The Birthplace of Pizza Margherita in Naples

Where Does Pizza Margherita Come From?

If you’re looking for a piece of history to go with your Pizza Margherita, we’re about to serve.
Join us! It’s me (Vincenzo’s Plate) joined by Gigio Attanasio, Vincenzo Viscusi, Antonio Pascarella and Malati Di Pizza as we take a trip to Via Chiaia, one of the most culture-rich streets in Naples to find the original Pizza Margherita and learn about its backstory.
Via Chiaia is a historic city street that is one of the most famous in Naples. With many period-buildings and shops calling it home, it is one of the most sought-after areas to visit in the city. Gastronomic culture meets the tout court culture on Via Chiaia. This is the so-very-chic street for you if you are looking to find the most fashionable, opulent shopping experiences or want to take a walk through a gorgeous Neapolitan area, and of course, try an authentic Pizza Margherita from the place it was invented so many years ago.
pizza margherita birthplace

Pizzeria Brandi: The Birthplace of the Pizza Margherita in Naples

Nestled on the corner of Via Chiaia and Salita S. Anna di Palazzo and a 3-min walk from the breathtaking Piazza del Plebiscito, Pizzeria Brandi is famed all over the world for its tradition, exquisite food, and never-forgotten mark on history with the invention of the Pizza Margherita in June 1889. Check out our tour of Pizzeria Brandi here.

Still owned by the Brandi family and with over 250 years of history, “It’s older than the USA!” says co- owner, Eduardo Brandi, who runs the pizzeria with his brother Paolo.

History of the Pizza Margherita

What started as a meal meant to stretch as far as possible for the poor people of Naples, has been transformed into an icon loved by everyone in the entire world.

Pizzeria Brandi itself was born under the Bourbon Reforms in 1780. The rulers of TheHouse of Savoy(Italian: Casa Savoia) were in Naples for the rehabilitation of the city and Queen Margherita of Savoy wanted to taste the most well-known yet humble dishes in Naples to truly connect with the city and her people.

The Queen called upon the most well-known pizza chef who, at the time, was Raffaele Esposito, the husband of Maria Giovanna Brandi (spoiler) who owned the original Pizzeria Brandi restaurant. Raffaele gathered all the ingredients needed to make three pizzas. One with white lard, the famous Mastunicola, the second a classic marinara pizza with anchovies, and the third was one that Raffaele invented there – a pizza with the colors of the flag – white Mozzarella, red tomato, and green basil.

Queen Margherita absolutely loved this pizza and when she asked him what it was called, he answered, “If you allow, the Margherita, her majesty” and so it was!

best pizza margherita in Naples

Truth VS Myth Behind the Official Pizza Margherita History

This is the official story. It is certified by the document that the Brandi family owns that on June of 1889, Pizza Margherita was officially born. The document was released by the “Ufficio Di Bocca” of the royal House of Savoy certifying that the Queen liked the “Margherita” pizza made by Raffaele Esposito Brandi.

This document has been analyzed for authenticity at the circle laboratory near Caserta, a branch of the university Federico II of Naples, through radiocarbon dating verifying this document was indeed from the nineteenth century.

The Original Pizza Margherita in Naples

Pizzeria Brandi is known around the world for elevating Neapolitan pizza from a frugal meal to a real dish of national cuisine.
Being the original, Pizzeria Brandi has an important responsibility to say the least. Despite the peculiar period that 2022 is whether it’s unconventional dough or toppings, Brandi aims to stay true to Neapolitan pizza tradition without any funny inventions that might diminish its richly decorated history.
birthplace of pizza margherita

When in Naples – Pizzeria Brandi

In the words of Gigio Attanasio, this is an “iconic” place, and I couldn’t agree more. Their secret? We asked when we spoke with Eduardo, “Stick firmly to the norms and make with love and passion. You’re guaranteed good results.”
Making the dough every day, it goes through 12 hours of leavening and never more than that.
For Brandi, it comes down to a pizza science. They make sure not to use too much yeast and to let the dough rest in a specific place in their cellar that’s a controlled environment so its always the same temperature and degree of humidity. Crucial when rising pizza dough.
With two blazing hot ovens, they make a lot of pizzas is an understatement. Turning out 400 on a normal weekday, on the weekends they simply lose count as to how many are ordered. They’re that good.
After their toppings are added, it’s cooked for roughly 60 seconds at 450°C. The result is a pizza with beautifully high crust, perfectly melted cheese, moist dough, and a taste experience that Raffaele himself would absolutely approve of.
While traveling all throughout Naples trying to find the best pizzas, something you find is that they are all different. Though with similarities, they are still so incredibly unique fully taking on each individual pizzeria’s personality. Every, single, one is truly artisan infused.
authentic pizza margherita
When you find yourself in Naples and most likely eating pizza every day, make sure to visit Pizzeria Brandi. To watch the full tour and their pizza making process, click here.

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