BlindFolded Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)Taste Test

Italian Chef BlindFolded Extra Virgin Olive Oil(EVOO) Taste Test

Extra virgin olive oil is more than just a kitchen staple; it’s the heart of Italian cooking, famous for its ability to elevate dishes with just a drizzle. However, with so many options at the supermarket, picking the right one can be tough. Fear not! Join me in a BlindFolded EVOO Taste Test where I explore the world of olive oils, describing their smells and tastes to help you find the best value. Since extra virgin olive oil can be pricey, knowing what to choose is important.

I want to preface this though by letting you know I was not influenced in any way, as I did the taste-testing blindfolded!

Warning: This is actually quite hard! It’s best not to try this at home; I’m doing it so you don’t have to. Trying this many wasn’t as appetising as you might think it would be.

For my testing, I prepared coffee to sniff, and apple slices and water to cleanse my palate between samples. Join me as I blindfold myself and delve into the subtle differences of these golden oils. Let’s find out together which ones really shine!

How did different brands of Extra Virgin Olive Oil rate during a blindfolded Taste Test?

Here are the contenders for today’s challenge:

  • Cobram from Australia
  • Colavita from Italy
  • La Española from Spain
  • Santa Venere from Calabria, Italy
  • Cobram Ultra Premium from Australia
  • Red Island from Australia
  • Joseph from Australia
  • Bertolli from Italy
  • Italian Homemade Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Monini Organic Premium from Italy
  • Monini Classico from Italy
  • Olivo Antico from Italy

another array of olive oil bottles lined up for the BlindFolded EVOO Taste Test, showcasing diverse brands.

1) La Española

Originating from Spain, La Española offers a delightful blend of rich yet delicate flavors, complemented by a pleasing freshness that made it a great one to start with. 

Robust yet refined, 7/10

2) Santa Venere

Santa Venere brings a fresh taste with a spicy bite that sets it apart. It feels fresher than La Española, and the kick is exactly what I look for in a top-quality olive oil.

Fresh with a spicy kick, 7.5/10.

3) Red Island

Disappointingly, Red Island lacks any distinct flavors, presenting a bland profile that misses the mark for me as an extra virgin olive oil.

Bland and underwhelming, 4.5/10.

4) Monini Organic Premium

Though this oil does not boast a strong aroma and lacks the fresh scent typical of superior oils, its spiciness was pretty pleasant.

Spicy but uninspiring, 5/10.

5) Bertolli

For me, this failed to deliver on freshness and tastes quite bland, leading me to question its authenticity.

Dull and leaving me with questions, 4/10.

6) Italian Homemade Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This homemade oil is a real treat! It bursts with a fresh aroma and has that perfect kick that sets it apart from what you find on supermarket shelves.

Bursting with flavor and freshness, this one’s a knockout,10/10!

7) Cobram

Cobram’s oil impresses with its authentic olive aroma and fresh, robust flavors that make each taste a joy.

Beautifully fresh and enjoyable, 8/10.

8) Monini Classico

Rich with solid olive flavors and a pleasant freshness, though it falls slightly short in aroma compared to Cobram or the Italian homemade oil.

Solid and satisfying, 7.5/10.

9) Colavita

While Colavita maintains a nice consistency, it lacks the fresh, spicy notes I look for, and by comparison just doesnt stand up against the other strong varieties.

Consistent yet lacking the spicy kick, 5/10.

10) Cobram Ultra Premium

You might expect a lot from something labeled “Ultra Premium,” but this one doesn’t hit the mark in my opinion. It’s missing the fresh, vibrant flavors you would expect want from a top-tier oil.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to its premium name, 5/10.

11) Joseph

Joseph has a subtle charm with a gentle spiciness that lingers just enough to be noticed. It’s lovely but I think it could pack a bit more punch to really stand out.

Gentle and subtly spicy, 7/10.

12) Olivo Antico

Olivo Antico failed to make an impact on my tastebuds with its lackluster flavor.

Simply bland and not memorable, 5/10.

Vincenzo wearing a blindfold, preparing to begin the BlindFolded EVOO Taste Test, focusing on sensory experience

Removing the Blindfold— Scores from the BlindFolded EVOO Taste Test Revealed!

Taking off the blindfold brought some real surprises! While Monini Classico and Cobram stayed strong, Joseph, which is usually my favorite, didn’t score as well as I expected. Though personally, I’d still rate it between an 8 and 9 for its consistent quality.
It was pretty wild to see how my opinions shifted on Olivo Antico and Colavita when I couldn’t see the labels, and it’s amazing what you can discover when you don’t know what you’re trying.

Vincenzo reacts with surprise after the BlindFolded EVOO Taste Test, revealing unexpected flavors

The Last Drop and What We Learned from Our BlindFolded EVOO Taste Test

Today’s blind tasting threw more curves than I expected, shining a light on all the subtle differences between these oils. Monini Classico is definitely a winner for anyone watching their budget—it’s good quality without the hefty price tag. Joseph is still one to beat in my book, always dependable.

I’ve talked up Monini Classico and Colavita in my previous video as solid choices, and they still hold up. But the real eye-opener today was Cobram; it’s improved hugely since I last tried it.

All in all, this test reminded me that while price and brands might steer you in a direction, nothing beats figuring out what tastes best to you. Each oil had its moment today, but remember, the quality of olive oil can fluctuate. A bad olive harvest can mean you feel differently on your favorite oil from one year to the next. So what tastes great now might not be the same next year. Just another reason why chasing the perfect EVOO keeps things interesting!

Array of olive oil bottles lined up for the BlindFolded EVOO Taste Test, showcasing diverse brands.

Ready to put our BlindFolded (EVOO) Taste Test findings to good use? Whip up these two recipes to really appreciate the flavors we discovered in the olive oil challenge!

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2 Responses to BlindFolded Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)Taste Test

  1. Joe Pasquale June 9, 2024 at 12:05 PM #

    Ciao Vincenzo: I’m a big fan of your videos. I do have a recommendation for this particular one, if you are really in search for truth. You need to repeat this many times, on different days, with the same set of olive oils but in different sequences. After all, how can you possibly compare the first tasted to the last (and to lesser degrees, the ones in between), when the last one came with a full stomach of a mixture of olive oils, apples, water, etc., and your senses being tired and overworked, whereas the first one was fresh with the feeling of the beginning of an adventure? Another (or additional) approach, as a self check, would have been to have inserted a few of the earlier ones (repeating them, but without you being told) to see if you had the same reaction and score.

    • Vincenzo's Plate June 10, 2024 at 9:54 AM #

      Ciao Joe! Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback and for being a fan of my videos! I really appreciate your suggestions on how to refine the process. I’ll definitely consider these methods for future taste tests to ensure we’re getting as close to the truth as possible. Thanks again for your recommendation, it’s invaluable!

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