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Wedding In Italy | My Italian Wedding


This time last year I got married with the best wife in the world in the most wonderful romantic place in the world: Castello di Septe Mozzagrogna – Italy from the 1500a.c.

I really want to share this spectacular experience with you, because this is a typical wedding in Italy, and I consider myself one of the luckiest people alive to have gotten married there. This weekend we are celebrating our one year anniversary so I wanted to share our special memories with all of you.

Suzanne and I got married in the church cross the road from my house in the city of Pescara and we walked there like in the 50’s. The church has been the family church for over 50 years and all our ceremonies have been celebrated there.

We took our photos in an Italian coast location that has nothing less than Amalfi coast or Sicily, just not many tourist know about it!

At the Castello we had a late lunch that started with canapes and Italian Prosecco. Live Jazz music  were entertaining the guests and once we arrived at about 3.30pm, the Antipasto buffet (which was  on a really long table) in the garden started and this included:

An ENDLESS number of starters made out of seafood and vegetarian ingredients and even more made  out of local farmers produce such as salami, prosciutto, vegetables, buffalo mozzarella, many types of  cheeses and more!

Then we moved into the dining lunch room where not only we were surrounded by painting from the  XV Century but also by phenomenal and sophisticated food served with a 5 star touch.

The sit down menu included:

If you think the party it’s finished YOU ARE WRONG!!!

After the main Wedding Lunch we moved to the swimming pool area where the live jazz music pumped up the classy atmosphere getting ready to cut the cake.

After we cutted the cake I looked around and saw:

The party went on and on until all the boys jumped in the swimming pool (most of them with the suit still on) – At about 3am we were ready to go to bed but enjoyed a DIVINE Prosciutto and formaggio panino first!

We slept in a very luxurious room inside the Castle and it was like a dream.

Wedding In Italy | My Italian Wedding

E ora si mangia, Vincenzo’s Plate

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