Eating Street food in Bologna

Eating Street Food in Bologna, Italy for 12 Hours Straight

The street food in Bologna is anything but what you would expect. Fried tortellini are on the menu – need we say more? I joined Bolognese local Tina Prestia from Tina’s Table to tour the exceedingly flavorful streets of Bologna for a full 12 hours to find the best street food we could devour.

eating street food in Bologna

Our first stop is Murtadela

Nestled in an absolutely charming neighborhood with tiny cafes and lovely terraces, really anyone could make Murtadela a stop. You’ll start off your experience with the feeling of a true Italian food vendor as you walk up to the street counter and order from the sidewalk.

Murtadela offers a creative, special cone with a truly authentic Italian combination. There are an array of flavour combinations you can try here. We went for the cone with thick pieces of mortadella nestled inside, then smothered with squacquerone cheese and crushed pistachio. Bologna is home to this cured pork meat (mortadella) and it is one of the most famous cold meats in the world! Unlike baloney in the USA, mortadella is a completely different experience and is so light and delicious. It is so much better and prepared with MANY dishes here in Bologna, but eating it this way seems like the perfect marriage of flavours!

Squacquerone (skwa-kweh-ROW-nay) is a tangy, fresh cream Italian cheese that you cannot get anywhere outside of Italy because it is too perishable. With the first bite, the cheese proves itself as a key flavour – the softness and tang are completely unique to this special cheese and with the tender mortadella squares it’s definitely a street food delight you should not go past!

You’re definitely going to want to forget about your diet entirely with this snack, but we promise it’s going to be worth every bite (and when eating street food in Bologna, you’ll probably go back for more combinations here – it is NOT to be missed)!

Best street food in Bologna

You won’t want to miss the street food at Tigellino

We didn’t have to explore the streets of Bologna very far to get to our next destination on our search for the best street food. Tigellino is next door and they specialise in mini sandwich delights made with a local delicacy: tigelle, also known as crescentine. When you look at them, they appear to be small english muffins…but their flavour provides so much more and there is no plastic packaging here! Their Tigelle starts with a little bread cooked on a griddle, then it’s filled with an array of cured meat options as well as cheeses too, or if you want something sweet even Nutella!

This Bologna street food café has a sandwich menu that’s quite extensive. With options like pesto (some made with lard), rosemary, basil, garlic, arugula parmesan, squacquerone, they do not hold back on flavor combinations. The bread is fresh, much more dense than a traditional loaf slice with a satisfactory crunch after being prepared.

Though little, there’s nothing small at all about this simply tasteful pleasure. You will not be bored with these combinations, and once you try it, you could possibly find inspiration for a daily favorite, we sure did!


Next stop is Piadina

Adventuring to our next stop, we’re headed right next door once more to find more amazing Bologna street food at Piadina.

We wanted to try both a classic and creative Piadina which is a flatbread filled with delicious ingredients and then folded and heated – normally to help melt the cheese. Their creations were hard to choose from! With thick or thin breads, as well as also offering vegetarian options, Piadina is exceptionally good for a classic street food which can be enjoyed by all! The beautiful combinations varied from refreshingly light to rich, rustic and even a little heavy but an experience that is all around just incredibly tasty no matter which you choose.

Bologna street food



The food you didn’t know you needed in your life: fried tortellini. Famous all over the world for quality, Eataly has a seemingly endless number of menu options but we started with one that is a little trickier to find elsewhere – and also a big conversation starter! Eataly takes locally loved and fresh tortellini then fries them to perfection. They are one of the most sought after (and to some) the best street food in Bologna. Despite being locally controversial for frying such a traditional food, it’s definitely a must try.

Once you get ahead of the line there is likely to be out front, it’ll be in the moment you’ve been waiting for. These little bites are small but utterly delectable and fun to eat. Though, some might prefer these dipped or coated in a sauce, allow yourself to savor the stand alone bites and enjoy the fillings on their own. Just WOW.

Street food in Bologna


When in Bologna…

You can find street food everywhere. But when in Bologna, you can’t not eat! From endless cheese options, to outstanding prosciutto, mortadella (and all salumi really), plus HANDMADE pasta, quality ingredients really sets the street food apart. Make Bologna a must-stop if you love hunting down great street food. You will not be disappointed!

Best Bologna street food

If you find yourself adventuring to Bolonga in search of amazing street food, you must try these places for yourself. Don’t miss out on the local markets where you can quite literally see the quality in the colors and scents of the food.

Bologna street food Vincenzo's Plate


Watch I Ate STREET FOOD in BOLOGNA Italy for 12 Hours


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