How to make Italian Wine

How To Make Wine Like Farmers in Italy

The ancient craft of winemaking has been honed over ages in Italy’s rolling hills and gorgeous vineyards. Under the warm Mediterranean skies, where Italian farmers have a deep-seated passion for wine, a mesmerising tale comes to life. We explore the heart of Italian winemaking heritage, where each bottle is profoundly a monument to history, culture, and family rather than simply a product.

Italian wine is renowned around the world. The stories associated with these wines, however, are what truly define them. You’ll embark on an adventure in Italy’s countryside, where families have been growing grapes and making wine for centuries. You’ll discover the commitment, expertise and love of these individuals.

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How to Make HOMEMADE WINE Like Farmers in Italy

Wine in Italy

How to Serve Italian Wine

To serve Italian wine, select the proper glass, add air to the wine, serve it at the right temperature, and pair it with the appropriate dish. Swirl your wine in the glass before pouring it to release the aromas and flavours. Italian wines go well with everything from pasta and pizza to grilled meats and seafood. Select a wine that enhances the flavours of your dish. Enjoy!

Italian WineThe Process of Making Italian Wine

In the heart of Italy, where the sun kisses the land and the vines dance in the breeze, a magical transformation takes place. Our dear friend Donatella will walk us through the process of making traditional Itaian wine. From humble grapes, the nectar of the gods is born.

These are the fundamental steps:

The traditional process of making Italian wine begins with the harvest. In the fall, when the grapes are ripe and juicy, the farmers hand-pick and carefully transport them to the winery.

How to make Italian Wine

Once at the winery, the grapes are placed in the tank, sorted and destemmed. The stems are removed, salt separated, and only the grapes are used to make the wine.

How to make Wine in Italy

Outside, members of our family are cleaning the barrels with hot water and salt. Carefully swirling from one end to the other.

The grapes will rest in the tank for 3 or 4 days then the wine goes directly into the barrel. On a separate barrel, we put the juice in it; where it will finish fermenting and become wine. which is a process that converts the sugar in the grapes into alcohol.

Afterwards, the remaining skins of the grapes go to the Torchio, a press machine, that will crush and press them to extract every drop of juice.

During fermentation, the winemaker carefully monitors the temperature and other conditions to ensure that the wine develops perfectly.

In Spring, after 3 or 4 months we are ready to taste it. 

So next time you enjoy a glass of Italian wine, take a moment to appreciate the magic that went into its creation. From the humble grape to the finished product, Italian wine is a testament to the art of winemaking.

wine making process

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