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Limoncello made by Nonna

Crema di Limoncello

Crema di Limoncello Limoncello di crema is a sweet version of the limoncello digestive prepared with milk! If you adore lemon desserts this one is for you. Best kept in the freezer it is easy to prepare and refreshing to drink either after your meal or to accompany dessert. My Nonna’s Limoncello recipe is one …

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limoncello recipe


LIMONCELLO is one of the most famous Italian liqueurs in the universe. Three ingredients make up my Nonna’s #family recipe and the flavour explodes like a #citrus circus in your mouth.

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apple cider cocktail rochdale

Apple Cider Hazelnut Cocktail

How to Make Apple Cider Hazelnut Cocktail Living in Australia during the hot, hot Summer means BBQ season. It’s such a popular time to go out with friends and family and enjoy good food and a drink or two with my favourite company. Along with delicious food, it’s pretty common to have a beer with …

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Limoncello Cocktail

Limoncello cocktail Recipe. Vincenzo’s Plate takes us to the south of Italy, Calabria, where Aperitivo restaurant owner curated his original cocktail, Lambretta!

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iced coffee cocktail

Iced Coffee Cocktail

ICED COFFEE COCKTAIL | Sweet and Fabulous, the Caffe Shakerato – or Iced Coffe Cocktail – will have your tongues wagging. Enjoy this beautiful Italian Drink

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campari prosecco

Campari Prosecco Cocktail

An Italian classic, the Campari Prosecco cocktail may have just a few ingredients, but as one of the most well recognised aperitivo cocktails around the world

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americano cocktail

Americano Cocktail

The Americano is another cocktail with a rich history dating as far back as the 1800s. A lighter style drink, the Americano cocktail is sweet and has just enough punch to start off you next dinner party by tantalising the palette.

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calypso cocktail

Calypso Cocktail

Take yourself to a tropical inspired setting with this passion fruit infused Calypso Cocktail which is refreshing and will get your taste buds dancing

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Bellini Cocktail

Serve a piece of history at your next dinner party with the sweet and fresh Bellini Cocktail first invented in Venice in the 1930’s. Watch the latest installment of Aperitivo with Vincenzo’s Plate and recreate this fruity specialty in your very own kitchen.

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Negroni Cocktail

Negroni Cocktail is one of the most famous Gin cocktails, the Negroni Cocktail is best served before a large meal and is refreshing and light on the palette

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