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vegetarian carbonara

Vegetarian Carbonara

Vegetarian Carbonara Vegetarian Carbonara is the pasta dish I didn’t know I was missing. After an unprecedented number of requests, I have created the most delightful, creamy vegetarian carbonara dish and must admit, it’s sensational. With fried zucchini, pepper, and carbonara the flavor comes together beautifully. With a touch of garlic to give the dish …

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the best Porchetta recipe

Porchetta Recipe

How to make Porchetta like a World Champion You’ll have to hear the irresistible crunch to believe it. I paid a visit to award-winning king of Porchetta, Raffaele Venditti of Venditti Food, to reveal the best Porchetta recipe and share just how they do in Italy. In this video, Raffaele breaks down exactly what he …

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pizza margherita birthplace

The Birthplace of Pizza Margherita in Naples

Where Does Pizza Margherita Come From? If you’re looking for a piece of history to go with your Pizza Margherita, we’re about to serve. Join us! It’s me (Vincenzo’s Plate) joined by Gigio Attanasio, Vincenzo Viscusi, Antonio Pascarella and Malati Di Pizza as we take a trip to Via Chiaia, one of the most culture-rich …

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no knead neapolitan pizza dough

No Knead Neapolitan Pizza

How to Make Easy No Knead Neapolitan Pizza Dough with Dry Yeast This no-knead Neapolitan Pizza dough recipe will literally change your life. The recipe is made with dry yeast at home in any sort of oven and we think it might be even better than what the professionals make in Naples. Not only is …

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street food in Naples

The best street food in Naples

Where to Find the Best Street Food in Naples: Our 2022 Tour When I think street food, it’s definitely with complete excitement and happiness. When I think street food in Naples, Italy, I can hardly contain myself! Naples is known for mouthwatering flavors that bring thousands upon thousands of savory and sweet foodies to their …

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the best pizza napoletana in the world

The Best Pizza in The World

We Found the Best Pizza in the World in Italy Just 1 hour outside of Naples you will find the best pizza in the entire world. Finally, I got the chance to visit and I’m excited to share my experience with you. Franco Pepe – king of all pizza chefs invited and welcomed myself, Vincenzo’s …

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where to find the best fried pizza

The best Fried Pizza in Naples

Finding the Best Fried Pizza in Naples If you’ve been following for a while, it’s pretty likely you love Italian culture (and pizza). Not only that, you would also be familiar with the fact that cooking and all things related to the kitchen is the glue of the family and the heart of socialization. Italian …

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The Best Pizza In Naples

The Best Pizza in Naples

Where to Find the BEST PIZZA in Naples – A Full Review If we could summarize eating pizza in Naples, we’d call it happiness. After all, with their fresh dough, variety of crisp toppings, and authentic cheeses, it is the so-called “pizza capital of the world”. Foodies, especially pizza foodies, crave the experience of traveling …

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Best Lasagna Bolognese

Best Lasagna in Bologna, Italy

Ultimate Guide on Where to Find the Top 3 Best Lasagna in Bologna, Italy Lasagna. You’ve heard it before. It is one of the most iconic Italian dishes and famed worldwide. To this day it is nothing less than an Italian superstar of a dish. Lasagna can be likened to a baked casserole made with …

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Bologna street food Vincenzo's Plate

Eating Street food in Bologna

Eating Street Food in Bologna, Italy for 12 Hours Straight The street food in Bologna is anything but what you would expect. Fried tortellini are on the menu – need we say more? I joined Bolognese local Tina Prestia from Tina’s Table to tour the exceedingly flavorful streets of Bologna for a full 12 hours …

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