CHIETI | Italian Wedding Anniversary in Roman Cistern

CHIETI The city of Chieti is a wonderful Italian town situated in the region of Abruzzo and you can breathe history and culture in every corner of the city. A BIG THANK YOU goes to Francesca from Hidden Italy Tours for organizing this romantic weekend for us. Make sure you book your next Italian holiday …

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pescara beach


PESCARA BEACH Today we enjoyed the day in Pescara beach riding a pedalo and making fresh pizza. Went to the beach with dad’s motorbike and went back home with mum’s fiat 500…Enjoy the ride Watch the video: SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL (ITโ€™S FREEEEEE ๐Ÿ˜‰ Italian Tours with Chef Vincenzo Vincenzoโ€™s Plate is a You …

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ABRUZZO ITALY | DAY 1 (Sooooo much going on)

ABRUZZO ITALY We left Sydney on Sunday the 19th of June at 10am and arrived at Nonna’s House in Italy on Monday the 20th of June at 11.30am. Between these 2 days we visited Bangkok, arrived to Rome, had some car dramas and finished with a big lunch at nonna’s house… BANGKOK | ARRIVAL IN …

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dinner party

Dinner Party Ideas | How to Host a Dinner Party

DINNER PARTY IDEAS Dinner party hosting is one of my most favorite things to do in the world, no matter what country or city I’m in, I just love inviting people to share a meal with me. Cooking for friends, family (and sometimes strangers!) brings me so much HAPPINESS so can you imagine how I …

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dinner party menu

Dinner Party Menu for Jacob’s Creek | Italian Recipes

DINNER PARTY MENU The Dinner Party Menu is extremely important and changes according to your guests. Italian food is my specialty and at a recent dinner party I hosted I shared LOTS of my favourite homemade dinner recipes with some close family and foodie friends. The special private dinner party was held on behalf of …

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kitchen design


KITCHEN DESIGN Suzanne and I have been renovating our Sydney home in the last 6months and the kitchen design was one of the most exciting part. Designing a new kitchen needs time and the best way to use your space properly is to play with the original kitchen area and find the problems. Once you …

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fake italian food


FAKE ITALIAN FOOD You know what I hate? When Restaurants try to change the REAL DEAL. The world is made up of hundreds of cultures and with them come all different types of food. AUTHENTIC FOOD. So why try and change the flavours and call it the same thing? It’s not! Its FAKE! Check out …

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apple cider cocktail rochdale

Apple Cider Hazelnut Cocktail Recipe

APPLE CIDER COCKTAIL Living in Australia during the hot, hot Summer means BBQ season. It’s such a popular time to go out with friends and family and enjoy good food and a drink or two with my favourite company. Along with delicious food, it’s pretty common to have a beer with friends and recently I’ve …

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PORCHETTA | Italian Family Feast

Come and enjoy an authentic Italian feast with my family at my great grandparents house in the mountains and watch the true spectacle unfold – slow cooked HOMEMADE PORCHETTA roasted in our woodfire oven. It doesn’t get any better than this. Watch video: Porchetta | slow cooked HOMEMADE PORCHETTA roasted in our woodfire oven E …

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Did you win one of my Aprons?

WINNERS Are you a winner?! Recently I asked all of you to subscribe to my mailing list for the chance to win one of my famous aprons! I get requests for these ALLLLLLL the time so I thought it would be a great opportunity to GIVE BACK! Is your name on the list below? AND …

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