seafood parmigiana


5 of 5 30 Minutes

Seafood eggplant parmigiana. You heard it here first! All the makings of a deliciously bold parmigiana, but with seafood added to the soft, melt-in-your-mouth layers. This drool-worthy dish (sure to ...

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BRACIOLE Recipe | Involtini di Carne

4.8 of 5 60 Minutes

Braciole are a family favourite from southern Italy. Tender veal steak stuffed with salty prosciutto, cheese and fresh spinach, these braciole are the perfect main dish, accompanied with a bold ...

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Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragu

5 of 5 240 Minutes

This slow cooked pappardelle with wild boar ragu will literally melt in your mouth. A family tradition, we enjoy the tender wild boar each and every year at my Great ...

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Arrosticini Recipe

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Arrosticini Recipe | How to make Arrosticini Abruzzesi | Part One of my Arrosticini series is all about how to prepare this traditional Abruzzese dish.

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vegetarian pasta

Anellini alla Pecorara | Abruzzo Vegetarian Pasta

5 of 5 25 Minutes

Anellini alla Pecorara | The vegetarian pasta sauce made up of juicy eggplant, capsicum, zucchini and tomato sauce is the perfect accompaniment

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ARANCINI RECIPE | Homemade Italian Rice Balls Recipe

4.3 of 5

Arancini are deliciously plump stuffed rice balls filled with ragu, peas, mozzarella and deep fried. Arancini are originally from Sicily

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Cannoli Recipe

4.4 of 5

Cannoli Recipe is one of the most loved Italian sweet! Recreate my version of this Sicilian Cannoli using a mix of creamy ricotta and candied fruit

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4.5 of 5 15 Minutes

Grilled T-Bone Steak Florentine Style Tender and juicy, this thick cut of meat is full of flavour and best served medium rare with a light, crisp salad. Although it is ...

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Lemon Tart | How to Make a Great Lemon Tart

5 of 5 30 Minutes

How to Make a Great Lemon Tart | Lemon Tart is a rich, delectable delight that will melt in your mouth. This lemon tart is quite simply, perfection.

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Zucchini Crepes Recipe | With Parmesan and White Sauce

5 of 5 3 Minutes

Zucchini Crepes Recipe | With Parmesan and Bechamel Crispy and golden Zucchini and Cheese filled crepes with Bechamel sauce. H-E-A-V-E-N!

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