dinner party menu

Dinner Party Menu for Jacob’s Creek | Italian Recipes

DINNER PARTY MENU The Dinner Party Menu is extremely important and changes according to your guests. Italian food is my specialty and at a recent dinner party I hosted I shared LOTS of my favourite homemade dinner recipes with some close family and foodie friends. The special private dinner party was held on behalf of …

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kitchen design


KITCHEN DESIGN Suzanne and I have been renovating our Sydney home in the last 6months and the kitchen design was one of the most exciting part. Designing a new kitchen needs time and the best way to use your space properly is to play with the original kitchen area and find the problems. Once you …

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fake italian food


FAKE ITALIAN FOOD You know what I hate? When Restaurants try to change the REAL DEAL. The world is made up of hundreds of cultures and with them come all different types of food. AUTHENTIC FOOD. So why try and change the flavours and call it the same thing? It’s not! Its FAKE! Check out …

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apple cider cocktail rochdale

Apple Cider Hazelnut Cocktail Recipe

APPLE CIDER COCKTAIL Living in Australia during the hot, hot Summer means BBQ season. It’s such a popular time to go out with friends and family and enjoy good food and a drink or two with my favourite company. Along with delicious food, it’s pretty common to have a beer with friends and recently I’ve …

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PORCHETTA | Italian Family Feast

Come and enjoy an authentic Italian feast with my family at my great grandparents house in the mountains and watch the true spectacle unfold – slow cooked HOMEMADE PORCHETTA roasted in our woodfire oven. It doesn’t get any better than this. Watch video: Porchetta | slow cooked HOMEMADE PORCHETTA roasted in our woodfire oven E …

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Did you win one of my Aprons?

WINNERS Are you a winner?! Recently I asked all of you to subscribe to my mailing list for the chance to win one of my famous aprons! I get requests for these ALLLLLLL the time so I thought it would be a great opportunity to GIVE BACK! Is your name on the list below? AND …

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best fast food in the world

Best Fast Food in the World

BEST FAST FOOD IN THE WORLD The thought of Fast Food makes me so angry! When good food is so easily accessible, why do people still eat junk? Let me introduce you to the beach front in Italy at 2am where you can eat some of the best street food in the world – for …

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nescafe commercial

Nescafe Commercial with Ricky Martin

NESCAFE COMMERCIAL MY TV COMMERCIAL WITH RICKY MARTIN Check out my amazing experience with the incredible and yet humble superstar #RickyMartin I was sooooo lucky to have had the opportunity to work alongside him for a new #Nescafe #TV commercial…even if I didn’t have the courage to ask for a photo! Check out the Nescafe …

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The best restaurant in Rome

Best Restaurant in Rome

BEST RESTAURANT IN ROME Our fantastic Roman adventure continued well into the afternoon when our guide for the day, Lucrezia (from Learn Italian with Lucrezia) revealed her FAVOURITE Roman trattoria – Trattoria Lilli, The Best restaurant in Rome. This authentically rustic spot which is hidden away from the hustle and bustle has a small but …

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secret rome

Secret Rome Part 1

SECRET ROME Watch the Vlog: Secret Rome with Lucrezia One of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations (and arguably the country’s most well recognised city), Rome, is one of my favourite places to visit. Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to the ancient city each and every day, most to visit landmarks such as the Colosseum, …

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