peppers and Eggs

Peppers and eggs (Pipindun e ova) is a classic 2-ingredient dish which can be served as a starter, lunch or even for breakfast! The flavours of fried peppers mixed with egg and the very best extra virgin olive oil enjoyed with crisp, homemade Italian bread, will transport you to a hearty meal in the Italian mountainside.

Fried Ravioli

Fried Ravoili are a traditional dessert recipe made at Christmas time by my Nonna. Fried Ravioli are tastier than you might think!

Italian Christmas Cake

Italian Christmas Cake that you have dreaming for. Ever tried to make a Christmas tree for dessert during the festive season? This is the no fuss, no bake Italian Christmas Cake recipe filled with creamy Italian custard and topped with fresh fruit.

Italian Cheese Plate

Share on Tumblr How to Make Italian Cheese Plate Take your next Italian Cheese Plate to an entirely new level with an irresistible selection of italian cheeses, heavenly prosciutto and a few delightful twists. This recipe is all about reinventing the traditional cheese platter just in time for Christmas with a few techniques that will …

Lasagna made by Nonna Igea

Lasagna Recipe Italian. No one does it quite like Nonna. This antique lasagna recipe is the ultimate pasta dish with a twist and it will change your life!


How to make Crepes at home. Thin, light basic crepe recipe which can be used to create a savoury or a sweet dish. This is Nonna’s homemade recipe

Salmon Pasta

Salmon Pasta recipe.Combine salmon with creamy cheese and let it melt on your palette –add pasta and a beach and it’ll taste as good as a holiday.


Share on Tumblr Tokyo | Top 10 Things to do in Tokyo Vibrant, stylish, well-organized, ancient and futuristic at the same time. This is Tokyo, a metropolis of 13 million people with an unexpected traditional side that makes it one of the most charming cities in the world. Tokyo is constantly changing and there are …

Layered Sponge Cake

Layered sponge cake recipe known as Pizza Dolce. How to prepare Layered Sponge Cake made with Almond mix, Chocolate and Italian Custard.

ABRUZZO TOURS | Italy Unexplored Tour

Share on Tumblr ABRUZZO TOURS | EXPLORE THE REAL ITALY Italy is nothing short of magical. In the midst of a holiday, many tourists often find themselves spending their time waiting in long lines and paying expensive entry fees – and dinner bills! What the real secret is to travelling through Italy and avoiding all …

The Foodfather | What if the GodFather was a Chef?

Share on Tumblr The Foodfather Imagine if the Godfather was a chef… Vincenzo’s Plate has re-invented the Godfather Opening Scene by injecting a new theme into the infamous first scene – FOOD! Furthermore, Vincenzo’s Plate puts a new spin on the real reason Bonasera seeks revenge for his daughter by playing Don Corleone, and it’s …

Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken cacciatore has been reinvented with my 5-star take on the classic favourite. With a combination of bold tomato sauce and luscious porcini mushrooms, this chicken dish is moist, flavourful, and finger-licking-fabulous.

Italian Lemon Cookies

Italian Lemon cookies are for those times when you want to bake something special without too much effort! Roll out these tangy lemon cookies in no time

Crispy Skin Salmon

Crispy skin salmon is a healthy seafood dish with a delicious pesto and crunchy mediterranean vegetable sauce.


LIMONCELLO is one of the most famous Italian liqueurs in the universe. Three ingredients make up my Nonna’s #family recipe and the flavour explodes like a #citrus circus in your mouth.

Spaghetti Vongole

Spaghetti vongole is a simple dish PACKED with flavour. Bursting with all of the colours of Italy, this seafood pasta combines juicy cherry tomatoes, parsley and garlic with one of the most flavoursome shellfish in the Adriatic sea

Tuna Pasta

Tuna pasta will bring the flavors of the Mediterranean Sea to your table with capers, juicy cherry tomatoes and a splash of sea salt. Tuna Pasta Recipe


Share on Tumblr PESCARA BEACH Today, my family and I had a delightful day at the beautiful Pescara beach. Where we enjoyed a fun-filled time riding a pedalo on the crystal clear waters and indulging in some freshly made pizza. Furthermore, we started our day by heading to the beach on my dad’s motorbike. Enjoying …

ABRUZZO ITALY | DAY 1 (Sooooo much going on)

Share on Tumblr ABRUZZO ITALY We left Sydney on Sunday the 19th of June at 10 am and arrived at Nonna’s House in Italy on Monday the 20th of June at 11.30 am, after a whirlwind journey spanning multiple countries and unforeseen car troubles. Furthermore, our adventures included a layover in Bangkok, navigating the bustling …

Braciole | Involtini di Carne

Braciole are a family favourite from southern Italy. Tender veal steak stuffed with salty prosciutto, cheese and fresh spinach, these braciole are the perfect main dish, accompanied with a bold tomato sauce.


AMATRICIANA Bucatini all’Amatriciana is a traditional Italian dish mixing salty guanciale with tangy Pecorino Romano cheese and scrumptious peeled tomatoes.

Dinner Party Ideas | How to Host a Dinner Party

Share on Tumblr DINNER PARTY IDEAS Dinner party hosting is one of my most favorite things to do in the world, no matter what country or city I’m in, I just love inviting people to share a meal with me. Cooking for friends, family (and sometimes strangers!) brings me so much HAPPINESS so can you …

Dinner Party Menu for Jacob’s Creek | Italian Recipes

Share on Tumblr DINNER PARTY MENU The Dinner Party Menu is extremely important and changes according to your guests. Moreover, Italian food is my specialty and at a recent dinner party I hosted I shared LOTS of my favourite homemade dinner recipes with some close family and foodie friends. Additionally, the special private dinner party …

Pasta alla Norma

Pasta alla Norma.This pasta combines the perfect balance of salty cheese and delicious eggplant to create an envious vegetarian explosion of flavours

Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e Pepe is not a drill. The REAL mac and cheese is unveiled in this cacio e pepe recipe which calls for lovers of cheese and very little effort.

Pancetta Pasta

Pancetta Pasta.This salty dish is an explosion of flavours. Pancetta and tomato sauce form the perfect pairing to smother and colour the pasta spirals.


Share on Tumblr Fake Italian Food You know what I hate? When Restaurants try to change the REAL DEAL. The world is made up of hundreds of cultures and with them come all different types of food. AUTHENTIC FOOD. So why try and change the flavours and call it the same thing? It’s not! Its …

Caprese Salad

Caprese Salad. Overhaul the traditional way to serve caprese salad and create delightful mini towers to add an element of surprise to this simple antipasto.

Spinach Ricotta Pie

Spinach and Ricotta Pie | This savoury spinach and ricotta pie mixes soft ricotta cheese with fresh baby spinach on a bed of crunchy puff pastry.

Baked Figs

Figs wrapped in salty prosciutto and stuffed with cheese then topped with honey are the perfect fusion of salty and sweet on your palette. Ready in 10 mins

Italian Style Fruit Salad

Italian Style Fruit Salad | Macedonia di Frutta is a refreshing, easy and delicious Italian Style Fruit Salad made with love and happiness. Fruit Salad

Tiramisu with Mango

Tiramisu with Mango.This is a real twist on Tiramisu Recipe. It’s a tropical inspired dessert packed with flavors that will make you drool.

Hot Cross Buns | Italian Way

Hot Cross Buns | Moist Italian Hot Cross buns with chocolate are so good they’re almost sinful…Try this twist on tradition for Easter

Prawns Pasta

Heavenly strands of tagliatelle pasta covered in fresh pistacchio pesto, mixed with prawns and finished with a lemony glazed zest. Get your mouth around this combination of nutty textures and seafood.

Vegetarian Pasta

Vegetarian Pasta Recipe | Rigatoni all’Ortolana.Experience the best VEGETARIAN PASTA Recipe you have ever seen in your life.

Pasta Broccoli and Ricotta

Pasta Broccoli. Spaghetti pasta lathered in creamy ricotta and mixed with fresh green broccoli.This pasta is a traditional recipe loved by my wife’s family

Apple Cider Hazelnut Cocktail

Share on Tumblr How to Make Apple Cider Hazelnut Cocktail Living in Australia during the hot, hot Summer means BBQ season. It’s such a popular time to go out with friends and family and enjoy good food and a drink or two with my favourite company. Along with delicious food, it’s pretty common to have …

Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta recipe is the perfect way to end a fantastic meal. Panna Cotta Topped with luscious strawberries and a zesty lemon base

Pizza Capricciosa

Pizza Capricciosa is an all-time favourite, crispy and delectable made with a twist! Watch the video recipe where I cook this pizza in an Aussie Barbecue

Cannoli with Pistachio Cream

Cannoli Recipe with homemade Pistacchio Cream | Cannoli filled with fresh, nutty pistachio cream are on a whole different level

Porchetta | Italian Family Feast

Share on Tumblr Porchetta Porchetta, a traditional Italian dish, is a true celebration of flavors and textures. This culinary masterpiece involves slow-roasting a whole pig, typically deboned and seasoned with aromatic herbs, spices, and garlic. Moreover, the result is a succulent and tender meat encased in a crispy, crackling skin. Additionally, this dish originated from …

Pappardelle Ragu

This slow cooked pappardelle with wild boar ragu will literally melt in your mouth. A family tradition, we enjoy the tender wild boar each and every year at my Great Grandparents old house in the mountain.

Baked Pasta

Baked Pasta with Broccoli and Sausage | A twist on tradition, this baked pasta is as cheesy as it should be but with a little more green and a lot more bite

Best Fast Food in the World

Share on Tumblr Best Fast Food in the World The thought of Fast Food makes me so angry! When good food is so easily accessible, why do people still eat junk? Let me introduce you to the beach front in Italy at 2am where you can eat some of the best street food in the …

Limoncello Cocktail

Limoncello cocktail Recipe. Vincenzo’s Plate takes us to the south of Italy, Calabria, where Aperitivo restaurant owner curated his original cocktail, Lambretta!

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe. You HAVE to try this variation!! It is the perfect mix of cheeses with a twist, pumpkin and white chocolate

Pumpkin Arancini

Pumpkin Arancini are delicious stuffed rice balls combining pumpkin and pancetta risotto with the principles of crisp and flavoursome arancini.

Pumpkin Risotto

This Pumpkin Risotto Recipe is creamy, light and with a scrumptious punch of pancetta, it’s a whole new take on the traditional version. Enjoy it

Spaghetti Meatball

Spaghetti Meatball but not the way you might know it! This is the #REALDEAL Spaghetti with MINI meatballs taught by the master in the kitchen, my Nonna

Spaghetti Alla Chitarra

Fresh pasta is at the heart of Italian cooking and this recipe for how to make a traditional type of Spaghetti, (known as “Maccheroni alla Chitarra”) will show you just how easy it is! With 2 ingredients, a pasta maker, and my Nonna’s experienced hands, making fresh pasta has never been so simple.

Chicken Schnitzel

Make chicken cutlets Nonna’s way! Meet my Nonna in her first ever video recipe as she teaches you the simple, original way to coat and cook up chicken cutlets. No one knows the little secrets like Nonna! Watch now to find them out and recreate this old age delight.

Seafood Pasta

Seafood Pasta recipe full of flavoursome seafood and will just melt in your mouth. This Seafood Spaghetti Carbonara is a very easy and delicious pasta.

Steamed Clams

This Steamed Clams (Vongole) recipe is bursting with flavours thanks to a colourful mix of cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley and a squeeze of lemon

Iced Coffee Cocktail

ICED COFFEE COCKTAIL | Sweet and Fabulous, the Caffe Shakerato – or Iced Coffe Cocktail – will have your tongues wagging. Enjoy this beautiful Italian Drink

Best Restaurant in Rome

Share on Tumblr Best Restaurant in Rome Our fantastic Roman adventure continued well into the afternoon when our guide for the day, Lucrezia (from Learn Italian with Lucrezia) revealed her FAVOURITE Roman trattoria – Trattoria Lilli, The Best restaurant in Rome. This authentically rustic spot which is hidden away from the hustle and bustle has …

Secret Rome Part 1

Share on Tumblr Secret Rome Watch the Vlog: Secret Rome with Lucrezia One of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations (and arguably the country’s most well recognised city), Rome, is one of my favourite places to visit. Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the ancient city each and every day, most to visit landmarks such …

Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble Recipe | Italian Recipe | No matter the season, apple crumble will warm your heart and every family has their own recipe.

Tripe Recipe Abruzzo Style

Savour the flavours of tender tripe cooked with fresh aromas and chopped tomatoes.This tripe has been prepared with my Mum as no one cooks it quite like her

Campari Prosecco Cocktail

An Italian classic, the Campari Prosecco cocktail may have just a few ingredients, but as one of the most well recognised aperitivo cocktails around the world

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio | A classic Italian dish, Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (e peperoncino!) is simple, healthy and sure to tickle your tastebuds.

Fried Mozzarella Balls

This fried cheese ball recipe will create bite sized bonanza’s! Fried cheese balls are the perfect amount of crunch, mixed with the perfect amount of gooey

Arrosticini Abruzzesi | Traditional Lamb Skewers from Abruzzo

Arrosticini Abruzzesi | It’s time to show you how to perfectly cook one of my favourite dishes: Arrosticini Abruzzesi. Traditional Lamb Skewers from Abruzzo


Arrosticini Recipe | How to make Arrosticini Abruzzesi | Part One of my Arrosticini series is all about how to prepare this traditional Abruzzese dish.

Burrata Salad

Burrata Salad is a delightfully creamy recipe which is simple to make and will please those who love a touch of sweet in their savoury dishes.Burrata Recipe

Spaghetti Bolognese

The Best Spaghetti Bolognese Ever | Spaghetti Bolognese is one of the most classic dishes which originated in the region of Emilia Romagna.

Americano Cocktail

The Americano is another cocktail with a rich history dating as far back as the 1800s. A lighter style drink, the Americano cocktail is sweet and has just enough punch to start off you next dinner party by tantalising the palette.

Italian Hot Dog | Sausage and Peppers Sandwich

Italian Hot Dog |This lip-smackingly divine Italian hot dog is made up of a thin Italian pork sausage smothered with grilled peppers & spicy pecorino cheese

Coconut Balls | Mum’s Recipe

Coconut Balls Recipe | If you want to make an impression but don’t have the time to bake a cake, roll out some of these delicious Ricotta and Coconut Balls. They are an absolute flavour BOMB and will be devoured in seconds by young and old alike. Perfect for Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day…or just because!

Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti carbonara is a traditional Roman pasta dish. It has taken on lots of different forms over the years, but I am going to teach you the traditional version I have been eating since I was a young boy. Using pig cheek, which is known as Guanciale, Ill help you recreate a salty al dente pasta that takes only a few minutes to prepare and will leave you begging for more – and never using cream in pasta again!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Mozzarella in Carrozza is the answer to how an Italian enjoys a Grilled Cheese Sandwich! Try out this twist on a family favourite and spoil your tastebuds with mozzarella oozing on top of Prosciutto di Parma between two fried slices of bread.

Italian Meatball

Italian Meatballs are part of the Bible of Italian food. They are one of those dishes you simply MUST learn how to make, and once you find a recipe you love, you will be making meatballs every chance you get.

Calypso Cocktail

Take yourself to a tropical inspired setting with this passion fruit infused Calypso Cocktail which is refreshing and will get your taste buds dancing

Anellini alla Pecorara

Anellini alla Pecorara | The vegetarian pasta sauce made up of juicy eggplant, capsicum, zucchini and tomato sauce is the perfect accompaniment


Arancini are deliciously plump stuffed rice balls filled with ragu, peas, mozzarella and deep fried. Arancini are originally from Sicily

Eggplant Parmigiana

Eggplant Parmigiana recipe is a scrumptious dish of layer upon layer of crisp, juicy eggplant mixed with rich Italian tomato sauce and filled with cheese.

Alberobello Trulli

Share on Tumblr How to Make Alberobello Trulli ALBEROBELLO is a small town situated in the region of Puglia (there is LOTS of delicious food there) which is basically located on the hill of the “boot”. It is like nothing I have ever seen before, almost like a fairytale! Alberobello Trulli | The Trulli of …

Panzanella Salad Recipe “My Way”

Panzanella Salad Recipe “My Way” This hearty version of Panzanella Salad combines juicy tomatoes and crusty bread with a cheesy Vincenzo’s Plate twist

Bread Dough

Let me take you step by step through the process of How to make Bread Dough just the way Nonna taught me – but with a Vincenzo’s Plate twist.

Penne Arrabbiata

Penne all’ arrabbiata is a mix of very few ingredients which combine together to make one dish that will surely heat things up in the kitchen! The translation of “Arrabiata” is angry, but there’s nothing that will upset you about this meal. Spice things up for someone you love and make a memorable dish with minimal effort

Bellini Cocktail

Serve a piece of history at your next dinner party with the sweet and fresh Bellini Cocktail first invented in Venice in the 1930’s. Watch the latest installment of Aperitivo with Vincenzo’s Plate and recreate this fruity specialty in your very own kitchen.


Cannoli Recipe is one of the most loved Italian sweet! Recreate my version of this Sicilian Cannoli using a mix of creamy ricotta and candied fruit

Bresaola Salad

Bresaola Salad Recipe | An Healthy Italian Tasty Salad This refreshing Bresaola Salad fuses together everything you love about an antipasto dish!

Grilled Tuna Steak

Delicate and light, this Grilled Tuna Steak recipe is not only healthy it is coated with a flavoursome tomato and capsicum sauce. In this episode, BBQ Aroma introduces the fish wire basket which makes grilling fish on charcoal simple and fast.

Pig Day with the Family | Vincenzo’s Plate Family Tradition

Share on Tumblr Pig Day In my first Vlog of 2015, I will showcase one of my family traditions known as Annual Family Pig Day. I couldn’t be there for it last year but when I go home in June, the best Prosciutto, Porchetta and Salami will be waiting for me. Captivate yourself with the …

Gnocchi Pesto and Sausages

Creamy Pesto Gnocchi with Italian Sausage is a marriage of the perfect flavors that will literally melt in your mouth. Fluffy potato dumpling pasta

Negroni Cocktail

Negroni Cocktail is one of the most famous Gin cocktails, the Negroni Cocktail is best served before a large meal and is refreshing and light on the palette

Nutella Cake

Nutella Strawberry Cake with Ricotta is a combination of two moist layers of chocolate sponge bursting with delicious ricotta and cinnamon cream, surrounded by Nutella topped with juicy strawberries. This is every bite as rich as a dessert should be…*drool*

Panettone Gelato

Panettone Ice Cream Cake Transform a traditional Italian Panettone into the most delicious panettone ice cream cake you have ever tasted. Fill the inside of the sweet, moist bread with your favourite gelato flavour and freeze just in time for the festive season. Impress family and friends using my favourite Panettone gelato recipe….Yuuuuuuuuuum

Tuna Pasta Salad

Tuna Pasta Salad is the easiest tuna pasta salad recipe you will find. A mix of fresh, crunchy vegetables with tuna and creamy mayo. Great for a picnic in the park or a light lunch on the go.


Lasagna Recipe Layers of melting cheese, veal & pork mince along with a velvety rich tomato sauce make up my favourite Lasagna recipe with porcini mushrooms

Mango Tiramisu | A Modern Italian Tiramisu

My Mango Tiramisu is light and fluffy and has the perfect balance of sweetness and chocolatey crunch…This is a special version made with Mango
If you don’t normally like Tiramisu, this will probably change your mind!

Pan di Stelle Tiramisu

Pan di Stelle Tiramisu Layers of sweet mascarpone mixed with delicious chocolate Pan di stelle biscuits make this rich tiramisu served in a martini glass…irresistible. My Pan di Stelle tiramisu, is crunchy, sweet and will impress any dessert lover.

Lemon Chicken | Italian Chicken Style

Lemon Chicken recipw Italian style is cooked up with a citrus twist and served on a bed of baby spinach. It is simple, fast and will melt in your mouth…

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz is the most popular cocktail in Italy, the Aperol Spritz, in the special series, Aperitivo with Vincenzo’s Plate

Slowly Cooked Lamb Shanks

Slowly Cooked Lamb Shanks Recipe My juicy slowly cooked lamb shanks are served with vegetables and smothered with a thick, rich, tomato base sauce.

Bistecca Fiorentina – Grilled T-Bone Steak

Grilled T-Bone Steak Florentine Style Tender and juicy, this thick cut of meat is full of flavour and best served medium rare with a light, crisp salad. Although it is big enough for two…you might be drooling enough to finish it on your own!

Not only a Celebrity Chef | Who is Vincenzo’s Plate

Share on Tumblr Not only a Celebrity Chef Hi Guys, Do you want to know more about who is Vincenzo’s Plate? Believe it or not, I am not your conventional professional chef—I proudly embrace the title of a self-taught cook. Furthermore, cooking has always been my passion, an art form that I’ve honed through countless …

Strawberry Crostata

Strawberry Crostata | Crostata di Marmellata is a Sweet, rich jam mixed with a thin, delicate pastry are a match made in my oven! Recreate my strawberry jam pie or create your own version using your favourite fruit jam. The perfect afternoon tea or light dessert after a hearty meal at dinner.

Italian Vegetable Beef Soup

Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe. A hearty, thick, Italian vegetable beef soup filled with a tonne of fresh vegetables. Minestrone Soup with meat is awesome

Tomato and Basil Pasta

Tomato and Basil Pasta | Pasta al Pomodoro Create the colours of Italy on a plate with this vegetarian tomato and basil pasta recipe

Cook Well, Eat Well

Share on Tumblr Cook Well, Eat Well At Cook Well- Eat Well, we understand the importance of cooking with love. If you call yourself a foodie you should also be an “I love to cook” person. Every day we eat and every meal needs to be special as if it is the last of your …

Italian Panini

Italian Panini Recipe | The Best Italian Sandwich Italian Panino takes some of the most delicious ingredients you will find at your local delicatessen

Lemon Tart

How to Make a Great Lemon Tart | Lemon Tart is a rich, delectable delight that will melt in your mouth. This lemon tart is quite simply, perfection.

Italian Countryside

I want to share my amazing experience at a place in Abruzzo called Ristoro Mucciante which basically means a refreshment stop and Mucciante is the surname of the owners. The translation of this is funny for me…because it is so much more than a refreshment. For me, this place is the ultimate dining experience…in the middle of the mountain!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Raspberry and Ice Cream Take yourself to a tropical paradise with this delicious smoothie made with heavenly fresh fruit

Italian Festival

Share on Tumblr Italian Festival Hi Food lovers, watch my first ever vlog featuring the Italian Festival. This is my first official VLOG…well, kind of! It’s a new way to interact with all of you. I love making videos and talking to all of you, so instead of writing blogs every week, I am going …

Italian Grilled Eggplant

Italian Grilled Eggplant Recipe is a great, starter or an alternative to a salad, with just enough balsamic adding a punch of flavour for your taste buds

Homemade Angus Beef Burger Recipe

Homemade Angus Beef Burger Recipe with mouth-watering prosciutto and a very special surprise ingredient

Sydney Winter VS Italian Summer

Share on Tumblr Italian Summer Hi Food lovers, This is a NEW blog and video post which I hope you will enjoy! It is the first episode of a mini series featuring delicious home made Italian recipes direct from my family home in Italy…! My family has many traditions but one of my favorite, which …

Growing up with Great Grandparents

Share on Tumblr Growing up with Great Grandparents On the Gran Sasso D’Italia, one of the highest mountains in Italy, there is a small village where my Great Grandparents were born in Villa Petto. They are the parents of my grandmother. Growing up with Great Grandparents means I was very lucky to have the opportunity …

Nutella Pizza

Nutella Pizza Recipe | How to Make Nutella and Banana Pizza This is not just a Nutella Pizza Recipe, this is a life experience

Fried Calzone

Fried calzone recipe with ham and mozzarella is the perfect pizza recipe to enjoy on a saturday night.Have fun cooking and eating this awesome fried calzone

Chocolate Frappe

Chocolate Frappe with Cookies and Ice Cream. If you want to be a child again, this divine, rich, Chocolate frappe recipe will make you feel just like one!

Zucchini Crepes

Zucchini Crepes Recipe | With Parmesan and Bechamel Crispy and golden Zucchini and Cheese filled crepes with Bechamel sauce. H-E-A-V-E-N!

Wedding In Italy | My Italian Wedding

Share on Tumblr Wedding In Italy This time last year I got married with the best wife in the world in the most wonderful romantic place in the world: Castello di Septe Mozzagrogna – Italy from the 1500a.c. I really want to share this spectacular experience with you, because this is a typical wedding in Italy, …

Grilled Sirloin Steak

Grilled Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Sauce & Asparagus. Tender sirloin grilled on charcoal smothered in a creamy olive & mushroom sauce served with crunchy grilled asparagus on the side.

Grilling with Charcoal Barbecue

Share on Tumblr Grilling on Charcoal Hi Food Lovers! I am very excited to present this Vincenzo’s Plate brand new series, “COOKING WITH CHARCOAL”, created with BBQ expert Nick Angelucci from BBQ Aroma. Did you know that grilling on charcoal makes the meat taste incredible? You don’t get the same flavour experience on any other …

Byron Bay I LOVE YOU

Share on Tumblr Byron Bay What can I say about Byron Bay? BYRON BAY I LOVE YOU!!! I have recently visited Byron Bay and if you don’t know what to expect from Byron Bay, read this and you will have your next holiday planned by Vincenzo’s Plate. When you arrive to Byron Bay you became …

Seafood Spaghetti

Seafood Spaghetti Recipe | Seafood Pasta Recipe This Seafood Spaghetti recipe is full of flavoursome Seafood and will just melt in your mouth

My first post | The Best Italian Food is Homemade!

Share on Tumblr Italian Food The Best Italian Food is Homemade! When I was in Italy my Saturday night dinners were in countryside restaurants around the Centre of Italy. I loved discovering new traditional dishes and fresh authentic meals from various villages. Every day, I was eating priceless unique meals that nowhere in the world …

Farro Seafood Salad

Farro Seafood Salad | Yummy Seafood Recipes An italian style nutty-grain mixed with delicious seafood and fresh herbs. Light, but FULL of flavour!

Homemade Veggie Bruschetta

Veggie Bruschetta is a rustic variety of toppings making your veggie bruschetta experience unique. Sauteed musrooms, melted cheese and a special capsicum mix. Yum!

Italian Grilled Zucchini

Italian Grilled Zucchini Deliciously fresh grilled zucchini with balsamic. The perfect substitute for a salad with the same healthy green crunch.

Creamy Lasagna

creamy lasagna recipe This takes the traditional Lasagna recipe and turns it WHITE! It is packed with cheese, vegetables, beef mince, and my bechamel sauce

Italian Sausage Casserole

Italian Sausage Casserole Recipe Juicy italian sausage with the perfect mix of potatoes and tomato sauce baked in the oven until they are crisp.

Cheese Pizza

5 Cheese Pizza with Porcini Mushrooms | Cheese Pizza My favourite pizza toppings, not 4 cheeses, but FIVE with porcini all on a freshly homemade pizza base

Basic Italian Tomato Sauce

How to Make Basic Italian Tomato Sauce
Authentic Italian Tomato sugo, just like my family makes. The most important ingredients are good passata and fresh BASIL. It will make your kitchen smell as good as it tastes.

Olive Bread

Olive Bread Recipe Add olives to the mix and turn a simple loaf of bread into an antipasto, served with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

Roasted Asparagus with Pancetta

Roasted Asparagus with Pancetta Salty, sweet heaven. Pancetta will get those tastebuds dancing while the asparagus and parmesan will melt in your mouth

Ravioli with Cream Porcini Mushrooms and Sausage

Ravioli with Cream Porcini Mushrooms and Sausage HEAVEN ON A PLATE. My homemade Ravioli covered with Cream porcini mushrooms and Italian sausage.

Homemade Ravioli Pasta from Scratch

How to Make Homemade Ravioli Pasta from Scratch Soft and tasty homemade ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta. So easy and fun to make

Tiramisu | The Best Tiramisu Ever

My Easy Tiramisu Recipe this tiramisu is light and fluffy and has the perfect balance of sweetness and chocolatey crunch with just enough coffee…If you don’t normally like Tiramisu for whatever reasons, this will probably change your mind! It’s my favourite!

Fennel and Orange Salad

This is a refreshing Fennel and Orange Salad is infused with chunks of citrus and splashes of sweet of balsamic. Refreshing Fennel and Orange Salad

Potato Bake

This Cheesy Potato Bake Recipe is a twist on the traditional potato bake, this dish mixes sweet and regular potatoes which are layered with fresh Italian mortadella and melted cheese.

Chocolate Ricotta Cake

Italian Chocolate Ricotta Cake Recipe is one of the most MOIST cakes you will ever eat! Chocolate and ricotta are like the perfect couple

Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes Frittata

Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes Frittata Recipe is light and full of bold colours and fresh flavours, this is an Italian-style omelette

Italian Sausage Pizza

Classic Mushroom and Italian Sausage Pizza Recipe mixed with mushrooms and a sprinkle of herbs on a freshly made pizza base – authentic and simply perfect

Pizza Dough

Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe Let me take you step by step through the process of How to make Pizza Dough, just the way Nonna taught me

Cannelloni with Spinach and Ricotta

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni Recipe | Nonna’s Recipe
Cannelloni made with fresh crepes are a lighter alternative to the traditional pasta (so you can eat more!). These are packed full of ricotta, spinach and plenty of parmesan then served with a rich tomato sauce and just the right amount of Bechamel.

Bean Dip

How to make Bean Dip
Thick and bursting with flavour, this bean dip made with beans and fresh leaves of basil and parsley can be served with crackers or toasted bread as an aperitivo or a snack, or you can pour a dollop on top of freshly bbq’d meat and your tastebuds will be dancing!

Vegetarian Rigatoni

Rigatoni with Eggplant, Zucchini, Black Olives and Pesto A vegetarian rigatoni dish with eggplant, zucchini, black olives smothered in pesto

Osso buco

Osso buco Recipe | Ossobuco with Beans Tender, juicy pieces of osso buco meat served with beans in a rich. mouthwatering Italian tomato sauce.

How to make Crepes

How to make Crepes | Basic Crepe Recipe Thin, light basic crepe recipe which can be used to create a savoury or a sweet dish.

Smoked Salmon Salad

A colourful Smoked Salmon Salad combining the crunch of black olives with the zest of fresh lemon juice. This is the perfect antipasto platter to start off a big seafood menu.

Strawberry Crumble Cake

Strawberry Crumble Cake
A crumble with a difference. This is a rich, flavoursome dessert for lovers of strawberry jam and crunchy pastry!