panzerotti recipe

PANZEROTTI RECIPE | Puglia Fried Pizza

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Panzerotti are a delicious Italian deep fried snack made from a special pizza-like dough and stuffed with a variety of fillings. These crispy panzerotti are stuffed with gooey mozzarella, freshly crushed tomatoes and capers. You will not be able to resist (or stop at one).

These divine pockets of dough are the ULTIMATE and this panzerotti recipe has been brought to you by my fellow foodie friend, Ottavio who was taught by his grandmother, Nonna Bellina.

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PANZEROTTI PUGLIESI | Italian Deep Fried Pizza Recipe

panzerotti recipe

Ingredients to make the Panzerotti dough:
700g plain flour (plus extra for kneading)
300g semolina
40g sale
20g sugar
20g yeast
1L full cream milk
20ml EVOO
Sunflower oil

Ingredients for the filling:
Mozzarella – cut into cubes
San Marzano crushed tomatoes

1. To make the panzerotti dough, you need to start with all your dry ingredients. Add the flour, semolina, salt and sugar together and start to mix it together.
2. Make a well in the middle and pour 1L of full cream milk inside.
3. Add 20g of yeast to the milk and dissolve it using your hands.
4. Once the yeast is completely combined, start to add in the flour to help all of the ingredients combine. It will get very gooey but don’t worry, just keep going!
5. Slowly but surely the ingredients will combine to form a ball of dough – if it’s too dry, add some more milk, if it’s too gooey, add some extra flour.
6. Knead the dough really well for at least 10 minutes, until you poke your finger into a ball and it springs back up!
7. Drizzle up to 20ml EVOO over the ball of dough and roll it around to soak up the oil..
8. Knead it again for a few minutes until the dough is no longer wet.
9. Cut up the dough into several individual balls weighing between 120-140g which is the perfect portion for one panzerotto!
10. Now it’s time to roll your first one! Sprinkle flour over the top of your bench and place one ball on top.
11. Using a rolling pin, start to flatten the ball, by rolling it back and forth until you get a round, flat dough, between 3-4mm in thickness.
12. Place the mozzarella into the centre of the dough and pour a few tablespoons of crushed tomato on top. Then add 4-6 capers.
13. Fold one side of the dough down on top of the other, making the edges meet and press down hard, making sure the pocket is really well sealed.

OTTAVIO’S TIP: If you are worried that it won’t stick together when you fry it, paste some egg wash over the top of the edges to stick it down well.

14. Heat up sunflower oil in a large pan where you will shallow fry the panzerotti.
15. Once the oil is hot enough, place each panzerotto gently inside and let is cook for up 10 1 1/2 minutes, while putting extra oil on top using spoon.
16. Then, you will see it start to brown which means it is ready. Turn it over and let it cook on the other side for 1 minute.
17. Remove the panzerotto from the fry pan and leave them to drain on a paper towel.
18. Panzerotti are best enjoyed HOT so take a bite and be carefull not to burn yourself. Did you see those cheese strings?! YUM!

PANZEROTTI PUGLIESI | Italian Deep Fried Pizza Recipe

panzerotti pugliesi recipe

E ora si mangia Vincenzo’s Plate….enjoy!

panzerotti pugliesi

Click here to see the Sydney Italian Festival Events Calendar

sydney italian festival

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panzerotti recipe
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