ITALIAN FOOD EXPLAINED | What is Italian Cuisine

What makes Italian food, “Italian food”? Its so important to recognise that its about SO MUCH more than pizza and pasta. More than anything, Italian food is about culture; an experience which immerses you entirely in history and therefore tradition and maybe most importantly, love.

This is a candid vlog, where I talk you through the importance of understanding how different Italian food is across each region and even more so, across every small town.ย  It is always part of a larger story, and will be sure to make for lasting memories. When you visit Italy, try to steer away from the tourist traps and stereotypical dishes. Find a local, talk to a bus driver even, and you’ll uncover the authenticity you’ve always craved and it will open your eyes to the Italy everyone should know and love.

Dishes which have been in families for generations, restaurants that are like institutions, a second home to the locals and of course FLAVOURS like you’ve probably only ever dreamed of.

Go on, I dare you, enjoy Italy the RIGHT way. Don’t be a tourist, be a local and it will open you up to a whole new world.

What are your favourite Italian recipes? Below some of my top 5 favourite Italian dishes

  1. SPAGHETTI VONGOLE (Click here to get the recipe)

spaghetti vongole

2. TIMBALLO TERAMANO known as Lasagne with Crepes (Click here to get the recipe)

lasagna recipe

3. ARANCINI BOLOGNESE (Click here to get the recipe)


4. PAPPARDELLE with WILD BOAR RAGU (Click here to get the recipe)

pappardelle cinghiale

5.ย  EGGPLANT PARMIGIANA (Click here to get the recipe)

seafood eggplant parmigiana


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