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the best Porchetta recipe

Porchetta Recipe

How to make Porchetta like a World Champion You’ll have to hear the irresistible crunch to believe it. I paid a visit to the award-winning king of Porchetta, Raffaele Venditti of Venditti Food. To reveal the best Porchetta recipe and share just how they do in Italy.   In this video, Raffaele breaks down exactly …

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chicken bites cacciatore

Chicken Bites Cacciatore

You’ve probably heard of chicken cacciatora (or more likely you’ve seen it as “cacciatore”). But, what does it mean? Thought to have originated during the Italian Renaissance, it literally translates as “hunter’s chicken,” as wild herbs, plants, and mushrooms were tossed in the pan along with the catch of the day. It’s a typical recipe popular in Italian cooking and can be prepared in multiple ways. We love it because not only is it easy to prepare, it is full of flavor. Make sure to have your scarpetta, or bread slice, ready – you’re going to want to mop up every last drop!

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beef tenderloin

Beef Tenderloin

Beef tenderloin – known in Australia as Eye Fillet – is a delicious and tender special meat.
In this recipe I am going to show you how to cook the perfect beef tenderloin steak with a classy Italian twist.

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Bistecca Fiorentina – Grilled T-Bone Steak

Grilled T-Bone Steak Florentine Style Tender and juicy, this thick cut of meat is full of flavour and best served medium rare with a light, crisp salad. Although it is big enough for two…you might be drooling enough to finish it on your own!

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Italian Countryside

I want to share my amazing experience at a place in Abruzzo called Ristoro Mucciante which basically means a refreshment stop and Mucciante is the surname of the owners. The translation of this is funny for me…because it is so much more than a refreshment. For me, this place is the ultimate dining experience…in the middle of the mountain!

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Sydney Winter VS Italian Summer

Italian Summer Hi Food lovers, This is a NEW blog and video post which I hope you will enjoy! It is the first episode of a mini series featuring delicious home made Italian recipes direct from my family home in Italy…! My family has many traditions but one of my favorite, which we are proud …

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Grilling with Charcoal Barbecue

Grilling on Charcoal Hi Food Lovers! I am very excited to present this Vincenzo’s Plate brand new series, “COOKING WITH CHARCOAL”, created with BBQ expert Nick Angelucci from BBQ Aroma. Did you know that grilling on charcoal makes the meat taste incredible? You don’t get the same flavour experience on any other type of BBQ. …

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