The Best Pizza in Naples

Where to Find the BEST PIZZA in Naples – A Full Review

If we could summarize eating pizza in Naples, we’d call it happiness. After all, with their fresh dough, variety of crisp toppings, and authentic cheeses, it is the so-called “pizza capital of the world”.

Foodies, especially pizza foodies, crave the experience of traveling to Naples and trying what could undoubtably be named as the best pizza they ever have had.

On almost every street corner you’ll find (but smell first) mouthwatering freshly made pizza that will have you wanting to change your plans and make it a one-way ticket.

In this episode, Vincenzo’s Plate is searching for the best pizza (ever) in Naples so we’re headed to one of the oldest pizzerias, Pizzeria Carmnella. Word on the street is that Carmnella’s has the best pizza in
Naples, Italy. Let’s find out.

Located on a little street surrounded by towering apartments with traditional balconies overlooking, you step inside Pizzeria Carmnella and see the pizza maestro in action (watch here) in their cozy, casual trattoria.

This is the best pizza in Naples

History of Pizzeria Carmnella in Naples

Carmnella, a true Neapolitan pizzeria and trattoria, was born as a simple winery in 1892 in Borgo Sant’Antonio Abate, a stone’s throw from Porta Capuana. It was founded by Mrs. Carmela Sorrentino, an indefatigable, enterprising woman full of passion. The success of the restaurant, meanwhile moved them to the Case Nuove district, not only quickly making her a successful business woman but also earned her the diploma of merit of the Chamber of Commerce for the 71 years of activity of the place. 

It was then in1963 a widow for the first time, the woman (then) in her second marriage, married Pasquale Russo and has a son by him: Gennaro. He, with his wife Rita, gave birth to Carmela who was always intent on working in the kitchen and the creator of monumental traditional dishes. In 1996, Carmela along with her husband Salvatore who was an exceptional pizza chef made a big change by transferring it to its current location and starting it as a pizzeria/trattoria. 

Today you’ll find their son, Vincenzo, at the counter who, animated by a genuine and inexhaustible enthusiasm for the art of making pizza, (with his wife Lucia) firmly maintains the reins of the family restaurant that already has four generations. Carmnellas is loved for being not only one of the oldest pizzerias in Naples, but a very special place serving a fantastic experience and an extensive pizza menu.

best pizza in naples

The Impression

You’ll be mesmerized with what you see. Watch it here. The way they handle the dough is awe inspiring – any pizza lover will be able to appreciate the beautiful style infused with tradition.True artists are found in Naples with Pizzeria Carmnella using the oldest rolling technique among Neapolitan pizza chefs, rolling with one hand…


Layer by layer, it’s not like any other pizza you’ll ever have. In Naples, you won’t find anything contemporary. Their philosophy is the more toppings the better! It’s just the way they do it here. But who can be mad about that?

One of the pizzas we tried was the “Filetto”. Bursting with the flavors of cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil (never baked). With this edition, there is no tomato sauce base, the fresh tomatoes act in its place. I can’t describe how much of a difference this base made…

best pizza napoletana


Starting with 100% flour makes all the difference. The tradition of not refrigerating the dough truly makes the end result magical. The crust is soft, full of air, fragrant, and nothing less than perfection. With Carmnella’s wood fired ovens, they serve up a technique that makes sure every edge is flawlessly cooked, never burnt and with the cheese seamlessly

When you check the pizza, the bottom is charred, but never fully black, a true sign of
craftmanship practiced.

The Experience

Fold the pizza. You won’t want any toppings to fall off for your first bite.

The freshness, the blend of the toppings, the layers that give a flavor change from point to crust, the fragrance of dough, it’s a “wow” experience that’s upheld in our minds as a piece of art.

The dough can handle any and all of the ingredients so no matter which style you choose, bite after bite, you’re in for a new flavor experience each time.

With the rush of pizzas evolving towards “innovation”, there are so many places where you can’t feel the flavor any more or have that authentic heaviness. Brands are twisting the pillars of Neapolitan pizza history with their weak flour, no heart, no passion, and no authentic leavening.

To experience true pizza craftmanship, you must try Pizzeria Carmnella. To watch our our pizza tour, go to my YouTube Channel.

best pizza in napoli

Our Review? Life Changing.

That’s what Pizzeria Carmnella will be. But don’t just take our word for it. With over 1,500 reviews, you’ll find locals raving over their creations calling the dough “among the best if not the best” and “wonderful pizza with an explosion of flavours, I think it’s one of the best pizzas in Naples.” Well, I agree.

best pizza in naples Vincenzo's Plate


Watch Best NEAPOLITAN PIZZA in Naples here


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