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Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce

Marinara Sauce

How to Make Marinara Sauce Like an Italian (Authentic Neapolitan Recipe) Marinara sauce, a classic staple also referred to as Neapolitan sauce, is the most popular sauce in the world. The sauce originates from Naples, as the name suggests, and although there is speculation about its roots in Sicily, what is undisputed is the comfort …

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Pasta alla Martina

Pappardelle alla Martina

Pappardelle Alla Martina Better than Stanley Tucci Pappardelle alla Martina (or pasta alla martina) is a light and flavorful dish with thick pappardelle pasta and sauteed fresh shrimp, vegetables, basil, and white wine. This dish became a viral sensation thanks to actor Stanley Tucci, who has a strong passion for Italy and Italian food that …

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Decoding Pasta Sauces

Decoding Pasta Sauces from the Supermarket

Decoding Pasta Sauces from the Supermarket: Your Ultimate Pasta Sauce Buying Guide Let’s embark on a flavorful journey through the world of pasta sauces! Today I’m decoding the most popular pasta sauces that you can get from the supermarket. Which ones are good and which are bad – no sugar coating here. I’m not holding …

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10 things not to do in italy

10 Things Not To Do in Italy

10 Things NOT TO DO in Italy When It Comes To Food! Italy is the land of culinary marvels, where each dish tells a story and every bite sings with tradition. Yet, beyond the Italian borders, the charm of Italian cuisine can sometimes get lost. This list? It’s your guide to enjoying Italian food at …

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Italian Winter Lunch Menu

Italian Winter Menu

ITALIAN WINTER MENU by Vincenzo’s Plate The warmth of tradition and the comfort of seasonal ingredients come together to create a culinary experience like no other with this Italian Winter Menu. This Italian Winter Menu captures the essence of the season with its hearty, flavorful, and comforting dishes. It’s a celebration of Italy’s rich culinary …

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How to Farm Saffron

Homemade Saffron

How to farm Saffron in Italy – Why Real Saffron is so expensive (The Red Gold) Every year, Italy’s sun-drenched fields carry the promise of saffron, a herb otherwise known as “red gold”. While today the ancient herb is painstakingly cultivated by dedicated farmers and it is famous for its quality and flavour, it was …

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Sicilian Dinner Menu

Sicilian Dinner Menu

SICILIAN DINNER MENU Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Italy, more precisely to Sicily? If the answer is yes, today I decided to share an all-Sicilian menu with you. I’m sure that many of you have already had the fortune to visit this wonderful Italian region, and that have left a piece of  heart …

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The Best Gelato in Rome

Best Gelato in Rome

BEST GELATO IN ROME Rome is known for its breathtaking landmarks and impressive history, but it’s impossible to overlook its culinary offerings. From pizza to pasta, Rome boasts an array of iconic dishes that have stood the test of time. But there’s one treat that has captured the hearts of locals and tourists alike: gelato. …

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The best street food in Rome

Best Street Food in Rome

STREET FOOD IN ROME  When it comes to Rome, there is a lot to offer in terms of beautiful experiences. It is a city steeped in rich history and culture, with unique landmarks, art, and architecture around every corner. But perhaps one of the most important experiences that Rome has to offer is its food. …

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The best cacio e pepe

Best Cacio e Pepe in Rome

Experiencing Rome’s Best Cacio e Pepe Cacio e pepe is a traditional Roman pasta dish that has gained worldwide popularity due to its simplicity and delciousness. Not to mention how much I talk about it! Cacio e pepe is beloved in Rome, much like the Colosseum! So there is no excuse for not tasting it …

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