It’s the name on the box…Thank you Barilla!


Hi Italian Foodies,

Welcome to the latest Vincenzo’s Plate blog post!

I was lucky enough to recently receive a delicious goodie bag from Barilla Australia and I want to share with you my excitement!

Barilla food products displayed on a table

After Barilla contacted me asking if they could deliver some delicious Barilla products to me and my answer was “OF COURSE, YES PLEASE!” just a few days later my fist Barilla goodie bag was on my table and all I could think of was, “What am I cooking first?”

The bag had lots of great Italian ingredients inside, including my favourite jar of Pesto Genovese, different types of dry pasta, a nice Barilla apron and…my most favourite biscuits in the WHOLE WORLD: Mulino Bianco – Pan di Stelle!!! I have been eating these biscuits since I was a child growing up in Italy, and every time I go back, my mum stocks the cupboard with kilos and kilos of them for me to enjoy! In English, “Pan di stelle”, means “Bread of stars”!

I was so confused of what to cook first and it was starting to make me hungry, so I opened the packet of biscuits and I ate them ALL!!! My stomach was so happy and helped me to decide what to cook.

Barilla pasta ingredients on a kitchen table

 I ended up using the Barilla Orechiette Pugliesi and cooked  them with the Barilla Genovese pesto, adding some fresh  eggplant and juicy cherry tomatoes for the sauce. While it  was still yummy and hot, I sprinkled freshly grated parmesan cheese all over the top and waited until it  started to melt before I gobbled a big serve.

My wife really enjoyed the dish too because eggplant is her favourite vegetable of all time (and even  though Ill get in trouble for telling you, she ended up licking the wooden spoon clean because she loves  pesto even more than me!)

Barilla orecchiette pasta recipe

Write a comment below if you would like me to recreate this dish for one of my video recipes on You Tube!

I would really like to thank Barilla Australia from the bottom of my heart for giving me these delicious  goodies to share with you all. 

What is your favourite Barilla product? Write a comment below and let me  know!

Thanks for reading and see you in the next Vincenzo’s Plate video recipe and blog post, coming soon.

E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate! 

PS: I got into trouble from my wife for eating all the Pan di Stelle biscuits in one go…OOPS!

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