Italian Festival


Hi Food lovers,

This is my first official VLOG…well, kind of! It’s a new way to interact with all of you. I love making videos and talking to all of you, so instead of writing blogs every week, I am going to mix it up sometimes and do a “vide-blog”, which is also known as a VLOG to share with you! Get it? Let’s go!

Chef Vincenzo cooking an Italian seafood recipe on the beach

A really huge celebration which happens once a year in Italy at the hottest time in Summer. The Italian festival is called “Ferragosto”. For me, it’s always been the perfect excuse to get together with friends and family and enjoy a meal (sound familiar?!).

The perfect locations are normally the beachside, countryside or up in the mountains somewhere..!

So, while I was freezing in Sydney this Winter, my DAD enjoyed Ferragosto in Italy.

Click PLAY for the full VLOG here:

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