Cook Well, Eat Well


If you call yourself a foodie you should also be an “I love to cook” person.

Every day we eat and every meal needs to be special as if it is the last of your life! So every time you cook for yourself, your family or friends make sure you put 100% of PASSION into the saucepan.

Vincenzo holding food tray in the kitchen

Even when you make a simple dish such as bruschetta or spaghetti with tomato sauce, always find the best way to make the dish more exciting adding an unique ingredient that will take the dish to the next level. Make sure the ingredient is appropriate and to do so get ideas from

Vincenzo’s Plate video recipes!

vincenzo cooking food in a kitchen

No matter what the occasion is, always dress up the table (and YOURSELF), make sure you are surrounded by people you love and make your meal feel like a FEAST.

homemade Italian lunch and drinking Italian wine

I can’t wait for you to start cooking with me!

E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate

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