My Name is Vincenzo known around the world as Vincenzo’s Plate. Before I became Vincenzo’s Plate I had jobs that I really loved.

From the age of 18 I worked as a resort manager in luxury resorts in Italy, Turkey and Egypt. I worked for a company called “Alpitour” (it’s the Italian ClubMed) and I was in charge of the entertainment. I managed large teams with about 50 staff members and my goal was to make sure every single resort guest would have an unforgettable experience. The 5 start resorts were big with the capacity to host 2000 guests at the same time. I always aimed to offer the best service ever to every single guest. At the age of 20 I was the youngest resort manager in the history of Alpitour. This job made me who I am today.

When I moved to Sydney, Australia I changed career and moved to the luxury fashion industry. I worked for 7 years at Louis Vuitton where I covered different roles. Over the years I got to know wonderful clients who I am still in touch in these days through Vincenzo’s Plate.

In 2017 I launched my first Italy Unexplored Tours and it was an amazing experience. An experience I will never forget. Suzanne (my wife) and I started to plan this tour back in 2009 and 8 years later we made this little dream come true.

There so many tours out there but I want you to know that I haven’t created my tours because I want to do what others are doing…I created my tours because this is my job, this is what I was born to do and I have many years of experience. Hosting and planning tours requires passion, dedication, experience, attention to details & love and I have all of them.

When you come on my Italy Unexplored Tours, not only I want you to experience what you have never experience before but I also what to make sure you will have the best vacation of your life.

Italy Unexplored Tour with Vincenzo is not just a tour, it is a life changing experience.

Book your spots if you trust me and my little story.

Hope to see you in Italy

ps Deep inside I am still a little kid and want to have lots of fun 24/7

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