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A delicious Neapolitan-style sourdough pizza resting on a wooden pizza peel, ready to be sliced.

Sourdough Pizza Dough

How to Make Sourdough Pizza Dough Neapolitan Pizza Style If you love the classic taste of Neapolitan pizza but are eager to try something new, Anthony Silvio Sourdough Pizza Dough offers an interesting twist on this classic. Indeed, by using sourdough, this version steps outside the traditional boundaries of Neapolitan pizza recipes. Although it’s not …

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Strawberry Crumble Cake

How to Make Strawberry Crumble Cake Indulge in a delectable dessert with a twist – a strawberry crumble cake that is sure to impress. Furthermore, this dessert boasts a rich and flavorful taste, making it a treat for all the senses. Additionally, if you’re a fan of the classic combination of strawberry jam and crunchy …

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Pastiera Napoletana

Pastiera Napoletana is a festive cake traditionally made at Easter time, but it can really be enjoyed all year around!

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almond cake recipe

Almond Cake

Almond cake might just make you change the way you think about dessert! It is dense yet moist and you can adapt to suit your taste and add any fruit you choose – I added fresh figs and let me tell you, it took my almond cake recipe to a whole new level! You can also substitute plain flour for buckwheat and make it a flourless cake with the same flavoursome taste! Try this quick and easy almond cake recipe to create this moreish treat and let me know what fruit you add!

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italian easter cookies

Italian Easter Cookies

Italian Easter Cookies are a tradition in almost every family. In the south of Italy, Calabrese families get together on Good Friday, to make their special version known as Sgute. These Italian Easter cookies are crunchy on the outside and soft and crumbly on the inside, making them perfect for dipping into a hot drink on Easter morning – and then finishing off breakfast with an egg, placed in the centre! They have a very special meaning too, so watch my video to find out more!

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Amaretti Biscuits

How to Make Amaretti Biscuits Amaretti biscuits are a staple in many Italian homes, but everyone’s recipe is different! This Amaretti recipe has been passed down through generations and is my favourite. Join my mother-in-law, Maria, as she shares her family recipe for these delightful almond bites that are a little crispy on the outside …

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mini cake

Mini Cake

Mini Cake also known as mini naked cakes are sexy, elegant and deeeelicious.

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layered sponge cake pizza-dolce-abruzzese

Layered Sponge Cake

Layered sponge cake recipe known as Pizza Dolce. How to prepare Layered Sponge Cake made with Almond mix, Chocolate and Italian Custard.

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italian lemon cookies

Italian Lemon Cookies

Italian Lemon cookies are for those times when you want to bake something special without too much effort! Roll out these tangy lemon cookies in no time

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Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe. You HAVE to try this variation!! It is the perfect mix of cheeses with a twist, pumpkin and white chocolate

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