BlindFolded PASSATA Taste Test

Italian Chef BlindFolded PASSATA Taste Test

Passata is a fundamental ingredient, a staple in hundreds of recipes, and is more than just a sauce; it’s a burst of summer in every spoonful, allowing you to enjoy great-tasting tomatoes even when they aren’t in season. And with so many options available on the market, our BlindFolded PASSATA Taste Test explores which brand truly delivers the best flavor.

Join me as we blind taste test our way through the supermarket shelves. We’re on a quest to discover which passatas deliver the vibrant, fresh flavor of real tomatoes, and which fall short, tasting more like they’re processed. Are you ready to transform your cooking with the right passata?

Watch the video as I taste test a variety, not knowing which brand they are until the end. Find it on YouTube or continue reading this article and discover the best sauce to complement your pasta.

Watch Italian Chef BlindFolded PASSATA Taste Test

Our Contenders for Today’s BlindFolded PASSATA Taste Test

  • Coles Italian Passata
  • Divella Passata
  • Cucine Matese
  • Cirio
  • Rosso Gargano
  • Mutti
  • Leggo’s


1) Rosso gargano

Rosso Gargano from the lush landscapes of Puglia was a delightful surprise. With its sweet and beautifully aromatic tomato essence, it’s a taste that sings of Italian summers. As a matter of fact, it was close to perfect, I loved it.

Vibrantly delightful and authentically sweet, 8.5/10.

2) Mutti

A global staple, Mutti didn’t disappoint. Its creamy texture and authentic tomato aroma make it a go-to for anyone craving genuine Italian flavor anywhere in the world.

Creamily perfect with a rich depth of flavor, I give it an 8/10.

3) Cucina Matese

Cucina Matese offered a pleasantly sweet taste. It wasn’t quite as refined as Rosso Gargano or Mutti, but I would consider it a solid choice available at Coles in Australia.

Unexpectedly sweet, 7/10.

4) Leggo’s

Widely available yet underwhelming, Leggo’s featured a discernible tomato skin taste—unwanted in a smooth passata. Additionally, the excessive acidity left much to be desired…

Disappointingly bitter with an unwanted tang of tomato skin, 4/10.

5) Coles from Australia

Likewise, Coles’ own brand may not boast the pedigree of its Italian counterparts, but it was surprisingly sweet. While it lacks the finesse of higher-end brands, it was much better than I expected.

Surprisingly decent, offering a simple sweetness, 6.5/10.

6) Divella from Puglia Italy

Another Puglian product, Divella, was notably bland compared to others. Comparatively, it’s passable if options are limited, but don’t expect it to be anything like Rosso Gargano from the same region – it shouldn’t even be on the same shelf!

Mildly underwhelming and lacking robust flavors, 6/10.

7) Cirio

Finally, favored by chefs yet problematic in our test, Cirio had moments of sweetness overshadowed by excessive acidity and unwanted textures from seeds and skins.

Sweet but too acidic with an odd texture, 5/10.

Chef Vincenzo presenting the variety of passata brands for the BlindFolded PASSATA Taste Test.

Time for the BlindFolded PASSATA Taste Test Reveal

Now, it’s time to unveil the true characters of each passata and determine which ones deserve a spot in your kitchen. Let’s dive into the final scores and my thoughts on each brand:


Despite its popularity, Leggo’s disappointed. The composition of 73% tomato paste, coupled with the food acid and reconstituted tomato, made it less than genuine. The quality and price, therefore, are underwhelming, confirming its low score.


Once my go-to sauce, Cirio has fallen out of favor since the last time we taste tested this sauce in our previous review. The excessive acidity and unwelcome presence of tomato skins, along with an acidity regulator, stripped it of its former place in my kitchen cupboard.


I was surprised I only rated Divella a 6, even though it is a decent sauce. Then again, I don’t use it anymore, which might suggest it no longer enhances pasta dishes as it once might have.


surprisingly, this budget-friendly option exceeded expectations, surpassing its more expensive counterparts with a simple formula of 99.9% tomato and a hint of food acid. It’s proof that price doesn’t always dictate quality.

Cucina Matese

Ranking third, Cucina Matese is respectable, crafting great pasta dishes with a mix of tomato, salt, and food acid. Indeed, it’s a solid choice, though not the top contender.


Consistently reliable, Mutti maintains its high standard with 99.5% tomato content and minimal additions. As a result, it stands as a testament to what passata should be—simple and pure.

Rosso Gargano

Above all, the absolute standout of our testing, Rosso Gargano, offers a taste of Puglia with its superb blend of tomato, salt, and a barely-there hint of citric acid. It was the finest passata I’ve tasted, rightfully earning the top spot.

Chef Vincenzo blindfolded, preparing to start the BlindFolded PASSATA Taste Test.

Conclusion: BlindFolded PASSATA Taste Test Results

In conclusion,  the clear winner of our taste test is Rosso Gargano, delivering an authentic Puglian flavor that’s hard to beat. Moreover, for those on a budget, Coles’ own passata offers remarkable value and is a worthy purchase. However, for the ultimate quality, stick with Rosso Gargano or if it is simpler to source when you’re in a rush, Mutti.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this taste test and am proud that I can still distinguish the quality of passatas even when blindfolded. So, what should we explore next? Share your ideas for future blindfold taste tests!

Array of passata brands lined up for the Passata Brand Comparison

Ready to put our BlindFolded PASSATA Taste Test findings to good use? Whip up these two recipes to really appreciate the flavors we discovered!

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