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Castel del Monte, Abruzzo

Hi Italian Food Lovers,

I want to share my amazing experience at a place in Abruzzo called Ristoro Mucciante which basically means a refreshment stop and ‘Mucciante’ is the surname of the owners.

The translation of this is funny for me…because it is so much more than a refreshment. For me, this place is the ultimate dining experience…in the middle of the mountain!

Castel del Monte Italia

Ristoro Mucciante is situated in Castel del Monte, which is on the Gran Sasso d’Italia (One of the highest mountain in Europe). It is a family owned butcher selling homemade cheese (TO-DIE-FOR), fresh meat which is from free range animals on their farm, arrosticini (I can’t wait to tell you all about these!) and cold meats.

cheese and Italian Salami displayed in Deli

When I was living in Italy during the summer time, I often went to this location with friends and family.

It takes about 1 hour to get there from my hometown Pescara, and once you arrive, you feel super relaxed by the surroundings and the awesome fresh mountain air.

In this location you will find a huge valley with lots of greenery, sheep and an endless number of charcoal BBQ’s. There is nothing else in sight except Ristoro Mucciante.

guests having barbecue on Italian mountaintop

From the butcher you can get the fresh meat and then you can cook it yourself on the charcoal grills which are right outside the shop.

These grills are always on and the flavours that you get by cooking the meat on them is unbelievably phenomenal.

This is definitely a secret location in the Italian Countryside and I really believe that people in the region of Abruzzo don’t want to share it with anyone!

ristoro mucciante cooked on charcoal grill

It offers great meat and unique emotions but is actually really peaceful, even when family’s bring their children to visit, so if it was filled with lots of tourists, it would ruin the atmosphere and the quality of the food might became commercial.

I am very excited to share this with you and if you are around the centre of Italy for tours, you should definitely pay a visit to this place in the italian countryside. Just make sure you are respectful and you enjoy the whole experience….and don’t tell them I sent you!!

Thank you for reading my blog. Hopefully I can show this off to you in a TV series one day…you have to see it to get the REAL picture, and then you will want to visit for sure!

What’s your favourite hidden spot in the Italian Countryside that you just love to visit? Please, share it with me!

See you in the next Vincenzo’s Plate video recipe or post!

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