tiramisu in a glass


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Easy Tiramisu with a twist! This is a mouth-watering take on the traditional tiramisu which you can prepare in just 5 minutes and requires no eggs! It’s super sweet and looks pretty sexy so just perfect for the holiday season or your next dinner date! Use my all-time favourite chocolate biscuits and decadent Nutella to make this an unforgettable easy tiramisu in no time.

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EASY TIRAMISU IN A GLASS | How to make a beautiful tiramisu in 5 minutes

tiramisu in a glass

250g mascarpone
150gr ricotta
Vanilla essence
2 x tablespoons sugar
2 x large cups of weak espresso coffee (chilled)
1 x pack Pan di Stelle chocolate biscuits
Small piping bag with nutella
Small piece of dark chocolate

1 x medium size mixing bowl
1 x hand mixer
1 x spatula
2 x special glasses

1. To make this easy tiramisu, add the mascarpone to your mixing bowl and mix well using a hand mixer.
2. Add the ricotta and whip it through using a spatula, then mix through a touch of vanilla essence and 2 tablespoons of sugar. Mix quickly using the hand mixer until you get a creamy consistency.

VINCENZO’S TIP: The flavour of this tiramisu cream is all about your tastebuds. Try it to see if its sweet enough and if not, add extra vanilla or sugar.

3. Get your special glasses to serve the tiramisu and make sure your coffee is nicely chilled.
4. Dip the Pan di Stelle biscuits, one at a time into the coffee for no more than one second, then place it in the bottom of the glass.
5. Add 2 tablespoons of the mascarpone cream to the top of the biscuit, patting it down gently with a spoon, then squeeze a thick layer of Nutella over the top.
6. Grate some dark chocolate over the top of the Nutella then repeat steps 4 and 5, adding 2 biscuits at a time, until you get the desired height.
7. On the final layer of your tiramisu, add the cream only to the top of the biscuits and then grate the chocolate on top.

sexy tiramisu


1. Serve the tiramisu as it is right after you make it. Just have your cream prepared and you can assemble on the spot. If you need to make it before your guests arrive, leave it to chill in the fridge, then take it out 20 minutes before serving to make sure the Nutella has time to soften.

tiramisu recipe

E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate…Enjoy!

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tiramisu in a glass

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