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For the best burger recipe on the planet, my trusty food truck operating duo from Norma’s Bar are revealing the secrets to their burgers which have hit viral status in Australia! Dwelling from Italy, but making a mean American style burger, Agnese and Massimo have perfected the smashed patty in a crispy milky bun, adding all the sweet and salty flavours you desire and creating the ultimate foodgasm style burger. And yes, it’s totally doable in your home kitchen!

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WORLD BEST BURGER | Making The Best BURGERS in the World

world best burger

1 x smash patty
Milk bun
Salt + Pepper
American Cheese
3 снимает бекон
2 slices tomato
Green ochre lettuce leaves
3 sliced pickles (sweet & sour)
Кленовый сироп
Sriracha Sauce

Flat hot plate


  1. Best burger recipe in town means the most delicious sauce! Start by combining mayonnaise, sriracha sauce and maple syrup together. Mix really well, until you get a smooth consistency.
  2. Cut the milk bun in half and add a small amount of butter (if you like it).
  3. Next, make sure you have heated up your hot plate, and place the bread on top, inside of each side, facing down.
  4. Let it toast until it browns nicely, as this will ensure yours will be the best burger recipe friends will fight over – it will help keep any moisture out of the bread, and mean it isn’t soggy!
  5. Squirt some sauce on the bottom of the burger bun – but not too much (don’t worry, you’ll add even more to the top!)
  6. Then add 3 pickles, a couple of small leaves of green ochre lettuce and 2 slices of tomato.
  7. Best burger recipe means there must be bacon! So, place 3 strips of bacon on the hot plate, let it sizzle and crisp up for a few minutes, before turning it over and making sure to cook the other side just as well.
  8. Using tongs, place the bacon into a bowl full of maple syrup and leave it to soak and infuse for a few minutes.
  9. Next, cook up your smash patty by placing it on the hot plate, pressing down on it, then on all edges. Add some salt and pepper, and when the juices begin oozing out, flip it over to reveal crispy, crumb-like texture and let the other side cook.
  10. Add 2 slices of cheese on top of the patty while it is still cooking, so it melts perfectly while it’s still nice and hot! Mouth-watering yet? Almost there!
  11. Once the smash patty is cooked to perfection, place it on a resting rack, so all the juices drip off (and don’t end up making your bread wet!)
  12. While the best burger patty and cheese is resting, add the bacon strips on top, by using tongs and making sure the maple syrup drips off it first.
  13. Transfer the smash patty with cheese and bacon to the top of the tomatoes…add a GENEROUS amount of sauce to the top of the bun and place it on top.
  14. Press down slightly…..and EAT AWAY.
  15. I assure you, this is the best burger recipe you will ever make. Try it and let me know about your foodgasm later!!!

best burger recipe

WORLD BEST BURGER | Making The Best BURGERS in the World

best burger in the world

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best burger recipe
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