Traditional tiramisu is the most beloved desserts worldwide (it’s a fact!). In Italy, many variations have been created to ensure it can be enjoyed even more often based around seasonality. This version is a delicious strawberry tiramisu which brings a light, fruity flavor to this popular Italian sweet. Think layers of Savoiardi biscuits dipped in homemade strawberry cream and covered in decadent lashings of mascarpone, sweet but light strawberry coulis, and white chocolate curls. Sound irresistible?

The result is a cake that is so moist and creamy; it dissolves in your mouth. You don’t even have to wait for a special occasion for this delicious treat but if you’re feeling festive, make it the centerpiece of your celebration!

Watch the Strawberry Tiramisù video recipe

How To Make STRAWBERRY TIRAMISUS like an Italian

tiramisu with strawberries


1250g/44oz fresh strawberries (1 kilo for cake, the rest for decoration)

1 packet Savoiardi biscuits

500g/17.6oz mascarpone cheese

5 free-range eggs

10 Tbsp white sugar

25 Tbsp water

1 block white chocolate

Bunch fresh mint


1 paring knife

4 large metal bowls
Medium pot

Wooden spoon

Immersion/Stick blender

Plastic wrap


Electric mixer


1 Pyrex pan/rectangle baking dish

Grating tool

Chopping board

Metal spatula (for serving)



  1. The first step in this decadent strawberry tiramisu recipe is to remove the stems from all strawberries before slicing them into quarters.

Vincenzo’s Plate Tip: Cut smaller pieces of strawberries to help the coulis and cream cook faster. 

  1. Cook the sliced strawberries in a pot on medium-high heat. After stirring with your wooden spoon, add half of the white sugar and 5 tablespoons of water to the pot before stirring again.
  2. Once the strawberries come to a low boil, add in 5 more tbs of water. Repeat until you have added another 20 tbsp of water (in total) until the juicy strawberries are “swimming” and covered in liquid.
  3. Check that the strawberries are nice and soft by pressing on them. Then, place your strainer in a deep bowl so you can pour the strawberries in and easily separate the juice.
  4. Add the soft strawberries back into the pot and blend them with an immersion blender until you have a smooth coulis.
  5. Move the strawberry coulis into a pitcher, cover with cling wrap, and add it to the fridge with the strawberry liquid. You’ll be using these in between layers of your strawberry tiramisu.
  6. Put a tall pot on the stove with a small amount of water on high heat. 
  7. Grab two large bowls (one for egg yolks and one for egg whites) and separate all five eggs. 
  8. Take your boiling water off the stove and place the bowl of yolks on top with the remaining sugar. Mix with an electric mixer for about one minute, then remove from heat. 

Vincenzo’s Plate Tip: Make sure to keep the eggs under 60C/140F, so they don’t turn into scrambled eggs.

  1. Blend at room temperature until you reach a thick, cream consistency making sure to scrape the edges of the bowl.
  2. It’s important to do the egg whites last so you can mix them immediately. Place the bowl on top of the hot pot and beat for one minute, then remove from heat and mix until you get a fluffy, foamy consistency.
  3. Add the mascarpone (aka Italian cream cheese) into the egg yolk mixture. Don’t forget to taste the extra bite of mascarpone on the spoon!
  4. Mix the yolks and mascarpone on low first, then switch to a faster speed until you have a thick, smooth cream. Scrape in the egg whites gently and fold using a spatula. 

To Assemble the Strawberry Tiramisu

  1. Add another 5 tablespoons of water into the strawberry juice and mix. Have your Savoiardi ready to dunk in the juice; dip them for about 2-3 seconds on each side.

Vincenzo’s Plate Tip: Keep a small bowl of water on the side to refill your juice if you get low while dipping the ladyfingers.

  1. Place each biscuit sugar side down into the pyrex pan until the bottom is covered. Press down on each biscuit; it’s okay if they slightly break.

Vincenzo’s Plate Tip: Don’t be afraid to add 5 more tablespoons of water into the juice if it gets thick, then mix.

  1. Add a layer of the mascarpone mixture, spreading it into each corner with a spatula. Then, spoon lines of strawberry mixture on top so each piece gets a generous amount, finishing with grated white chocolate.

Vincenzo’s Plate Tip: Get creative and use your favorite chocolate – milk, dark, white or maybe even dark with almond! 

  1. Repeat steps 2-3 for a second layer then cover with plastic wrap and leave the strawberry tiramisu in the fridge overnight (I know it’s hard!).
  2. The strawberry tiramisu is now set and ready to decorate. Remove the green section from the remaining strawberries and slice them thinly. 
  3. Try to line the strawberries up with the lines of coulis, though you can be as creative as you want with this part. 
  4. The final touch is adding mint leaves to the top before slicing along the strawberry lines.

How to make STRAWBERRY TIRAMISU like an Italian

italian tiramisu

tiramisu recipe

How To Serve:

Add a piece of the strawberry tiramisu to your plate (or two, we won’t tell!). This mouthwatering, moist, delicate cake has beautiful visible layers that you can see after you plate your slices. You may even want to add a light sprinkle of powdered sugar or extra chocolate shavings on top. 

strawberry italian tiramisu

E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate….Enjoy!

 strawberry tiramisu vincenzosplate

strawberry dessert

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