Nutella Pizza Recipe | How to Make Nutella and Banana Pizza

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Hi Sweet Lovers,
I am super excited to introduce you to my Nutella and Banana Pizza recipe.
This is not just a Nutella Pizza Recipe, this is a life experience.

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Nutella Pizza Recipe | How to Make Nutella and Banana Pizza

nutella pizza


Pizza Dough – approx. 240g (Click here for the recipe for Vincenzo’s Plate Pizza Dough)

3 tablespoons of Nutella
A small portion of icing sugar

2 x handfuls of flour
Half a medium-large banana, cut into slices


1 x large wooden board (you can also use your kitchen bench)
1 x fork
Rolling pin
1 x pizza tray (the best one has holes in the bottom of it which will help the pizza to cook at the bottom)
1 x tablespoon
1 x large size bowl


1. Prepare your pizza dough by following my recipe, “Pizza and Bread dough”. Click here or go to Vincenzo’s Basics.

Nutella Pizza

2. Sprinkle a portion of flour over your kitchen bench and spread it using your hands.
3. Place your dough on top of the board and use a rolling pin to start to stretch the dough out rolling it all the way forward, then bringing it all the way back while you start to form a wide circle.

4. Flip your pizza dough and repeat this process, spreading some more flour on top of it.
5. To make these even easier, get your mixing bowl, turn it upside down, pick up your dough with both hands and stretch it over the top of the bowl.

open the pizza

6. Now, carefully stretch parts of the dough down using just the palm of your hand and turning the bowl around slightly bit my bit.
7. Turn the oven on, at 250C degrees.
8. Remove the pizza base from the base of the bowl, move it from one hand to another and place it on the tray, flattening it one more time with the palm of your hands. Using the tips of a fork, make small holes in the pizza base, starting from the edges and working your way on. This will help it to cook through.

pizza nutella

9. Put the base in the oven and after approx. four minutes have passed, (or even less if you start to see the base become crispy!) remove the base from the oven.
10. Pour the Nutella into the middle of the base and using the back of the tablespoon, spread it over the base. Because the pizza base is warm, it will melt very easily!

11. Quickly spread the slices of banana evenly over the base, then sift some yummy icing sugar over the top. You can now enjoy this phenomenal Nutella Pizza Recipe

TIP: Try to be quick with the pizza topping so you can serve the delicious dessert pizza while it’s still hot..!!

pizza with nutella


Slice your nutella pizza into portions and place onto a large chopping board or into individual plates. You can even add a couple of strawberries if you like!

Nutella Pizza Recipe | How to Make Nutella and Banana Pizza

nutella pizza

E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate…Enjoy!

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