The best street food in Naples

Where to Find the Best Street Food in Naples: Our 2022 Tour

When I think street food, it’s definitely with complete excitement and happiness. When I think street food in Naples, Italy, I can hardly contain myself! Naples is known for mouthwatering flavors that bring thousands upon thousands of savory and sweet foodies to their local street vendors, packing shops and proving without words that it’s worth standing in any line for.

Myself, Vincenzo’s Plate and Gigio Attanasio are spending a full day together exploring the city and trying local dishes. From breakfast all the way to dinner (and with a lot of snacking and taste testing in between), we’re going to give you a full review on the foods we tried and where we got them so if you ever find yourself on a walk through the city of Naples, you know exactly where to stop with our itinerary for the best street food in Naples (ever).

 best street food in Naples Vincenzo's Plate

Sweet Breakfast with Sfogliatelle

This treat is not for the salty breakfast lover. Sfogliatelle   is an iconic Neapolitan dessert that’s fun, satisfying, delicious, and served warm. Multiple layers of thin, artisan perfected dough are baked up gorgeously golden and crisp. We started with the classic and crunchy Sfogliatelle as well as the soft Sfogliatelle both served at Pintauro, a bakery crafting traditional Italian treats and regional specialties. We ended our experience here with Babà Napoletano, a spongey cake immersed with rum and caramel. This cake is super moist and full of flavor (so good, I think it should be served at every bakery across the world – it also happens to be a favourite dessert of mine).

Pintauro, which is a 4-min walk from Teatro di San Carlo, is a must try when in Naples.

street food in Naples

Mandatory Coffee Break

Don Café Street Art Coffee is the first itinerant café in Italy. Don Cafè was born from the idea of transforming a passion filled dream into reality, preparing coffee in the classic Neapolitan coffee maker: the Cuccumella. For them, coffee is above all love. Serving a cup of coffee with a very unique flavor, it starts bitter as the sugar lays at the bottom but as you drink, you’ll slowly be exposed to hints of sweetness.

When in Naples, be sure to visit Don Cafè. For an exclusive look at the experience, be sure to visit our
YouTube channel here.

You Must Stop for Ragu pockets, “Cuzzetiello”

Tandem offers rich, authentic ragù sauce in a low-key trattoria with sidewalk tables. We had to try the Cuzzetiello, which is half a loaf of bread stuffed with delicious ragu (different from Bolognese).

VisitNaples calls Cuzzetiello a way of life as it is a true Neapolitan food and unavoidable on Neapolitan tables especially on Sundays for lunch. We can taste why. In short, it’s exceptionally tasty and flavor is not lacking!

If you need an incredibly good lunch when you’re walking around Naples, make Tandem a stop and try their Cuzzetiello.
eating street food in Naples

Buffalo but Make It Neapolitan

Cremeria Prete is a classic, old school Neapolitan grocery store. Small but utterly packed floor to ceiling with quality, authentic, traditionally loved items.
We stopped here for their Buffalo Mozzarella and this little store owned for more than 50 years is serving up a to-go dish made with 80% Buffalo milk from Campania, layered with Burrata cheese, topped with olive oil and pepper, and served with slices of bread. No hot sauce here but hardly lacking in flavor. It’s a must have when you’re looking for something incredibly good to eat in Naples. Definitely make Cremeria Prete a stop.
best street food in Naples

Another Must Try Snack in Naples

Next up is Leopoldo Infante. This dessert shop features Taralli, a dry but super rich, savory, or sweet cookie so good you’ll be glad they have almost endless flavors to choose from.
The origins of Taralli date back to 1600 when to make use of any leftover bread dough, they were mixed with “’nzogna” , that is, pork lard, and pepper. Then they were enriched in the 19th century with almonds and became the favorite snack of the Neapolitans. 
With a small balcony outside where you can enjoy their great coffee and treats, don’t miss out on the delicious food at Leopoldo Infante in Naples.

eating the best street food in Naples
Trying the Street Food in Naples

It’s nothing less than a mind blowing experience. Our entire day walking through the city brought flavors and textures that you truly can’t get anywhere in the world.
Neapolitan fried fish, fried pizza (another Naples edition), folded pizza, fried and stuffed pasta, these are a few more of the stops we made that you have to see on our food tour. To see the complete list of shops, watch it here.
Neapolitan street food
Where to eat the best street food in Naples

We came, we saw, we ate, we experienced streets full of life, smells, vendors, music. When in Naples, make a day full of eating street food part of the itinerary, but leave the diet at home.

To watch our full Naples street food tour, click here.

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Tempted? Watch the video below and enjoy the sightseeing of the greenest region in Europe

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