Рецепт фриттаты со шпинатом и помидорами черри | Овощная Фриттата

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Spinach and cherry tomatoes frittata recipe is light and full of bold colours and fresh flavours, this Italian-style omelette can be cut into small pieces and served with an aperitivo or you can mix it in with a pasta salad or even in a panino with cold meats…yum.

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Рецепт фриттаты со шпинатом и помидорами черри | Овощная Фриттата

This frittata recipe is a great Italian dish which can be eaten as a starter, a side, an ingredient inside a panino or even sliced up into a pasta salad!


A handful of fresh grated parmesan
4 x cherry tomatoes (each one sliced into four)
2 x cubes of chopped frozen spinach, cooked and strained (or 100g baby spinach)
6 x fresh eggs
2 щепотка сухих смешанных трав
5 x basil leaves (chopped)
Оливковое масло первого отжима
50 – 75mL of cooking cream (or full cream milk)

Frittata Recipe


1 x medium size non-stick flat saucepan (this should also be oven proof)
1 x миска среднего размера
1 х венчик или вилка
1 x шпатель


1. Pour around four table spoons of olive oil into your non-stick saucepan and make sure it covers the base of the pan.
2. Разогрейте духовку до 180 градусов.
3. Place the saucepan onto the stove at a medium-high temperature.
4. Crack open each of the six eggs into the mixing bowl and throw out the shells.

Frittata Recipe

5. Before you start beating the eggs, add two pinches of table salt to them. Then, mix them or beat them with a whisk, whichever is easier for you.
6. Now, add the spinach and cherry tomatoes.
7. Next, add the basil, grated parmesan and mixed herbs.

Frittata Recipe

8. Beat well once again with a fork and then add the finishing touch, the cream (or milk if you prefer).
9. Now, mix! Mix! Mix!
10. Once the pan is nice and hot, carefully remove the pan from the stove and slowly swirl the oil around the edges of the pan so that it lightly greases at least half of the inside rim.

Frittata Recipe

11. Then, get rid of the excess oil (don’t tip it down the sink! I like to put mine in an empty used jar and then I throw it out once it’s full) and place the saucepan back onto the stove.
12. Next, get your mixture and pour it into the pan, using a spoon to help you get it all out.
13. Using the same spoon, quickly spread out the cherry tomatoes so that they are even and make sure the mixture is level all around.

Frittata Recipe

14. Keep the temperature at a medium-high heat and let this cook for around 3-4 minutes.
15. After this time, get a spatula and lightly touch the edges of the frittata to move it and also check that it has started to cook. Repeat this process while it begins to cook through.
16. After 6 minutes, the edges will be well cooked but still runny in the middle.
17. Being careful not to burn yourself, remove the saucepan from the stove and place it in the oven.
18. Different ovens work differently so it is hard to say how long you should leave it inside! What I will say, is that you will see it begin to rise and cook through the middle and once the top is not runny anymore, your frittata will be almost ready.
19. Remove this from the oven and place the saucepan on a bench. Place a flat plate inside the saucepan which should fit perfectly.
20. Then, lift up your pan with one hand, place your other hand on top of the plate and flip the pan so that the fresh frittata lands perfectly on the plate.

Frittata Recipe

21. Slide your vegetable frittata back into the pan, with the opposite side now facing up.
22. Place this back on to the stove for no more than 3 minutes to cook the other side at a medium heat.
23. After 3 minutes, the top should have started to brown.
24. You then need to place it back into the oven for just under 5 minutes.
25. Remove the pan from the oven, place a plate inside it and once again flip it over so that the top is perfectly browned and can help your presentation!

Frittata Recipe


1. Slice the spinach frittata into pieces, either triangles or squares and serve this on its own or on the side of a main dish.
2. You can also add small slices of this to a pasta salad.

Рецепт фриттаты со шпинатом и помидорами черри | Овощная Фриттата

E ora si mangia, Тарелка Винченцо ... Наслаждайтесь!

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